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Found 1366 results

  1. │ │ Tuesday August 11th, 2020: After having not stepped foot in clw for a p2p prep in some months, we massed up 51 Godkings for our P2P prep. Shoutout to Blunt Purez and Supremacy for accepting the challenge and massing up for a fun high-opt war. We prepared well and it showed in our gameplay, taking home each round in convincing fashion, never dropping below 30 on the opt counter. Thank you for the fight and we look forward to any clan who wishes to challenge us in the future. Apex Opts: 40 Blunt Purez / Supremacy Opts: 40 Apex Ending: 33 Blunt Purez / Supremacy Ending: 0 WIN Apex Opts: 42 Blunt Purez / Supremacy Opts: 42 Apex Ending: 33 Blunt Purez / Supremacy Ending: 0 WIN Apex Opts: 38 Blunt Purez / Supremacy Opts: 38 Apex Ending: 30 Blunt Purez / Supremacy Ending: 0 WIN
  2. Massed up 43 strong gorillas ready to fuck shit up and we did just that! Started of fighting Fatality despite being down 14 opts, got a strong north side and tried to be aggressive on top of them, but with a matter of minutes Supremacy and Apex crashed we moved south and got the tele out GF FI Seen Rage and Foe fighting at GDZ decided to get stuck in a bit and they presented themselves in absolute tables for us to fuck them up GF Rage and Foe Fought Supremacy at bandits strong North side pushed them off the lava and put them down to 15 in game to our 30 before fatality crashed from the North side!
  3. │ │ Monday, July 13th, 2020: Tonight we headed out with 31 Godkings (peaking at 35) for our scheduled F2P PKRI vs. Zenith. As the Godkings set out to the maze, we had one thing on our mind. Domination. Down a few opts, we cycled the fight perfectly with excellent returns and controlled the choke points of the location. Maintaining a solid unit and lead we pushed Zenith out of their hold, and into GDZ hut. Once we took opt control, the strong grip of the shark's could not be broken. As the opt advantage became larger, it was clear Apex had taken the fight! Thanks for the clean, untouched PKRI Zenith, and grats Apex.
  4. We massed up when we heard Legacy was out with 15+, We assembled 30 Zenith Warriors and went to find them. We eventually peaked at over 45 Zenith Pures to completely destroy Legacy & Rage & Mains. We logged in northwest and waited till they rushed the center. We came south and killed all of them. We spent the next bit hopping around killing Exodus,Legacy. After we cleared Legacy for the second time they decided to try to mass up for us. Legacy massed up a main clan to fight Mother Zenith, this didnt matter we logged on top of them northwest with their main clan helping them. We completely ran through them within seconds and pushed them far northeast into the dragons pit. We started transitioning through Legacy clearing them x3 ingame. Legacy tried to mass return and we started blowing them up once again. Rage decided to come aid Legacy and join their clan chat. We stayed on Legacy and the 3 clans helping them and pushed them all around the wilderness. We eventually pushed Legacy all the way south and they teleported out. We cleared up everything left in game and then teleported to edge and laughed at our rivals.
  5. │ │ July 12th, 2020: Today we headed out with 52 Godkings (peaking at 61) for our P2P Sunday Trip. To start the day we went and hit a cluster between Fatality, Onslaught and Supremacy at Bandit Camp. We rushed in from the north, pushing everyone south and mowing down pures along the way. We caught Fatality teleporting back into Bandit Camp and caught them in some nice clumps before pushing them west. Shortly after multiple clans headed to singles and the fight came to an end. Up next we had a fight vs. Rage at 26 Hill, which was promptly crashed by Final Ownage. We got a bunch of kills and had a great performance. Unfortunately the fight was short-lived, and it ended rather quickly. Afterwords we had a clean 1v1 vs. Legacy at Boneyard. From beginning to end, we dominated the fight, despite being down opts. After 10 minutes the fight was crashed, and it came to an end. We had another 1v1 at Legacy at Boneyard next, which we controlled much like the last one. After a while Zenith crashed, and the fight made its way to Corp Hill. We continued the fight with Legacy, until we eventually went separate ways. When we pulled south, we ended up running into Exodus at Chaos Altar. Had a fun little scuffle with them, and shortly after the cluster came to an end. To end the day we hit a huge cluster at Chaos Altar. Final Ownage, Exodus, and Fatality were all present. We held the edges of the fight, hugging the lava line south of Ghost Hut. After another clean action packed fight, the cluster came to an end. Thanks everyone for the clean action, and grats Apex .
