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  1. LeaksCity

    lpc Daeva [65+]

    sick one lads
  2. LeaksCity

    Paragon's Week Out

    the clans I do gfx for get an invisible damage boost btw
  3. LeaksCity

    Paragon's Week Out

    sick one bois
  4. LeaksCity

    Leak's Graphics Shop

    temporarily out lads ❤️ gimme 24 hours
  5. LeaksCity

    flaming NTPC clans

    😕 maybe one day
  6. LeaksCity

    Christmas time

    Yeah man I vouch for ir0ny he is one of the bois
  7. LeaksCity

    Christmas time

    I am sorry mate, I did give you a sig which you were happy with at the time. Buy my friends were pretty sad as you would imagine and I didn't know what to do so I cut contacts with the clan. If you move over I am happy to give you a colour change though, so just let me know
  8. LeaksCity

    Christmas time

    But your leaders refused to pay my friends for their work on your forums on a $100 order
  9. LeaksCity

    Christmas time

    I guess I try my best to make people happy with the gfx L. Merry Xmas mate
  10. LeaksCity

    Clan Awards

    Chuck in the 'Best GFX', get me involved with the competition
  11. LeaksCity

    Resurgence Saturday out ft Vengeance/DK

    good job bois