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Found 644 results

  1. Rage approached Unbreakable for a F2P fight, decided to let it be 30v30 First to 50 on Classic. We pulled 43 strong bears and took the 3-0 from the Unbreakable Apes! Thanks for the fight, looking forward to the next one.. Spiral Broxx Solo Maaku
  2. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Spent two different sessions on Saturday out looking for action. Went just about everywhere as usual, found some things here and there. Nothing too notable, slapped out a few more godswords & an elder tonight which was nice. Got to witness first-hand the ROT v Venezuelan fight for the ages. Found a few main teams to dunk on, overall an ezpz night. Gave DC the hands in multiple areas, but surprisingly didn't get any +1s from them today. : ) LSD had the worst RNG of all time, everyone make sure to laugh at him. Here's some looties!
  3. https://discord.gg/4H3rEn7 Join Today!!!!!!!!!! Active Pker Events Team (Apps Open ty) Phoenix had a 20v20 vs TR 30 Minute Cap, Was fun ty for events... For future events pm Salso#0681 or to join x Ending
  4. Quality Above All Discord | Site | Youtube Massed up around 31 gamers for our grudge match against RS. We had pretty good tanking and piling today and came away with the win. Thanks for the fight gamers! Round 1 Win Round 2 Win Round 3 unlucky VC POV Alex POV w0c POV Jackal POV
  5. After a great weekend and fucking on fagtality, Wednesday rolled around and we setup a P2P Prep against Onslaught, We massed up our finest 26 Resistance Members to fight them. We managed to walk around with the Win. We had great aggression and amazing calling, Thanks to everyone who showed up.  Round 1 (Defending) Resistance Starting: 26 | Onslaught Starting: 26 Resistance Ending: 19 | Onslaught Ending: 0 Round 2 (Attacking) Resistance Starting: 25 | Onslaught Starting: 25 Resistance Ending: 21 | Onslaught Ending: 0 Round 3 (PKRI) Resistance Starting: 24 | Onslaught Starting: 24 Resistance Ending: 17 | Onslaught Ending: 0 @OGGwas @Aiselia @nawe @PARANOJA Thanks again Onslaught and here is to more preps in the future 🍻
  6. We started the night off running into OAC's first trip back and cleared them after a 20 minute respectable scrap. Welcome back AOC. We instantly moved to revs and found PD in under a few minutes. We engaged them like usual, and held the fight center revs for the first two hours. Throughout the first 90 minutes we were on top forcing PD to try and bait us into the tunnel north east, but refusing to take the bait we held down center, making them come to us. We held it down with precise transitions, and a few good clumps. About 90 minutes in there were only about 4 PD left in center caves, and they were forced to catch a regroup that they rushed in with as we killed the last straggler. The first 2 hours of the fight was NLs 100% until they continued to gain about 10 ops on us. 2 hours in they gained ops so we brought the fight to dragons to give one last push to a great 2.5 hr fight before calling it quits. Res can't get us out of their head so they camped south the fight for about 20 minutes and sniped NL members, killing nobody. Then mid fight, with PD AND NL having 20 ops each in game still they took a fake ending. We saw this pathetic shit, ran south and dropped half of them as they teled with "nl+pd cleared" still above their heads. https://streamable.com/7qjsr SV camped entrance most of the fight with Latinos focusing them and keeping them away from the fight, so we hopped for our returns. 2.5 hrs of a good smoke. GF PD.
  7. Set up a 30 minute multi spells battle with our pals Phoenix , was a fun and very clean scrap. Thanks for the fight gamers ! Pictures
  8. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Today started off with Akrr leading a small man trip around Spider & Vet'tion, where a few noob main teams were found. After Akrr left, the remaining small manners hit up the Hop spot to bank some ether. Same as last time, we found some juicy stuff there, and Nistly & myself smited an AGS twice, but my AGS noodled and the surges splashed on 10hp. Not to worry, because we headed back over to Vet'tion & smited one there. From there we picked up a few more men and scouted altar & entrance, smoked Speshal for a DCB & then called it a day.
