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Found 426 results

  1. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube While doing some sick 20 man inners supremacy approached us for an event as their opponent cancelled on them. After doing a couple more rounds we accepted and battled. A pretty hard fought battle but we came out with the 2-1 victory. Thanks for the battle and GJ UB. Jackal POV
  2. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Massed up around 20 men to go door to door collecting tax from our subjects in the caves. During this time we ran into many pretenders attempting to run our caves, but we quickly quashed out any resistance (not a pun) we came across. During this time we ran into several teams and killed them all several times. Legacy attempted to fight back for a short while but we pretty quickly overwhelmed them with our superior quality. We repeatedly owned sf, and also ran into rs who decided to mass up for like 30 mins after we killed them. After continuing to pk for like 45 minutes, we finally spotted res in the wild again so we massed up a bit more and asked them for a PKRI. Although they probably had 1 or 2 more than us, the odds were still in UB's favour and we quickly got the lead. After clearing them south, we began running north to kill their returners when some main clans decided to rush and the fight just sort of fizzled out. Respect for the 25v25ish gamers!! GJ UB and GF all the clans who fought back. Alex POV (just the original fight)
  3. clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | "Clan Rage" cc After hearing Legacy was out, we massed up a quick 25 men in a matter of seconds to take them on. After clearing them once while disorganized, their big brain leadership decided to start round 2 by logging in on top of us. Safe to say, it didn't go well for them. https://streamable.com/fdwy4 https://streamable.com/ji1nc
  4. 'Supremacy RS' Clan Chat | Supremacy Discord | Supremacy Website | TS: supremacy.verygames.net For months now Rage has brainwashed their members and even many non-Rage into thinking Supremacy brings mass amounts of mains to compete (which is false). And for the past month, Supremacy has even dropped the few anti-mains we DO bring so there can be ZERO propaganda used against us. Despite this, Rage members continue to believe in the "Mainpremacy" propaganda pushed onto them by BROKEN and DEMORALIZED ranks. Rage's pulls have been heavily decreasing and many ranks are going inactive/and or stepping down because of it! To compensate for lack of bodies to sacrifice against us, Rage was forced to bring 25 mains to fight us last weekend and STILL LOST vs Supremacy's PURES. After experiencing this loss and seeing more and more members leaving trips early or not even SHOWING UP AT ALL, Rage had NO OTHER OPTION but to spend HUNDREDS of REAL LIFE MONEY to buy mass amounts of mains to FORCE their members to be on several accounts each! Of course, all of this was still not enough because despite being down 40, Sup still didn't break and sat back and watched Rage dip from our fight not once, but TWICE to regroup because they had FAR too many members showing very clearly that they CANNOT handle multi-logging and were dropping like flies over and over and over. Rage's rank team is in SHAMBLES trying to figure out what to do next. Special shoutout to the 70+ Tigers who refused to break and kept up momentum against heavy odds. Rage will never know what it's like to end with the same amount of people you peaked at.
