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Found 114 results

  1. ~ topic written by pillow ~ supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net Wowzers. After a stellar Saturday of bullying our dogs in Rage around we set out with a strong 75 tigers to take on the pure community. A clan that has tried to make themselves seem above the usage of mains decided to camp sup today with a multitude of mains. Honor clan Supremacy could not sit back idly and let this happen, so not only did we kill them every chance we got today, but we also slaughtered their stinky mains. also since rage wanna posts another clan's kills/screenshots, spiral lost SOTD lmfaooo Thanks to a majority of clans pulling fairly well today we spent a majority of our day participating in various clusters across Gielinor. Thanks to the insane quality of our members we were able to come out on top during each of those clusters while also stomping out a certain Bear clan. By far though, the highlight of our trip was Rage suiciding to us on Glory Hill. We set up a fight versus Legacy at GDZ and rushed that. Thanks to our strong intel we knew Rage was planning to log in on Glory Hill to try to kill us while we were fighting another clan (the only way they can even try to compete). We made a quick move back to the east after clearing LY. Although being down a few to start the fight due to coming directly from a fight we quickly brought it back to even. We made a strong move to the west on top of them with melee and took a quick 5 man lead and ran with it from there. After a few minutes of suiciding to us Rage decided that instead of taking the L like men they'd rather call in another clan. We chased Rage to the west and got a log before Resistance could hit any of us. Next time try calling for help a little earlier, maybe you wont get full cleared then shitters. @•Ham
  2. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube P2P Sunday, 14th Sept. Outrage set out with a new milestone and our highest pull since opening, a peak of 76 Dragons! Forgot to take the picture for 76 but here we are lads, thanks to all who attended: @bigreggindik @*Lee @Andrew To kick things off, we decided to visit Fo who, despite bringing a Lithuanian team with them to match our pull, were attempting to fight a clan other than Outrage, they immediately teleported out. After Fo had teleported out, we found ourselves fighting Legacy and Supremacy, clearing Ly before finding ourselves between Rage and Supremacy so we teleported out. Fo had once again decided to fight clans not named Outrage, Dragon clan rushed Fo and the eagle clan bailed immediately. After Fo had bailed, we mopped up Rage and then fought Supremacy and Onslaught, mostly wiping out both clans, only teleporting after Legacy attempted to sandwich us. Went to Falador in pursuit of Fo, forcing them to mass Teleport. Starting to become a trend. (disclaimer; I don't know if this is Rage or Hydra) After Fo bailed, we killed a team-9 clan in Falador, catching them in a huge clump and forcing them to teleport out. Supremacy then rushed us from the East and we caught them in a massive clump, putting in work against them until Ly hit them from behind and they tele'd out. Immediately after our fight with Supremacy we found ourselves being the defenders of the park, fighting off Legacy, Onslaught and CD all at once until nothing but Outrage remained. Set up a 1v1 with Supremacy on 26 hill, due to good wraps we secured the W putting them to ~10 ingame and teleporting out. GF Outrage Starting/Ending: 69/40 Supremacy Starting/Ending: 70/0 Logged into a world we heard Fo were fighting in and instead found Rage. We cleared them. Outrage Starting/Ending: 67/60 Rage Starting/Ending: 60/0 Went up to GDZ after Final Ownage had attempted to proclaim we'd not fight them there. As they were at a location they could not teleport out of, much to our dismay they ran and logged out so we killed what stragglers we found and mopped up Legacy, Rage and Fatality from the GDZ area. (Again, unsure if Rage or Hydra) Idiot clan in team-9 attacked me while I was scouting world and did not get off. 30 retards were chased out of the wilderness by 70 dragons. Such a disappointment that Fom finally had a Sunday trip and ended up being too scared to fight or crash... smoke clans
