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  1. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ This fine Thursday the Vikings took on our fourth PKRI of the week. Pretty stoked for the future of the scene with all this clean action we've been enjoying lately. Earlier this week we had a lovely planned fight against Elite Zerks, so to start off the night we caught a fight at Ghorrok against STL Arrow and his Resurgence goons. ------ Part 1: Both clans started around 22 opts, gaining to about 25 by the end of the first half. Resurgence had some good tanks, but we managed to maintain more opts on the map throughout most of the fight. After ~15-20 minutes, Reign of Terror crashed from the west. Thankfully, our courageous elite member Bawv had heroically given his life to Res mere moments before, and scouted the RoT boys coming in while returning. Thanks to his brave sacrifice a minute or two beforehand, almost every viking peaced out in time. Part 2: Not wanting to leave with our business unfinished, Res teled up to the bandit camp to resume the brawl. This second half of the fight began with their 26 to our 28, giving us a slight opts advantage. We took a stronger lead this time around, with res starting to clump up a bit more. We maintained an even higher opt difference on the map for the most part of this half. At some point during the fight, we stumbled into a chain of good RNG on hits that could only be described as dummy thicc. We had a chain of melee pile transition calls, and i'm not even flaming res here, some of their lads had the right prayers up and were in their tank gear, but we just straight up one hit a bunch of them in a row. No spears, [NO SCIM NEEDED], we simply got the rng we needed on our melee hits. After each kill we got in that sequence, you could hear a couple guys on TS go "wait what? he died?" We managed to smite two ZGS's throughout the fight. When time was up, both teams offed and fell in to drop the traditional spam towers and take pics. Had some good laughs with em in the bank afterword. Great action lads. Vid: ----- Later on in the night, we had been in talks with some of the fellas over in Nothing Left about setting up a pkri with them as well. These talks sorted themselves out pretty quickly when about four of our boys got absolutely LAUNCHED by them after hopping into them by chance at Vet'ion. We remassed, and traveled up to ye ole boneyard to fight em. Starting opts were about 16 for them and 18 for us. This fights another two parter! Part 1: NL gave us the courtesy 'pot' message and rushed us from the west. Both sides clumped a fair bit, with melee piles taking priority in between. We did much better in this half of the fight, managing to keep up with NL pretty well. But everything changed when the JaJa nation attacked. We teamed on crash and cleared them pretty quick, as - well to be fair they were going against at least 2x their opts. We hopped worlds, resupplied and were off for part 2. Part 2: We had gained to about 23 by now, and I suspect NL may have gained to the high 20s or something because WHEW LADS they hit us with it in round 2. Credit where credit is due - it was honestly a good balanced fight in round 1, but they definitely brought some heat this time. We spent this final 10 minutes working on our tanks and returns lmao. Respectable and clean as always NL, thanks for the action. Vid: At this point a lot of the gang headed off to bed (loads of respect to our dedicated GMT gamers for staying up to fight in EST) ((thanks corona)), I believe the rest of the boys goofed around in singles and at entrance for another hour or two before calling it for the night. Another action packed day for the Vikings. These are 2 different kills. RIP that guy
  2. topic by brother bowl 🙂 Clan Chat: OG Pub || Discord: https://discord.gg/jJE5R5 || Teamspeak3: onslaught.ts3clans.com Harambe Headquarters was at its peak performance today. We got intel that Resistance and Hydra were going to have a pkri. We massed up last minute pulling 30 gorillas ready to get some action. Onslaught vs Hydra & Resistance After waiting a solid 45 minutes for for both clans to fight we said fuck it and rushed Hydra at CA. We tussled it out and controlled the fight the entire time. After about 5 minutes of fighting them Resistance came to help Hydra. We teleported out with our loot and rebanked. Onslaught vs Cluster While listening to both discords we knew they were setting up a fight at Falador. We rushed in East of Falador statue and saw Hydra first and caught them in massive clumps. They instantly teleported out and Resistance followed. After that we saw Zenith and we started brawling with them. After that we teleported into Falador and the madness started from there. Onslaught took on WAVE AFTER WAVE of each clan at Falador park. While each clan got their own rebank Onslaught stayed to fight whoever came next. At the end Onslaught was the last clan at Falador.