  9. Pulled 45 Bears for our F2P COTM Prep vs Resistance. Unfortunately we had to sit many men and Resistance ranks were getting hit off making for a pretty underwhelming 2 round fight. Appreciate the action anyway, GF. Broxx
  10. Massed up the boys and girls for another friendly fight with the fellas in PlayDead. We started the 30 minute multi-spells fight north of 50 ports (considering nobody is brave enough to crash nl vs pd lmfao). We teled up and defended vs PD as they rushed us from just south to start off the fight. Both NL and PD had similar ops around 30 on each side. We started the fight very strong with excellent spear transitions and melee stacks throughout the fight. Despite several of their members ability to tank well, caught a handful of one-bangs on quick transitions. We also managed to catch a few 5-7 man clumps throughout the fight. Both clans fought hard and well. Both NL and PD were a bit disappointed at the end of the 30 minute cap as we were hoping somebody was moronic enough to crash. Guess they went back to fucking college and caught a quick education cuz it was cleaner than the inside of a bottle of Spic&Span. Like a freshly windexed fuckin' window lmfao. The fight went back and forth but literally both clans won because our enemies are too pussy to pipe up and crash or have ZERO INTEL LMFAO. [Vid coming soon]  As always, GF PlayDead. #NL After that we went to caves for half an hour to literally clear MOI on one inventory for them to return/get cleared six times (none of us died) then we ended. Good day to be NOTHING LEFT  
  11. Massed up 40 gorillas eventually peaking at 45 for our first sunday trip back! As it was a first sunday back to the business some of the lads were a bit rusty still so took some time for the rust to ware off but eventually we got there in the end! Rushed topic btw just busy atm sorry #OG2020
  12. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Sunday at Camp Vengeance started out with a prepped CWA Vs TR, unfortunately they decided to try change rules last minute... From agreed multi CWA to single CWA to multi in the wild, lolwhat? So we decided to have a nice little inners and head out to the wild. We started out deep where we stumbled upon the cluster at spider hill. We got in a short fight in the area but but ultimately everything spottted was one item ragging. Welcome to main scene i guess. After that we took to caves to see what we could find. Quite a few small mans/ballista teams and we were clearly the big dick of the caves. With nobody to compete with us we decided to go bug the venny worlds. We found Moi with 35-40 and decided to bait them up. Which of course being robots they followed and got gwassed just about every time. We kept that up for awhile until we ran into Gringos single team at entrance and got a few of them for AGS and single sets. Thanks for your contribution to the multibots. After 3-4 hours of fun we called it a night. Enjoy another stack of mucho guap.
  13. We had a few day prepped planned but our challenger decided to back out. Not wanting to waste a prep we messaged around asking clans for battles. Team Sweden answered our call and we set up north off Chaos Temple for a quick 30 minute multi spells battle. Safe to say we controlled the entire fight from start to finish. Thanks for battle gamers ! Pictures
  14. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR Prepped a little mass for today to see what we could run into. Ending up running into DK, WG, Blue Owl, CPK, Moi, Liths, BA, DF and a few other clans throughout the night. Fucked up pretty much everything we ran into we cleared numerous times, barraging out a bunch of DD'd and fucking up everything in site. Great job to those who attended. Pics: https://i.imgur.com/jQnGrpU.png
  15. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ The night shift Vikings were alerted of a large amount of Venezuelans who were amassing a large army of Craws bows, and we instantly took action against this insurrection. Being severely outnumbered we decided the best course of action was hit & run guerilla warfare at the hop spot, choosing to eliminate the healthiest of Craws bowers first. After scrolling the complete list; we hit Vet'tion, Callisto, Scorpia, Rune Rocks, Lava Gate, Gdz & both Altars. PVM'ers hit the deck everywhere, along with alot of small man main & pure teams who more than often outnumbered us. After this world sweep we headed back to the caves to keep the slave population (Vene ones, not AV) in check. Over the couple of hours, myself, HeadofDemon & Nistly fought valiantly & came out on top every time. Thanks to @Nistly for the backup TB's & @HeadofDemon for burning through 1m worth of barrage runes. It was an unlucky time for another small med team we bumped into, dropping O0 GotYa 0O:
  16. they pulled low but it was still a week notice scheduled prep so :shrug: ty for fight boyz
  17. ONSLAUGHT met LY in the caves and they asked for a PKRI at ca so we gladly accepted started even then eventually LY gained more opts and we were fighting down majority of the fight but we still held our own GF legacy!