  3. Topic created by @Zewy| Read original topic here Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ The Vikings Started the day fighting matched ops Vs NL which was a closely matched fight. But shortly after our fight and little pking the VIA got some intel that res were massing since we ended (go figure). So we hit a re-mass even though our strong GMT unit had weakened. We ended up with 30 strong Vikings and headed out to hit our rival. As it turns out Resurgence had teamed? merged? with a newly reopened Avalon who had called in every favor to pull 45ish RoT + SV meds to help against the fight. How many clans do you need Resurgence? So the fight commenced and it only took the vikings just over an hour of catching enormous clumps for the Anti-Veng alliance to start returning in rag https://i.imgur.com/bw7NwXW.png https://i.imgur.com/LUc9OYv.png at this point it was clear that RoT themselves were going to have to fly in and save them. The well experienced Vikings proved to be to much for them. Better luck next time Resurgence + Avalon + SV Meds + RoT Meds. Spoiler Warning: a lot of pictures which might take a lot of time to load. TBH just watch the vid 😛
  4. For the third Sunday in a row Rage set out with 80+ Bears, later peaking at 88 for an action packed trip. With lots of new faces in the clan we understood that having the highest pull wouldn't make things easy. We were the center of attention for all clans out today, dealing with crashes in many clusters and facing FOE in a tough 1v1. Our rivals over at supremacy spent the majority of their trip avoiding the big bad bears, often standing in single with their newer members wondering what exactly they were doing. Near the end of the trip where both clans were closer to even opts, they logged into us up opts at new gate for a 1v1. After they gained a numbers advantage, we pulled west, picking off their members who were off the hill. They rushed north through the gate and logged out, leaving many tigers left behind for us to feast on. Both Resistance and BP had logged in to crash the fight, which Supremacy claimed were called by Rage in order to assist us. It would be a strange alliance, considering we proceeded to slaughter both of them after sup turned tail and ran. Thanks to all the clans who provided us some solid action today. See you all next week. @Broxx Pics:
  5. Hydra massed up to 25 opts this Sunday, action packed and a lot of fun! We're excited for our next war day on September 29th! We were super impressed with how well our low pull were still able to hang in there and initiate some action! We started by hitting some clusters, then moved to a quick 1V1 vs CD, which was unfortunately crashed by LY. We then moved to baiting some clusters in Falador, we held our ground in Falador center until Rage overcame everyone. Come hangout in our public CC "CC Hydra" We keep it casual, come hangout, chat, or whatever! Also checkout our website www.Hydra-Rs.com | Daily Revs | Minis | Inners | Wars |
  6. Calling all Legends, Retireds, Oldschool Community & #FOEGANGCUH heavyweights to walk over this dogshit eop remake clan... Get ready to take a bitch shit on these greasy ass dragons... @Fudog POV ('The Eagle')
  7. supremacy-rs.com | "supremacy rs" cc | supremacy.verygames.net After an incredible win to SUPtember from last Saturday's 95v90 F2P Fullout, Supremacy came with eyes set on the dogshit care bear clan that have been trying their hardest to demoralize us. Weekend after weekend, the fuckers over at care bear clan tried many means of demoralizing us - spamming irl's, posting our audios, attempting to sabotage our recruit efforts. None of their petty, no-honor tactics mattered. Today, Supremacy set out with 83 tigers and absolutely DEMOLISHED the bottom-of-the-barrel, no-honor, onion-breath-smelling, niblet-whispering, "sex-ty sex" screaming, no-nipple-having bear clan called Rage. After an upsetting loss from a 2v2 prep that Aybraham lost them, Rage only managed to pull 61 bears after 4 recruit trips lmfao. Demoralized. Despite their 15 mains, Resistance, and FOE 2v1ing us, Supremacy came out on top with 6-0 wins. Watch the videos below for the literal smoke lmfaoo. ~ AUDIO LEAK COMING SOON ~ Stay tuned After we paid the shitters at ditch a visit after they mass for 1 hour and 15 minutes (l o l), we found out that Rage was attempting to avoid a fight with us by setting up a 2v1 situation with Final Ownage Elite. Little to their knowledge, we absolutely smoke both clans back to back until FOE left them at ca with 40 lmfaoooo. Our 80 tigers force Rage to take off capes and log out LMAOO. 