  3.  Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Monday, 9th March: Final Ownage Elite once again mass up 30 elites for a Monday Midweek. The trip started off with us trolling aoaatube's stream After that we hit up the caves and cleared zenith a few times. Finally we topped off the trip with a PKRI vs zenith at fog in PVP where we fought down 5-10 but nevertheless were the last clan standing. Apex also made a short appearance but they didn't last long. Thanks for the action Zenith! ~ K2P ~ Real Me
  4. These are 3 separate individual topics. Here is the Video. Click Spoilers to see each topic Most Fucking Active Clan Zenith.Ts3Chat.Com
  5. Join the Most Active Pure Community - Zenith.Ts3Chat.Com - "Rs Zenith" Clan Chat After a sick 2-0 F2P Saturday against Legacy, Everyone was super excited for P2P Sunday. We massed up 100 Mountain Climbers and peaked at over 105 for our Sunday trip. Despite being Final Ownage Elites anniversary we set out to have the most action, We accomplished this having over 10+ fights. Thanks to everyone who was on the entire time. This is why im Z. Zenith vs Apex FT. Final Ownage Elite We found Apex east of FOG so we decided to go hit them, we rushed them from the west and quickly caught tb's on all of their members. We fought for sometime before FOE logged in west and came to fight us, we teleported out shortly after. Zenith vs Rage We found Rage about to go multi near graveyard, we quickly charged from the south and caught the majority of them while they were running multi. We tbed and killed all of their members in multi. Once they were all gone, we pulled southwest and dipped with out loots. Zenith vs Fatality We found Fatality east at bandits, we quickly rushed from the northwest and barraged them out. Within seconds Fatality was down 30. They tried to pull southwest to bandits with 10-20 in game. We tbed and killed everyone south and quickly went to the bank. Zenith vs Rage We heard Rage was fighting northeast of chaos alter, we came from the south with specs and tbs flinging. We fought them north near pond for a little until they were absolutely fully cleared. We killed the stragglers caught a spam and went to the bank. Zenith vs Legacy FT. Final Ownage Elite We defended west of 26 hill, Waiting over 10 minutes for Legacy to muster up enough courage to come hit us. Finally they did, We focused their south side completely ramboing through them. We received word a clan was about to crash so we pulled far south and stayed on top of all of Legacy, Once they teleported or died. We came to edge and quickly spammed them and laughed at their deflated teamspeak. Zenith vs Final Ownage Elite With clans doing nothing and everyone being scared of FOE, we decided to give them a small fight, We logged in bandits and waited for them to come. Once they logged in we pulled west to bandit camp teleport and massed barraged them east. We had massive xp drops. After sometime the 170 FOE broke through and we teleported to the bank. Zenith vs Legacy FT. Apex We heard our friends over in Legacy were fighting in singles since they are dogshit and weak minded and cant go multi. We logged in and rushed them in singles and within minutes, Legacy was completely cleared. We teleported to the bank and quickly spammed and laughed as the logged out. Zenith vs Blunt Pures FT. Onslaught We heard BP was about to fight OG, We logged in on top of BP and quickly sent them packing to edgeville. Once BP was cleared, OG came from the northeast and we quickly focused our attention north. We caught massive barrage clumps and transitioned through them. Within minutes both clans were cleared and before clans could crash we teleported to edge. Zenith vs Legacy FT. Apex & Blunt Pures We defended north of falador in a pvp world waiting for these shit dogs to log in, Once they logged in we completely dismantled through them. We focused their north side and caught them in massive clumps. Legacy was gasping for air and decided to bring it to the falador garden. We followed staying on top of them the entire time. We caught them with their pants down and sent them to edgeville. Once they were cleared we teleported to the bank and went back and cleared the remaining BP. Swat's POV Codi's POV