  5. clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | ts.clan-rage.com | "Clan Rage" cc Today the most honourable PURE clan to ever grace the pure community set out with 75 PURE warriors, later peaking at 85, ready to cleanse the scene of the cancer clan supremacy. After last weekends humiliating defeats to Rage, supremacy decided to once again mass bring mains in a pathetic attempt to try and compete. Unfortunately for supremacy they were grossly under prepared and Rage's covert operation nicknamed: "Taste Your Own Medicine" meant that they never really had a chance today. Rage effectively bullied supremacy and their dog shit imperial invites all trip long, pushing them from Corp Hill all the way down to Edge Bridge, where they proceeded to hug the ditch for over 1 hour. supremacy ranks and the low tier un-muted members tried their hardest to make excuses as to why they were getting slammed so hard but ultimately tapped out by refusing to come above level 2 wilderness. Good luck tomorrow supremacy hopefully you pull above 50 for P2P. 🙈 Expect some juicy audio released later on! @Logic Pictures from the slaughter-fest posted below:
  6. *Topic by Danny Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, 27th October: Final Ownage Elite massed up ~65 elites later peaking at 75 strong for P2P today. We had one goal in mind today and that was to fight for the top spot no matter what. We had 6 fights with Rage today, all of which consisted of FOE fighting an uphill battle. The entire day we were down anywhere between 10-25 on Rage varying on the specific fight throughout the trip, but that didn't stop us from accepting the challenge and keeping the intensity up in every fight. There were times when other clans crashed but that didn't stop us either and we simply shifted our focus and cleared up the entire world. The final score against Rage was 4-2 for FOE today despite being outnumbered, and once again we ended as the last clan standing with 70 strong elites ready to fight at GDZ. Unfortunately, at the end of the trip nobody was able to compete and simply called it off after deciding to sit at Edgeville for 15 minutes. Anti-FOE mains nowhere to be seen again lmfao. ~Erik ~Utc ~Pete ~Safe ~Swip ~Jesse ~Adobe
  7. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Set up a big mini vs Fatality and had a nice little battle. With some solid tanks and piling, we managed to secure victory in all 4 rounds. GJ all and GF fi. Jackal POV
  8. So today ONSLAUGHT massed up 30 gorillas peaking at 34 ready to shut control pker up, Its been 2 weeks since SF was last out and all he has done is just completely shit talk us, threaten us and tell us how bad we are and that he is gonna close us and BP and IO but right now he is losing to all 3 clans yikes. People now ONSLAUGHT as a quiet and neutral clan who don't get caught up in drama but if he wants it, he is going fucking get it now. To start things off today we found apex at ditch thanks to some incredible intel down at ONSLAUGHT HQ and fought with them and BP for a bit GF both clans. Next fight we fought SF and just stomped them immediately they even bought mains ffs nice try lads this is when u really pissed us off. Fought them up at GDZ and literally controlled the entire fight im glad BP came and gave us some decent action.
  9. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube Thursday, 14th November, 2019; Outrage massed up 26 dragons for our f2p fight versus Unbreakable, although we were down 4 in our first round, we managed to gain a 15 kill lead that we blew due to a silent ts3 as both of our callers started to die reapeatedly, we still managed to win it by a kill. The next round we were much more organised and won it by a staggering 63 kills. Thank you for the fight UB, better luck next time. @^Jare @ ~Cranked @Oivc @^Lee @Andrew @White Page Round 1 Outrage Opts: 26 - Unbreakable Opts: 30 Outrage Kills: 75 - Unbreakable Kills: 74 Round initially started 27v29, but we dropped a guy a couple minutes in whereas UB gained a guy. Lost a 15 kill lead due to our callers dying at the same time repeatedly, still managed to pull through and win down 4. Round 2 Outrage Opts: 28 - Unbreakable Opts: 27 Outrage Kills: 100 - Unbreakable Kills: 37
  10. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube Sunday, 18th November, 2019; Outrage massed up, peaking at around 40 for our weekly P2P Trip. Although the early-mid wasn't the greatest due to fights being consistently crashed, we managed to get a 1v1 with Fi that got ignored as well as a neat cluster with both Resistance and Unbreakable towards the end that lasted for about 15 minutes. Thanks all for the action, see you next week :). Logged into a fight south of dwarves, Fatality joined in just a few seconds before we logged in, fought them down a few opts and owned. Got into a cluster with apex/rs/sup/ub at CA, put in work until rage cleared the world. Set up a fight against Resistance at east bandits, they defended by the lava line, as we rushed them, UB logged in on top of them and both formed massive clumps for us to focus down forcing regroups from both clans, the battle shifted from the tele spot to east and west multiple times, eventually we were the only clan left standing with no regroups. Gf all.