1 - 0 We paid a visit to Outrage vs FOE (who FOE left Rage for lmfao) and watched FOE get shit on by Outrage. We found Rage trying to hide west bandits with their 60 bears and baited them into coming into multi. We shit on them, dropping their opts before they run back to singles after LY crashes. We follow them into singles and showed them our true F2P prodded skill by making them 1v1 our members. We gun the shitters until they had 18 to our 50. 2 - 0 The bear chased continued where we found them hiding with 58 at corp hill. LOOOL. No action for Rage. We bait the idiots into coming to multi again, gunning them down with just bows until they ran into singles completely. This clan rly loves singles l0l. 3 - 0 20 sharks rush us randomly??? lolol, grats at lasting longer than Rage, Apex. Since Rage thought they can get action after we focused Apex for 2 seconds, we paid them a visit during their fight against LY. LY was fucking smoking them before we came in with strong scims, forcing them to run right back into singles once again LOL. 4 - 0 Loss after loss, Rage hid with 53 bears behind ne graves. We surprised them with a quick hit and demolished the bank-standing retards before they ran back to singles once again. After growing some balls for once, Rage decides to rush us in multi after having a full regroup in singles. Sadly for the care bears, the shitters drop back down to 35 bears until Ayb calls to run west and log out lmfaoooo. 5 - 0 Since Rage TS3 was desperately mass poking and highlighting for more opts, we paid the Outrage vs FOE fight a visit. We hit anyone in our way until they both retreated to singles. Rage decides to hop the ditch and give us a hint at one last fight lmfao. After making us wait for 15 minutes as they stood 3 levels below us, we baited them into rushing us. Retard Ayb makes a call just as idiotic as his call during his 2v2 loss and 10 mains came in to attempt to beat us LOL. This, of course, did not work as all 65 of our tigers, from beginning to end, perfected Rage's 50 pures and 10 mains in a single 1v1. This was the icing on the cake, making this fight their last LOL 6 - 0 No L's POVHamf, but the f stands for phenomenal's POV
  8. Interested in joining the #1 Zerk/Tank/Med clan? Join Vengeance today at http://tastevengeance.com/forums/ Tonight we massed up 28 hungry vikings for a CWA vs Final Ownage but unfortunately they had to cancel because of circimstances. No problem, as we knew Resurgence had a prep but only pulled about 20 (LMFAO). After they ran from NL after about 20 minutes (it was a 30 min cap), we knew they were about to come into the Rev Caves to find us. In the meanwhile we found Violent Resolution and we fought for a solid 20 minutes having the upperhand. We knew the dead ponies were about to fly in so we quickly joined CC together and when Resurgence finally ran in, they got absolutely bodied. After 10ish minutes VR left us alone to slaughter Resurgence to make it more fair, but it didn't help. They could not return fast enough, not one of them tanked their full inventory and even a 99 defence tank (with 99 prayer) got smited for his staff. Resurgence ended their pathetic crash in singles (after they regrouped but got gwassed at black dragons) and the morale was low. We gave them a chance for Round 2 (clean 1v1 as VR was sitting in single) but they did not take it. Shame on you. PM Spoontech#6034 for a way out @surgeons. Can I get a F for Ripsurgence? Resurgence getting bodied by NL. VR telling us they're leaving as we were bodying Resurgence on our own
  9. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube Saturday 14th, Outrage set out into the wilderness with a peak of 65 dudes with one focus in mind; to body Fo. Thankfully, Final Ownage did not cancel today's trip which meant, much like the past few weeks since starting shit with us, they were bullied throughout their trip despite their dogshit quality members logging on their mains. @lnfamous Jet @@Pixel @Cranked @bigreggindik @Moni @*Lee @Finn To kick things off, we got word that Supremacy and Rage were fighting and Fo had attempted to involve themselves - so we did the same. Apparently they tried to claim a win with like 10 ingame after this was over. Talk is cheap, so I'll let the results speak for themselves: Next up, we heard Fo were trying to have a fight against Legacy, this was not allowed. Sadly they decided to hug the single line with their morons on mains in both clans capes, rather than fight us. Can't say I'm surprised. For the final fight of the night, Fo had finally managed to get enough mains logged in to fight back. Despite all of their mains, they were smoked, even when Supremacy and Rage bringing their fight to our location, Fo found no solace in singles. Tfw when they hide their ililili mains in our capes heh