  6. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord 102 Spartans jumped online tonight to continue our weekly demolition of Zenith. Sadly for us zenith could only hang for 30 minutes before being bullied into clan wars to have the worst loss in clan wars history 85-200 LMFAO. Tussled with Apex and Rage early on before they moved to clan wars as well giving us a quick tussle vs FOE to end the day. Happy Birthday FOE, congratulations on 15 years. What happened Lmfao. Latino Pov Uploading... Legacy v Rage / Apex / Zenith Got word a cluster was happening inside barb village, so we quickly hopped over to hit it. Zenith got word we we're coming so ran like little rats to get a full regroup and bank before hitting it 5 minutes later. Duked it out with Rage and Apex until Zenith got back. Opts stayed over 80 the entire cluster. Zenith came back, we focused them until the fight hit singles so we dipped out. Legacy v Zenith After watching Zenith stand in the middle of falador for 10 minutes doing nothing we thought we would approach them for a pkri. Launched spam towers and hopped over right away. Zenith decided to run to east bank before hopping. We knew Zenith wouldn't hop into us right away as they had no back up once Rage had hopped in Zenith grew a pair and hopped over. Did a 180 and managed to avoid Rage and have a clean 1v1 vs zenith just west of east bank. Performance was 10/10 not one legacy member died, while Zenith quickly dropped to 60 on the cape counter and were pushed into singles. We kept on them, harassing them in singles, listening in to their quiet Ts with their ranks knowing their was nothing they could do. We hopped out with out foot on their throats looking for better things to hit. Legacy v FOE At this point of the trip, Fatality and Supremacy had ended, Apex, Rage and Zenith had all gone into Clan wars. We decided to go watch Zenith get smoked by Rage 85-200, listening in to their teamspeak hearing just how depressed Ryan and Co were. We spammed some shit and let the rats cry in peace. FOE were doing some big inners at gdz, so we decided to go hit them and have some fun. Fighting down 50 or so we didn't care, just tried to get a little mossies return fight going giving them some action for the day. Managed to drag them from GDZ to mossies twice, but they wanted a GDZ return fight which wasn't going to happen. Foe ended up logging and going to do inners in CLW. HB FOE, ty for a little action. Pictures '
  7. Went out for a random rev trip, pulling 35 Wolves, peaking at 37 Cleared Resistance on our first tele up (huge coincidence), then found Onslaught and LY. Set up a couple of cluster PKRI's with RS and LY, with Zenith crashing the second PKRI GF's everyone 🙂 Fun friendly action~ Aftermath Video Timestamps for those that aren't gonna watch the whole thing: 0:00-1:22 (Rev clears on RS, OG, SF) 1:23-end (PKRI fally followed by PKRI Al Kharid Vs LY + RS)
  8. clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | ts.clan-rage.com | "Clan Rage" cc Rage massed up a quick 30 shooters for a rev trip after our inners as we heard Zenith were out in the caves with about 30. We hit them off guard with about ~25 of them on cape counter. We took over the fight pretty quickly, and unfortunately they ended right after. We spent the next ~1 hour or so PKing revs until the world hopper started force logging people, so we called it a day. Thanks to all who came out.
  9. TOPIC DONE BY BROTHER BOWL 🙂 Clan Chat: OG Pub || Discord: https://discord.gg/jJE5R5 || Teamspeak3: onslaught.ts3clans.com On this beautiful Sunday Onslaught set out with 55 later peaking at 60 GORILLAS ready to take on the pure community. We had some great run ins today with Zenith, Supremacy, Fatality, Legacy, Final Ownage Elite, Rage, Blunt Purez, Damage Control and Irrelevant Outcasts. Thank you for all the clans who came out today and see you all next week! Onslaught vs Damage Control We asked DC for a fight up at GDZ. We were up a few opts on them so we knew to be aggressive off the start. We rushed them East of GDZ and took control of the fight instantly. After a few minutes we got the clear on them and dipped out. Onslaught vs Fatality Fatality asked us for a fight at bone yard. Knowing we were down a few opts we knew this was going to be a good fight. We defended North of bone yard waiting for them. After a few minutes of waiting they finally rushed us and we legit got them in a 15 man clump right from the start. After a solid 30 seconds of fighting FOE rushed us and we teleported out. Onslaught vs Blunt Purez vs Zenith Blune Purez came to us asking for a fight. We gladly accepted and they defended east of bandits. Zenith logged in right on top of them and started fighting BP. We rushed in and caught Zenith in huge clumps however our 55 to their 105 was to much and we teleported out. Onslaught vs Irrelevant Outcasts vs Special Forces vs Supremacy Harambe HQ caught intel that Irrelevant Outcasts was chilling at E Bandits in Multi. Unsure what they were trying to do we rushed in and caught them in massive clumps right from the start. Special Forces and Supremacy came as well and we had a solid 5 minutes of action. Eventually mains crashed the fight and we teleported out. Onslaught vs Cluster We caught wind of clans going to Falador. We logged in north of Zenith and Blunt Purez and just hit them. Eventually every clan came including mains and we just dipped out. Thank you all for the action! ~Chicken POV ~Teal POV