  11. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Unbreakable massed up ~45 men for our weekly P2P murder session. Although the trip was slow to start because some other clans had weird pulls, it picked up in the last half and we absolutely massacred clans. We hit resenance upwards of 7 times, and even though we originally started down a few opts, literally every single time a clan crashed we were up opts. Slowly but surely (actually pretty fast now that I think of it) resurgence's pull dropped and dropped and what originally started out as a decent 50 man pull, plummeted to a sad 25 man snipe team by the time the 3 hour trip was over. Unbreakable, with our superior leadership, member quality, energy, perspective, mental fortitude, etc, ended our 3 hour trip with 40 strong gamers. Although revsession was undeniably and completely demolished in the 40 minute 3 way cluster at the end (expected when you continuously tele up to get gwasd over and over again (nice leadership lol)), respect for actually attempting to fight once all the shitty boring clans finally ended. GF to rs and outrage. Like always, it was a great weekend to be UB. Jackal POV Dean POV
  12. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord For today's official Sunday trip, Legacy peaked at 67 Spartans for the P2P weekend trip. Gj for attending today, be on for the events this week.
  13. Set out with 80 men to take control of P2P Sunday. We spent our trip either confining supremacy + Legacy to singles/regroups or fighting FOE 1v1. In the meantime we would hit any clusters when no other action was available. With soup/LY no longer confident in attempting to fight us 2v1, we were forced to make them simply run and tele rather than fight us today. In one instance we were defending for both clans at bandits. With both soup/LY being directly east of us in singles we were hoping for a 2v1. Instead both clans decided to tele out. At one point in the trip sup had been regrouping in singles for 10 minutes+ as they've grown accustomed to. As we made our way over to their location they hopped out to a F2P world in fear of being hit singles by the Bears. Safe to say we were shocked. We sent some scouts to see if the word was true. Regardless of our rivals being unable to compete for the 2nd month in a row, we got lots of good fights with FOE which was more than enough to satisfy the Bears. Thanks for the fights. @Jap @Fist Pictures Ty Legapoo ❤️
  14. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net Hello friends and shitty dead bears On Sunday November 17th Supremacy set foot into the wilderness with 65 strong Tigers to fuck up the scene. Throughout the course of the day we got into quite a few solid clusters with Resistance, Apex, UB, FI, and FOE. Throughout all of these clusters one thing remained true, Sup came out ahead and was the last clan left. We also had a few nice 1v1's with Legacy. All while Rage suicided to FOE and avoid us all trip / sat at bank all trip. God bless their fucked little souls. Noel's POV JD's POV Intensify's POV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlprBDOPM0g Like This
  15. Initially massed up 30 Bears, later peaking at 35 after hearing legapiss was out in the caves and we gwassed them in tunnel for our first hit.  After clearing them up in just 30 seconds we sent Legacy to their infamous 15 minute regroup. This time around they were unwilling to fight until their merged CC with Supremacy was all prepared. They sat idled at entrance for ages before finally heading to NW corner in random worlds. We found Sam all alone before he could hit the logout button, and sent him back home to edge. They finally mustered up the courage to log in, we followed. We took control of the fight immediately and gwassed supremacy 1-itemers as they tried to run through a corridor to rag us in a fall in. @K0nt Pictures
  16. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Today Unbreakable went out with 44 men, later peaking at 47 gamers for our F2P Pk trip. Sadly the men over at reselance only managed to pull 28 after hyping up these trips to kill us and spent the entire tripping dying to fatality. SAD! So anyways, after instantly hitting relegance to make sure they know we are always watching, apex rushed us and we began fighting. Although Unbreakable clan went down opts at the start we very quickly started smoking apex with our superior leadership, quality, etc. After dropping apex from 45 all the way down to less than 25 in game, they scattered like rats out of the fight area and down to the return spot. We followed them, and continued to kill them up a considerable amount of opts until some other clan rushed and the fight ended. GF you tried. During the fight we noticed an annoying amount of mains in apex cape (something we noticed last week as well) and decided to make sure they knew we are capable of fielding MANY more mains than them. They tried defending again with mains but once again, we had many more and completely wiped them off the map. They tried again to defend with their mains on corp hill and we once again decimated them. Even after we asked them to fight without mains, when we rushed with only pures apex once again had 10 mains in their cape and we once again logged our gamers in and killed them. This repeated another time after they tried to get EVEN MORE mains logged in (we still had more) and we killed them once again making apex 0-4 on the day. Why use mains when we can just fight on pures? You will literally never have more mains than us, so just use pures. Hopefully the lesson is learned and next week they wont try to bring mains yet again. The first fight was good, stop bringing mains. Dean POV Jackal POV w0c POV (lmfao)
  17. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube Saturday, 16th November, 2019; Outrage massed up for weekly F2P trip peaking at around 44. Started out jumping into a fight against Fatality/Resistance, despite being the primary focus of both clans for some time, we held our own and ended strong as Ly crashed. Walked into Fo/Ly both sitting in single, offered to AC. Fo attempted to talk shit and got the hands. Joined in on a cluster that went to singles as we arrived, evidently Ly had a similar idea so we fought them for a bit until the opt difference became too much. set up a fight against Fatality, owned until Legacy joined in. We fought Ly for a bit then Fo joined in.