  10. Today Clan Rage peaked at 38 Bears to clear supremacy and Legacy all throughout the wilderness. We started off our trip by scouting Legacy at the caves, and clearing them within minutes. As soon as we pushed Legacy down to the 30 line, making them teleport, Supremacy rushed from the north in hopes of getting a 2v1 on us. Unfortunately they were too late, as their allies were already cleared and they met the same fate. The first 1 min 30 sec of the video paint all of that very clearly, in case anyone wants to claim they didn't try xD. For the next fight we scouted Legacy once again hiding all the way south at rev dark beast, and we logged on top of them and once again cleared them up in about 2 minutes. AGAIN Supremacy logged in too late, only to get gwassed at 30 line as they waited for Legacy to re-rush. With Supremacy having 5 in-game, and Legacy rushing from the north with a fresh rg, we teled out happy with having fully cleared both clans at one point. At this point it was very clear that regardless of which clan we hit first, the other would be short to follow. We weren't too concerned and were happy to finally be able to bully around Supremacy during the midweek which isn't an opportunity we have very often. Next we found Supremacy idled at the north wall of the caves and logged on top of them, gaining an instant number advantage and killing their members as they desperately tried to stay alive in time for Legacy to crash. Right on cue, as Supremacy was nearly fully cleared Legacy logged in and auto-locked onto the big bad bears. We pulled into the northwest room and to our surprise, Supremacy attempted to rush into the room from the Dragons and instantly get 80% of their members caught in a clump. We cleared them up and dipped. After rg'ing we went back into the caves and waited down south for Supremacy to log into us. They attempted to push south through the corridors and were instantly clumped up, with the members who did make it through dying 1 by 1. CD rushed in mid-way through the fight, followed by Legacy. After making sure Supremacy had 0 members left in game we tele'd out. We returned to the caves once again, and logged into Supremacy at the north wall. Once again... we instantly bullied them around, gaining a big number advantage after only 1 minute. We sent Sup scattering throughout the caves, as they were willing to let their boys over at Legacy try to finish us off. By this point both Legacy and Supremacy had 30 a piece in ts, and we were forced to tele out. Reminiscent of Sunday, we found Supremacy defending for Legacy at east bandits. After 5 minutes of sup standing at the lava, it was clear to us that they had no intention of starting the fight themselves. They decided to skip the team on crash part, and sup played the "bait". We logged in and instantly pushed them south on the lava line. Once again... Legacy logged in north of us and the 2v1 began. Fortunately for us, Apex was behind LY and kept them off our backs, leaving Supremacy alone with the bears. We pushed them south to the trees, and bullied them around until their allies came to the rescue. With Sup having 10 in game, and Legacy rushing from tele spot with 30, we teled out satisfied. Next we defended for Supremacy east of sperm hill. As soon as they rushed we wrapped around their east side and dominated the north. Outrage crashed the fight from the north shortly after, forcing us to pull south to ghost hut to avoid being sandwiched. As we grouped up at ghost hut, LY rushed from the south, forcing us to tele out and re-hit. The cluster ensued for another 15 minutes, going back and forth. (Sup and LY getting some cute spams next to eachother in game) All in all it was another great day for the Bears. BLNT noobs. Kont pov: Pics:
  11. 75-105 Combat Level Pure? Join Undisputed LPC Clan Today! Clan Chat: UD Public | Forums: https://undisputed-rs.com/ | Discord: https://discord.gg/m8Dnydd For today's scheduled event, Undisputed massed up 25 big dick shooters later peaking at 29 for a dual server PKRI vs Special Forces. We originally setup a F2P pkri and won 1-0. We then switched to P2P server and 2-0'ed them as well. GF guys & Ty for action.