  10. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, March 29th: Final Ownage Elite once again massed up 170+ elites, this time for P2P, to continue the celebration of our 15 Year Anniversary. With more Retired and Oldschool Members + Ranks who weren't able to make the F2P trip, we set out to commemorate the years of success that FOE has achieved due to our most loyal community over the years. FOE has always been known for our status as P2P Legends and today we were able to show all our older members how FOE still does it today. A nice reminder to all of them on how FOE always stood strong in the Wilderness back in the days and feasted in P2P. Matched with yesterday's pull of F2P, we set out today hoping that other clans would team on us because they all had more members. No other clans grew the balls to team on us sadly, but that did not stop us from getting the most action today. From the instant clans moved into multi, we made sure we would be there in order to wipe them off the map. We got countless clears on all the clans and there was a stage where some would fight back, only to get run over by the flood of FOE on the map. When most clans ended, we moved to Clan Wars to have a 60v60 Oldschool vs New Era battle in Clan Wars yet again. I'd like to thank every single FOE elite for coming this weekend to both trips. Whether you are an old timer or a new member, you made this weekend one to remember for sure. It was nice seeing so many old faces, and we wish you the best in life if that was your last ever FOE event. Never forget: NEVER CHEAT, NEVER LIE, FINAL OWNAGE, TIL' I DIE. Put together by one of the many amazing members we have been graced with over the Years, a FOE Movie for the Weekend by Isaak. ~Jordai ~Isaak ~Erik ~Brian ~Cardi (Weekend Recap) ~Heism (Prep) ~Erik (Prep)
  11. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Backed up yesterdays 100 pull with 100 strong again today. Happy birthday FOE, impressive achievement and impressive trip. Heard Zenith went out with the same opts, knew it would be fun. However Zenith spent more time walking up and down the ditch missing fights and getting caught in singles rather than trying to fight us. Once they did pick there pride up, we dealt to the rats and ended their trip yet again. 100 Starting, 50 ending. Strong Quality Zenith lmfao. Legacy v Rage Set up a fight with Rage at Bandits as Zenith wouldn't reply to pms as usual and casually walked east and west along the ditch? Started the fight strong, got a strong wrap from the north catching clumps and getting a few quick kills. Foe quickly crashed and both clans teled. Zenith decided to run up from the lumber yard however missed the fight by about 2 minutes. So they got hit by FOE in singles and either dropped dead or teled. Legacy v Fatality Set up a fight with Fatality at boneyard. Fatality was down opts so props to them. Fatality rushed in from the south our north side wrapped and got aggressive catching massive clumps. Took an early advantage and didn't look back. Foe crashed so both clans got out. Sadly zenith stayed a minimap away the entire time in singles fighting rage and eventually teleported out from them. Legacy v Cluster 1 hour into the trip Zenith still hadn't stepped foot into multi. Still weren't replying to our fight requests so we went out hunting. Found FOE fighting by bandits, we managed to come in from the east, catching massive clumps and put in work. Fight lasted a couple of minutes before FOE and whoever else had teleported out and we were left the last clan standing. Legacy v FOE Still no reply from Zenith we decided to go fight FOE again. Despite being down opts we thought we would give them some action rather hide like some clans do. Hit them North of fally pushing them east. Caught big clumps around trees getting some quick easy kills. Fight went on for a few minutes before the massive difference in opts overwhelmed us and we tele'd out. Gf FOE Legacy v Zenith While the fight with FOE was going on we seen Zenith had finally stepped into multi. We quickly stocked up and tele'd out to chase these rats. Hit them north of sperm got aggressive and launched specs. Majority of them fell, some tele'd the rest ran south trying to claim a win. We stuck to them and removed every single zenith cape from the wilderness before teleporting out and greeting the last of them in edgeville. Legacy v Zenith v Apex v Blunt Purez Rushed Zenith North of fally knowing damn well Apex was going to 2v1 us. Got some quick kills of the rush, before apex showed up. Teleported into fally and picked off the apex slackers. Continued to fight apex 1v1 in fally pushing into the garden. Zenith rushed through the northern entrance so had half the clan fighting apex while the other half barraged the shit out of Zenith who obviously dont understand the pathing of this game and just ran into clumps. They either died or teled out as fast as they came in. We moved deep into the garden fighting apex again, sure enough Zenith came back in eventually and got the same treatment. Focused Zenith and they quickly teleported out avoiding the fight. BP crashed continued fighting BP and Apex in a nice cluster until we heard Zenith weren't returning to the fight so we teleported out and abused them in edge once again. Legacy v Zenith We heard Zenith lying to their members over teamspeak once again saying we were scared to fight. We quickly teleported to fally, hopped over and started following them asking to fight. Zenith rather than fighting decided to teleport to edgeville and end their trip after coping 2 hours of abuse from Legacy. Sure enough, we let them have it Furl POV Latino POV Pictures Posted 1 hour ago
