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  1. Decent gfx, not fond of the LegendArts painting used as background without permission i suppose
  2. Tuk

    How bad is it?

  3. Tuk

    showcase Leaks Back From Break

    Looking like the best choice atm
  4. Tuk

    2v2/3v3 Tournament?

    Hasn't worked in sb that well if I'm correct
  5. Tuk

    Nominating callers for GMT/EST event

    Need nothing else than Varjo
  6. Tuk

    Who is the best mini warrer?

    close battle between me n varjo
  7. Tuk

    showcase Some recent GFX

    Looking simple but very clean and good. Apex font is same as panda font right? I want it.
  8. Tuk

    Need UI/UX suggestions from the community

    atleast move that community enforcement shit down as its irrelevant and not even used
  9. I used to have exclusive on Zybez gimmi rank @slushpuppy

  10. Tuk

    Just to Laugh

    Even more basic? But the techniques used are pretty much same in all 3 of them. Didn't say that to discredit JYS. He makes rly nice looking stuff, it just isn't revolutionary.
  11. Tuk

    Just to Laugh

    Imo both look pretty good. The 1st one is tbh more advanced. 2nd is very usual JYS quality, looks rly clean but pretty basic.