  12. 7-0 Whats up mother fuckers. I ain't gotta say much shit because you already know Supremacy was out here doing tiger gang shit in the wilderness, but today was especially special since we were given the opportunity to take a hot steaming brown shit on gaRbAGE not only once, but 7 Times in a fucking row. The night started out with us pking at revs with about 21 people, and ended with us with 40 Strong Tigers, forcibly ending that pathetic doggy clan's trip. To sum up the 7 fights we've won, i'll let the pictures and videos do most of the taking. Rage thought 20 CD members were going to save them from getting thrown around like a bunch of push over beta cucks, but Legacy were present to make sure these two pink gay clans didn't get the opportunity to team on us. We fought them 3 times in the rev caves, coming out on top each and every single time, 1 time at bandits where they desperately clinged to lvl 10 to survive with single digits, and 3 times at Chaos Alter/Sperm area, where they were brutally beaten up like the trashy hooker whores that live in their kitchens, whom they call mothers. After stomping these doggies into the ground 7 times, they finally had enough of the punishment and ended with depression and demoralization at an all time high. 7-0
  13. clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | ts.clan-rage.com | "Clan Rage" cc Rage massed up 15 bears, later peaking at 24 for a another daily smoke session. We chased Legacy around the caves, killing them a good few times and crashing their fights with DC. After chasing around LY for about an hour, we found FOE out with about the same opts, we got a solid two good clears on them and had some good fights. Thanks every1 for the action today. vid missing several bits of action but w/e Pics:
  14. 75-105 Combat Level Pure? Join Undisputed LPC Clan Today! Clan Chat: UD Public | Forums: https://undisputed-rs.com/ | Discord: https://discord.gg/m8Dnydd On this beautiful Friday, Undisputed massed up 24 assassins for our first P2P LPC Prep against Onslaught. We set this fight up last minute as both clans had other events already planned but we battled it out and came out victorious 2-1. GF OG. - Round One (ATK) - Loss - Round Two (DEF) - Victory UD Start/End: 19 / 11 OG Start/End: 19 / 0 - Round Three (PKRI) - Victory UD Start/End: 20 / 14 OG Start/End: 20 / 0
  15. Forums | Recent Events | Youtube Outrage massed up peaking at around 27 members to kill clans. We hit up multiple locations such as hills hut, sperm hill, pond and CA. We were the last clan standing as per usual, killing everything that came in our way. Thanks for the action lads, hope this is a consistent trend.
  16. Massed up 20 gorillas for a big mini vs hydra won all rounds, GF hydra ty for action
  17. Supremacy was out here killing shit in the wild like we always do and ended up running into a few DC guys at revs. Knowing we had around the same amount of people pking, we decided to set up a pkriand headed to gdz. Supremacy tigers came together, peaking at 18 strong warriors vs DC and 24 overall the 2-3 hour long pk festivities. Ended up pking an Elder Maul and Ballista off DC as well has mills from various vennies. Our fight vs Dc at gdz started at a nice 17 vs 20, with them having a little more. We rushed them from the south and instantly caught 3-4 of them off guard, killing them with a few barrage hits. At the same time, a few of our guys ended up clumping and we went down numbers for a short while. However, with great tanking from the gang and even better returning from the rest, we ended up creating a unstoppable hit squad that ran over DC like a fucking TONKA truck. Kill after kill, we gained numbers and so much momentum that we ended up running them to lavas, where we fully cleared the map of blue. We rushed back east to gdz for any stragglers and picked up our shit before calling the bank.