  6. We heard a couple clans were out at Revs so we quickly massed up 35 Zenith Warriors to go clear everything up. We eventually got into a return fight against Rage & Mains. We peaked at over 50 Zenith Pures to absolutely smoke Rage x4 inside the caves. We logged into a couple worlds and we found a Rage scout on us, Rage was attempting to be slick however they weren't. We caught Rage in a massive box to start our fight, Instantly 20 Rage Teddybears were sent to edgeville. We laughed our ass's off. We spent the next 35 minutes completely rolling through rage inside dragons pit. Eventually rage pushed south when FOE rushed. We cleared them up in the caves and teleported to edgeville and laughed at them. Rage tried to get a fake ending and we quickly went back up and caught them in another gwas. We fully cleared rage pures and smoked them once again. We logged into Rage's world northwest of them while they had 25 Teddybears. We pushed all the way south and fully smoked through them. This was completely embarrassing. @Mercy child left Zenith to get completely smoked x4. We cleared up the rest of rage and then teleported to the bank to laugh at them. They went random worlds and logged from us at the bank.
  7.   Rage massed up a strong 30 Bears for a daily P2P rev pk. The Anti-Rage alliance was out in FULL FORCE today, but no matter how many shitty clans you bring, quantity cannot outclass our quality. We started off finding FO at the caves. Upon hitting them, 15+ SV instantly logged in. We proceeded to 2v1 all the way south in the cave, wiping both clans off the map and getting the full clear. We took our win and noticed FO was trying to get a regroup at dragons. We rushed them there and bullied them out of game until only SV remained. When not a single foe pure was left returning, we called a dip out with our second win. We then found Zenith with around ~35. We completely dominated them, getting them down to sub 5 ingame when fo crashed and we tele'd with our win. We then got a rematch vs Zenith at Dragons, at which point we got them down to around ~5 ingame when fo once again came to the rescue. We continued the 2v1 for a while until we were overwhelmed by Zenith's 51 and fo's 30 against our 30. We tele'd and regroupped entrance hoping the two would fight and we could create a cluster rather than fighting 80v30, but they remained off each other and sat next to each other in caves before teleporting out together. Sad! 
  8. Clan Chat: OG Pub || Discord: https://discord.gg/jJE5R5 || Teamspeak3: onslaught.ts3clans.com On this unofficial Sunday we set out with 28 gorillas later peaking at 30. Today was a super slow trip for everyone as every clan pulled far apart from eachother. Highlight was fighting special forces for about 10 mins until clans started crashing. Thank you for the action!
  9. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Legacy massed up 88 Spartans for another dominant P2P PK Trip. Fully clearing zero quality zenith on spider hill down multiple opts and forcing them to go far west to logout with their remaining 20 left in-game. When will zero quality zenith learn that they can't go toe-to-toe with Legacy? The Spartans controlled the majority of the clusters including Exodus, 30 sharks, Fatality, Blunt Purez, and Rage throughout the wilderness. Shout out to all the Legacy members for their dominant performance in the P2P Server today, summing up another successful weekend for Legacy. Killa
  10. After a insanely active week that saw us win a couple preps and clear our rivals numerous times inside the wilderness. We massed up 85 Zenith Warriors and peaked at 100 Zenith Pures. We spent the entirety of our trip in multi while our rivals spent their trips grasping onto singles. We showed once again in our rivals server why Zenith is the better clan. We waited for our Rivals to enter multi, Eventually they left singles and decided to move to corp. We instantly rushed them from the south and within seconds Legacy ran west in singles, This didn't matter we stayed on legacy and forced them north. We pushed Legacy north of corp and eventually once north of corp we pushed them west into singles. We pulled far east to sperm with 80 Zenith ingame. Legacy came 2 minutes later and we instantly got aggressive and pushed them far west back to singles. We caught a fall in and went for a bank. We waited for Legacy to regroup, And in the meantime we AC'd Onslaught vs Apex for 10 minutes. Eventually Legashit finally regrouped and we rushed them once again at corp hill. Within seconds they were pushed back to singles. We lured them to CA and once at CA we absolutely murdered through LY, We pushed Legacy all the way northwest and eventually back to singles. We caught a fall in at CA for the For the next hour Zenith sat in multi and Legacy sat in singles near corp. We would rush them time after time and the same result, Legacy would hug singles with 30 mains at the tip of the multi lines. We would force them into singles over 6 times here. Our rivals are extremely scared of us and this was proven time and time again. Eventually Legashit had barely no one in game after we pushed them from sperm to corp. Onslaught decided to crash us and 1v2 with LY. This didnt matter we stayed in multi the entire time and continuously pushed our dogs around. Eventually after some time Apex cleared up Onslaught and Legacy was forced into graves with 15 in game. We caught a fall in at CA and logged out.