  12. clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | rage.ts3chat.com | "Clan Rage" cc We gathered 48 Bears for a schduled prep and first to 100 against Zenith. Zenith put up a fight, but we took the convincing wins in both events. Thanks for the fight Zenith, look forward to more. Broxx Bluewatch Lungo Pun Rage 100 Kills Zenith 53 Kills
  13. CC: Bp Pub BP Massed up 72, Later peaking at 81 warriors to have an action packed Sunday trip. Majority of the trip involved clusters ft Apex, Rage, Foe, IO, LY, Z as it was very hard to find clean 1on1s without being crashed. Our First fight was a 1v1 vs Apex east of fog we were aggressive from the get go knowing it wouldn't be long til we got crashed and had the upper hand then Zenith crashed so we both dipped. Ty Apex always clean. We Heard Zenith were fighting at bandits so rushed in from the east they teled very quickly so we followed before ly came from behind our next fight we waited defending boneyard to fight Fatality however rage rushed us from the south so we switched our spread and fought them for a while at boneyard before Foe crashed after Rage teled we dipped After quickly banking we scouted Sf,OG and IO fighting at Ghost hut we quickly hopped on them being aggressive dumping specs before rage hopped in we teled to Ca and rehit them, held our ground in the cluster being the last clan against rage til Zenith rushed up opts so we dipped. Set Up another 1v1 Vs Apex around sperm hill we had a nice even fight this time til foe Crashed so both clans left. We went to east bandits singles waiting for For a fight and Foe decided to log in on us? half in multi so we killed a few singles-multi, then found our 1v1s and held our ground in singles, they soon all teled out. Ty 4 elder btw Our last fight of the day was at falador, heard Clans were fighting in the centre so we hopped in north pushing south through the gate. we fought Apex and Zenith at Falador centre catching clumps on the tele spot. We then pulled North killing any stragglers/mains chasing/camping us before we went back south and rehit the cluster in falador park Vs Apex, Zenith, Legacy. Ty 4 Action clans see you next Sunday. K0ed:
  14. clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | rage.ts3chat.com | "Clan Rage" cc We gathered 80 Bears for our Sunday P2P Trip With clans pulls differing so much it wasn't easy to get clean 1v1's however we hit as many clusters in as many locations as possible as we took on the likes of Apex/Legacy/Fatality/Fo/Zenith/Sup/Bp/Sf/Og After the action dried up and clans began to bank stand and fight each other in singles we decided to take on our good ole' buddies Fatality in the clan wars area - Thanks for the action dudes! As always - thanks to the Bears who attended +
  15. Went back out again to Sunday P2P and pulled 50, later peaking at 55 Camped SF the entire trip, and had a fun little scrap with Sup/OG Aftermath Videos
  16. Today Clan Rage massed up 50 Bears to take on Legacy in a F2P Prep for the first time in many months. It was a respectable prep going all 3 rounds, but we came out on top. Broxx Bluewatch Ross
  17. supremacy-rs.com | "supremacy rs" cc | supremacy.verygames.net On the last F2P weekend trip of March, 64 Supremacy takes on Fatality in multiple 1v1's. With clever scim pushes and strategic bows, Supremacy takes W's all day against the green clan despite the multiple crash attempts by Rage. Unlike Rage, who spent their entire trip running from their rivals, Supremacy successfully remains the last clan standing on this very day! Grats to Supremacy, thank you to Fatality, and Happy Anniversary Foe. To begin our Saturday, we defended at East Bandits with 60 Tigers just as Fatality rushes with 50. We managed to take control of the fight, even clearing out 3 Fi kids with a single scim push. We smash Fi down to 40 opts just before Rage attempts to crash our fight. We take down the Garbage just before they scurry like rats away from FOE. For our second fight, we defend at p13s with Fatality rushing us from the east side of pond. They are taken down with ease back to 50 in game before Rage comes in to save them. FOE once again crashes the fight, causing Rage rats to scurry lol. We resume our fight at corp hill just before FOE could crash again. The last round against Fi was once again at P13's. We take them by surprise as they sat in P13's waiting for someone to take the bait. We demolish them down to 25 in game before they call it done in singles. Was ez. Thanks for the fights, Fi. Sikkoh Ham PeaceSeeker
