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  1. yeah true, that design was so hot I couldn't resist putting it in as Playdead never sold the logot hough so I am on the safe side
  2. Hmu people, can do logos, banners and all the good stuff
  3. back from big break woop woop
  4. the clans I do gfx for get an invisible damage boost btw
  5. temporarily out lads ❤️ gimme 24 hours
  6. Yeah man I vouch for ir0ny he is one of the bois
  7. I am sorry mate, I did give you a sig which you were happy with at the time. Buy my friends were pretty sad as you would imagine and I didn't know what to do so I cut contacts with the clan. If you move over I am happy to give you a colour change though, so just let me know
  8. But your leaders refused to pay my friends for their work on your forums on a $100 order
  9. I guess I try my best to make people happy with the gfx L. Merry Xmas mate
  10. Chuck in the 'Best GFX', get me involved with the competition
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