  18. supremacy-rs.com | "supremacy rs" cc | supremacy.verygames.net We massed up about 35 Tigers to battle legacy in a f2p prep. We ended up having to sit about 10 people to match their pull, but took the 3-0 win. Thanks for the prep, LY! Bon: Noel: Supremacy Starting: 20 Supremacy Ending: 15 Legacy Starting: 20 Legacy Ending: 0 Supremacy Starting: 24 Supremacy Ending: 12 Legacy Starting: 24 Legacy Ending: 0 Supremacy Starting: 23 Supremacy Ending: 12 Legacy Starting: 23 Legacy Ending: 0
  19. Forums | Discord Earlier in the week we approached Arroz for a F2P CWA Battle. We managed to pull a solid 34 mens and took all 3 rounds. Thanks for the action Arroz as always. R1 Ending: R2 Ending: R3 Ending:
  20. Clan Chat: VR_Clanchat Twitter: http://twitter.com/OSRS_VR Twitch: http://twitch.tv/OSRS_VR VR Discord: https://discord.me/OSRS_VR This morning VR members decided to start a gmt sweep, hopped around and farmed everyone in our path for their loots before we ran into Team Sweden who we cleared with ease inside black drags, this would be the many times we ran into them this evening. They would then go mass for 15 minutes, knowing they couldn't take us 1v1 they decided too highlight 1750/2k/RoT/SV/AcU so they could attempt to fight back. Logged into their world and fought for 20 mins before more of their slave alliance started trickling in vs 23 VR so we took our loots and teled out. (You're shit btw 🤣) Video:
  21. Forums | Discord Once again we had some men online and decided to head into the wilderness in search of lootations. Good fight gamers. Pics:
  22. clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | ts.clan-rage.com | "Clan Rage" cc After making a post yesterday in public boards letting the world know we'd be out everyday this week at 1-2PM Eastern and challenging them to meet us there, Legacy massed up to take us on. We started our trip with 15 bears, later peaking about 25. We wiped purge a few times, along with DC, Torment, and other rev teams/vennys. After a very messy run in with LY at revs where mains crashed, we decided to organize a PKRI at CA. We took over the fight early on and cut off the LY returners for a swift victory. Thanks for coming out, all others clans...especially the GMT based Supremacy clan....are welcome to meet us out there. 1:30PM Eastern every day.
  23. clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | ts.clan-rage.com | "Clan Rage" cc Rage set out without about 12 bears later peaking at 26 to take on rev caves. We farmed LY/Purge/UD/BP/DC and venny clans for nearly 3 hours before calling it a day to mass for inners. The bears ate well tonight.   
  24. clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | ts.clan-rage.com | "Clan Rage" cc On this glorious Sunday the purple bears of Rage massed up 80 PURES later peaking at 85 for our Official P2P PK Trip. After last Sunday's destruction of supremacy we were all eager to continue bodying them in the server where their mains are least effective. supremacy pulled a measly 70 today despite bragging about their double logged 90 pull yesterday (I guess their mass F2P invites can't afford bonds 😂). Knowing this we made it our trip objective to end their pitiful clan within the hour; we accomplished this by hitting them every time they stepped into the wild. We brushed aside their pathetic 2vs1 attempts with legacy multiple times, sending both clans straight to edge over and over again. supremacy ended their trip in clan wars after being chased around by Rage for the second Sunday trip in a row. Expect some more Punjabi raging from their soon to be released TS leak 👮‍♂️. Kont Asap Broxx rly Estranger Pics
  25. supremacy-rs.com | "supremacy rs" cc | supremacy.verygames.net Supremacy left with 90 glorious tigers today peaking at 95, once again coming out ahead of their supposed "rivals" doodoo bear clan. Not only was the pull bigger, but so were the brains as the tiger gang smashed the shitty rage clan off the rocks at the wilderness ditch until even their shitty tanks stopped returning. From rushing with 80, having resistance and BP show up to try to save face, to getting absolutely broken to below 40 people in less than 2 hours. We smoked clusters which involved sending apex to single before they could fully clear FOE and cleared CD accidentally for getting in our way. The real feast was when reject rage finally left their mass 15 minutes into the trip only to get fucked repeatedly and thoroughly. They never walked above 9 wilderness, embracing the single digit of the wilderness - equal to their rank team's cumulative IQ. Their pull disappeared as they repeatedly got smoked down to the point where we were double their opts and half their members were AFKing on the ditch. Even rage ranks gave up returning on their pures to try to keep the mains moving around enough to avoid being fully cleared in level 2 wilderness. We tried to bait them higher, successfully smoking dozens of them of the map as their moron callers sent them to their doom without the slightest idea of what they were doing. Rage got fucked several times with no hope of bringing it even close to even. We ended the trip with 90 Tigers in the wilderness, same as how we started. Once again the best clan, without doubt, standing undefeated after breaking Rage in 90 minutes flat. AUDIO LEAK COMING SOON. STAY TUNED. Ham's POV mr dirty ko's POV
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