  18. Massed up the boys and headed to caves to clear out some teams. Found some shit teams while hopping around. Ended up finding res with about 7 more opts than us but we decided to engage anyway. The scrap started in center of revs, they pulled it north east to try to clump us but got out-gwassed pretty fucking brutally. They pulled it to dragons and got farmed for 45 minutes, they were not able to sustain a pile for more than a couple of moments, I'm seriously worried about the mental state of @Stl Arrow for making his team lose so many sets. They figured their 7 man advantage wasn't enough and after 45 minutes called in CT to come save them and 2v1 us. Deciding not to fight down 20+ opts, we decided to dip with all the loot. Thanks for all the farming xp Res, Ct will not save you LMAO. 
  19. FORUMS | DISCORD | TWITTER Resurgence hit the wild 20 stronk today to see what we could get into. Started off with altar, killed a few shitters. Gained until we had good enough ops to go caves, took it caves. We ended up smoking retards until the underdogs of the wilderness NL showed up to catch some ez sschmoke. Resurgence then smacked NL for about 45 minutes until they were cleared off the map and forced to end their trip. Fuck em. Surgeons enjoyed the rest of the night until we got bored and ended. Thanks for the action. this is what a topic supposed to look like ez lmfao
  20. So we decided to go out and search for some action first we ran into NL at revs, we lured the fight into black dragons and as we gained they decided to call it a night. Then we ran into Divine forces at rev caves we had a nice little scrap with us catching a big clump after a little while we decided to just PM DF to fight in a better location. We fought for 30 minutes at chaos temple uninterrupted by crashers we gained up to 22 warriors putting in a solid performance. Thanks for the action lads! DF Battle
  21. Went to caves with 23 gorillas and fought bp and ly and cleared some vennies and DC X2
  22. Massed up 36 GORILLAS for our scheduled pkri vs DAMAGE CONTROL at GDZ and by the end of the fight they were definately damaged! Our piles,tanking and movement was on point and they couldnt handle the teal wave incoming.
  23. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net Happy Friday friends. We massed up a solid 30 people later peaking at 36 for a P2P PKRI vs. BP Our master intelligence told us that Rage was planning on crashing our PKRI so we took this moment to demoralize them before their weekend even started. We spent 45 minutes chasing them from CA to Sperm and back again several times. Huge shouts to BP for being understanding of us needing to take a moment to KYP some Rage rats. REMINDER: We are only 10 days into the Year of the Rat. The punishment doesnt stop Rage Noel's POV JD's POV
  24. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ We started the day with a small man pull having 6 vikings ready to go pre prep time so flew out to see what we could find at some of the quieter places in the wildy. Venanatis hardly had anything to offer, however when we scouted out Vetion the whales all came out. No loots under 3m, all whales as fuck and ez claps all over the 30 line. At this point we had pulled up to a 15 man so decided to sweep deep. On logging in at GDZ we found another 15 man team in a decent risk who rushed. Within minutes all were cleared, with loot piles looking pretty all over the gaff we banked and asked for a rematch. They hit a mass poke pulled some extra and tele'd. Within seconds they were down 2 opts, and ended up being cleared. Not alot more to say after. We hit rev caves with the pull at 17 and managed to find IR trying to port lore. We took the bait and tele'd into them clapping 3 out in a barrage clump straight away. After that it was easy pickings for the Vikings clearing up the rest of them as they ran. We took our ending shortly after having Pked for 3 hours. No sign of AV though. If anyone see's them can they ask if they're alright?
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