  18. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Saturday, March 28th: Final Ownage Elite massed up 170+ elites for F2P to celebrate our 15 Year Anniversary, creating history yet again by setting one of the biggest Milestones out of any existing community. It's not everyday you can take pride in being a part of a community that has existed for so long, on top of that also being the most dominant Pure Clan in the history of the game. Over the past 15 Years, FOE has achieved pure greatness, accomplishments that no other clan will ever be able to match. Today was quite a special day as we were graced by the presence of over 70 Retired Members and Ranks who were either a part of our OSRS dominance for the past few years, or even dating further back and who represented FOE in the glory days of pre-EOC. Whether you were an old elite who came back to relive some great memories or have only recently begun your journey in FOE, we thank you for making this community what it was in the past, what it is today and for giving it all your support. We thank you for having that FOE PRIDE that makes the clan the strongest of them all. We had one primary intention today, the reunion of elites from all eras, for the celebration of 15 Years of Final Ownage Elite. With one of FOE's biggest pulls in its history, we set out today hoping that other clans would team on us and fight. Unfortunately, some of the Anti-FOE clans (Rage + Fatality) didn't even manage to get close to competing with us today, proving that FOE at its peak is just unstoppable and the greatest of all time. We did what we could before clans ran in fear, running into every fight we found and pushing clans out of the wilderness. When most clans ended, we split our clan into a group of Oldschool FOE that went up against the new era of FOE members. With each side having just under 80, we battled for a while until Legacy came and both teams chased them down to mossies. After that we had the same battle in Clan Wars, a nice 60v60 Fight between the two teams. We then ended, ready to rest and prepare for the 15 Years of P2P Legends... Never forget, FOE is the MOST successful Pure Clan & greatest of all time. We witnessed one of the most intense speeches ever today by Ep, respect to you brother. Another nice speech by AAQ showing the FOE pride flowing through the clan. ~Real Me ~Cody ~Erik ~Heism (CWA) ~Erik (CWA) ~Isaak (CWA)
  19. clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | ts.clan-rage.com | "Clan Rage" cc After getting a large number of apps in this week, along with many old faces making a return to the homeland, Rage massed up a mighty 100 Bears for our weekly Saturday trip. We began the trip by fighting Zenith at barbarian village. Apex and Legacy would crash, turning it into a 4 way cluster of high-pulling clans that lasted a good few minutes before being crashed. This was a ton of fun. The next main cluster was at Falador, involving Ly/Z/A, and ended with us fighting Apex at Falador Park for a good bit until it, too, was crashed. We also paid a visit to Supremacy a few times throughout the trip, making an appearance whenever they got a fight. We ended our trip with a 90v85 against Zenith in CWA, in which we took a 2-0 victory.
  20. clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | rage.ts3chat.com | "Clan Rage" cc We gathered 40 Bears for a scheduled F2P vs Io for the sb tourney We came away with a clean 3-0 despite having some calling issues throughout (chan was muted rounds 2 and 3 and I've included R1 audio in pov) Thanks for the fight IO!
  21. Zenith went out with 54 people, later peaking 69 people for a planned PKRI vs Fatality. We had a nice clean 20 minute return fight vs Fatality. Thanks to all the Zenith members who attended and Fatality for the great action.
  22. Zenith went out with 35 people, later peaking 41 people ingame for a PKRI vs Rage. We had a nice clean 30 minute return fight vs Rage. Thanks to all the Zenith members who attended and Rage for the great action.
  23. www.clan-rage.com | ts.clan-rage.com | https://discordapp.com/invite/kKdeJhY Pulled around 30 strong bears for an rev trip, got word Zenith was out so we hit them a few times before they started massing. While they were massing we asked them to setup an P2P PKRI at Chaos Altar but they wanted FOG instead, we accepted the fight. We knew their opps so we started to mass aswell, going into the fight with 50 strong bears and later peaking at 54. Unfortunately, Jagex Shit Servers made it impossible for around 15-20 bears to login during the fight. Spiral Broxx Slowky Range Grudge Solo Lungo Rubik www.clan-rage.com
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