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  1. Tuk

    pkri Northern vs Ly pkris

    nigga u been mumbling on this thread for like fucking 2000 words? LITERALLY no1 asked
  2. Decent gfx, not fond of the LegendArts painting used as background without permission i suppose
  3. Tuk

    How bad is it?

  4. Tuk

    showcase Leaks Back From Break

    Looking like the best choice atm
  5. Tuk

    2v2/3v3 Tournament?

    Hasn't worked in sb that well if I'm correct
  6. Tuk

    Nominating callers for GMT/EST event

    Need nothing else than Varjo
  7. Tuk

    Who is the best mini warrer?

    close battle between me n varjo
  8. Tuk

    showcase Some recent GFX

    Looking simple but very clean and good. Apex font is same as panda font right? I want it.
  9. Tuk

    Need UI/UX suggestions from the community

    atleast move that community enforcement shit down as its irrelevant and not even used
  10. I used to have exclusive on Zybez gimmi rank @slushpuppy