  18. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord On this beautiful Saturday, Legacy massed up 60 Spartans for another lit F2P weekend trip. Our intel over at Resistance HQ informed us they could only peak at 35. With this shit pull all they could do is hide resulting in us focusing FOE for majority of the fights. With SUP and Rage having main fights in singles, we also had other hits on clans such as Apex, UB, FI, OR. GF everyone. Be on for P2P Sunday tomorrow!
  19. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Vendetta asked us for a f2p pkri this week so of course we accepted. We massed up a strong 35 men or so, but sadly Vendetta had some trouble pulling and delayed the pkri like an extra 25 minutes before the action popped off. A little while after the battle started, we let Vendetta pull away and get some more opts. Soon after, Vendetta rushed again, with the 15 crashers resistance could muster up slowly coming in behind them. Immediately we scimmed on top of resistance and cleared them. Foe then rushed and resistance would follow foe around in their capes leeching off them for the next 30 minutes as they couldnt pull enough to crash on their own, sad! Foe ended shortly after and along with them resistance disappeared so we set up another pkri vs vendetta, but by now we had a good amount more than them and they just decided to end. We ran through w308 instead and found out to our surprise that snare didnt actually rejuvenate f2p and there was literally not a single person there. GJ Jagex. GF to all the clans out today except for resistance lmfao you suck. Dean POV Ent POV lmao
  20. CC: Supremacy RS / Website: Www.Supremacy-RS.Com / TS: Supremacy.Verygames.Net After pummeling Rage yesterday and forcing them to become the very main clan they brainwashed their members into believing we were (we've been using ZERO mains for weeks now btw), we massed up a solid 60 Pure Tigers to continue the mayhem on this wonderful Sunday. Since no one actually reads this part, here's a compressed version of today's happenings: Smoked UB/Apex at East Bandits. Smoked FI/OR/LY at FoG. Smoked Rage north of GE. Smoked UB/RS/LY at West Bandits. Smoked Apex/RS/LY/OR/FI north Fally. Smoked OR/UB/RS inside Fally. Smoked FI south Fally Park. Smoked LY/Apex north Fally. Smoked OR Fally Tele Spot.
  21. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Massed up like 37 hitters for our P2P prep vs Supremacy. We continued our string of success by getting the clean 3-0 victory. Thanks for the fight sup. Gratz UB. Jackal POV Dean POV Alex POV
  22. Met Foe in the caves and had a few tussles before we decided to set up a PKRI at boneyard. Both clans started with around 40 men, and the fight moved down from boneyard to CA for a solid 20 minute return fight. We gained to 50 Bears and controlled the majority of the fight. Both clans were getting ragged by lesser clans so we teled out after a bountiful fight, our bellies full of loot. Feels great pulling 50 to a midweek whilst our rivals could only muster up a 10 man rag unit 😂 Thanks for the fight Foe. @Broxxx @Fist Pics in spoiler
  23. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube Thursday, October 31st, 2019; Outrage massed up 32 members for our scheduled 30v30 with Resistance. Unfortunately Resistance couldn't pull the minimum so we asked people whether they'd like to volunteer to sit out completely or not, this left us with 27 people. We had a couple of them sit out the portal and asked them to join/leave when we were below 25 which is what Resistance had, the second we had over 25, we told whoever to join to leave immediately as you can see in our video. Gf.
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