  11. Yesterday we broke Legacy in their own server, We made them camp singles, Have absolutely no action, And lose every fight they participated in. Afterwards we showed the Pure Clan World just how broken Legacy is by releasing LEGACY STAFF CHAT - PART 1. Today we massed up 100 Pures and later peaked at 125 Zenith Members for our P2P Sunday Trip. Today Zenith proved once again why we're #1 P2P, We had a absolute amazing trip massive 100v100 fight against Exodus (Welcome to the Pure Community) and the Pure Community. Zenith was the last clan standing. 130 Starting, 100 Ending. We heard clans were moving to sperm and graveyard, We logged in south and found Rage and Final Ownage Elites north of us. We started barraging through both clans and banged them out. We continued pushing north to the far tree's of graveyard and eventually found Blunt Pures at the treeline. We moved far west of them and started pushing them far east. We cleared up every single clan and then teleported to the bank. Our Legashit waited over 30 to enter multi with their 70 MAN PULL. They tried to fight Blunt Pures at graveyard, We came from the south with 120 Pures and smoked absolutely everyone north of us. We caught LY in a fall in as they ran south to graveyard. We cleared them up and then cleared up BP. We looted up everything and teleported to the bank and laughed at our rivals who went random worlds. We setup a 100v100 against Exodus at GDZ, We defended white plateau and waited for Exodus to rush us. They logged in at GDZ and we absolutely wrapped around them and started taking control of the fight instantly. We wrapped south and pushed them north. We had 100 ingame and Exodus had 40 left north of GDZ when Blunt Pures rushed from the east, We pulled east and instantly caught BP as they rushed us. Legashit logged in behind BP and we went far east and started smoking everyone. We cleared up everyone on the hill while our rivals went to singles. We went back to GDZ and turned around on Exodus. We blew up Exodus at GDZ and they went to a different world. We had 100 at GDZ hut and went to hit Legacy who was in a different world. We walked them all the way down from GDZ to black chins. After we cleared Legashit and forced them to regroup we heard Exodus and Rage was fighting at spider hill. We came from revs and started hitting everything north. We pushed Exodus all the way to singles and eventually cleared them up. We pushed Rage far into singles where Fatality was. We came back east and found Blunt Pures, We started pushing them and cleared them up. Fatality then rushed us and we turned around on them and started blowing them up. We cleared up both clans on the same bank and then Exodus came back with 70. We turned around on Exodus and started fighting at spider hill once again. We pushed them far west and started barraging and chinning them out. We cleared up every single clan and pulled to KBD hut. We had 80 Zenith immediate ending after fighting and successfully clearing every single clan. After we cleared the entire pure community in massive fight, We heard Final Ownage Elites & Rage were fighting near GDZ. We logged in west and started catching both clans east as we stormed through GDZ. We ran into FOE first and started clearing them up south, Rage went north of the gate and tried to gwas us. We 200IQ'D Rage and barraged them from the west and east. We caught them in a massive box and cleared them up. While we were waiting for Legacy to regroup, We heard Onslaught was east of GDZ. Since they decided to crash our fight yesterday and aid Legacy. We logged in on top of them in P2P and smited them for Elder Maul. We cleared up the 30 OG and laughed at them. While we cleared up Onslaught, Legashit went to multi. We quickly moved to intercept and logged in on top of LY running. We got super aggressive and started clearing them up inside us and pushed them south. Rage and Final Ownage Elites. We stayed on Legacy until they teleported out and then turned around on Rage and cleared them up. We then turned around on FOE and cleared them up. Then Blunt Pures logged in and we started fighting them, We fought them for some time before clearing them up and teleporting to edge. A couple clans were at CA and surrounding areas, We teleported up and cleared up Rage & Final Ownage Elites & Apex, We then began to fight Exodus while being sniped by Legashit. We cleared up everything in the world. We cleared up multiple regroups of Rage, Multiple regroups of Legacy & Exodus. And every clan once they were all cleared we teleported to edge. We heard Exodus was at CA, We quickly teleported up and spread and logged in on their world. We got super aggressive and hit their west side. Within seconds Exodus was fully cleared ingame. We caught a spam and a went to hit Legashit in singles at their random worlds for the next 5 minutes.
  12.   In what's probably been the most fun P2P Sunday in a while, Rage massed up a strong 67 Bears for an action packed night out. With nearly nonstop action for the duration, everyone had one hell of a time. Big shoutout to Exodus for making an appearance and helping keep the P2P scene alive, hope to see you guys in F2P soon. The trip was way too action-filled to give an in-depth description of every fight, but below are a few highlights: GWASing Zenith at 50ports Pushing fo from Spiders to old gate (full clear) GWASing Exodus single/multi north revs HUGE GDZ Cluster Return Fight w/ FO/OG/Z/EXO  
  13. Forums|Teamspeak|Discord Left Edge today with a strong 49 man unit later peaking at 63. Saw our friends at Supremacy HQ were chilling at bandits so we logged in on top of them and specced em out quite quickly and easily, forcing them to then random world not wanting to get spammed by us. Set up a fight at east bandits vs Onslaught, where they rushed heavily from the NE. We were strong to hold our ground and kill the OG coming inside of us. Apex and Supremacy logged in together in single, Apex to the north Sup to the south, knowing our intent we pulled south and killed all the Supremacy that came into multi. We pulled west through the mouth killing all who came inside of us, clans not wanting to come to us we pushed back through east and cleared up what was left and then dipped. Luckily for us Supremacy seemed much more eager to go into multi today since they had their glories around their necks. These clueless retards sat at CA and got shit on instantly by us rushing them forcing them to once again run to single. We continued our singles fight with them until dropping them to around 12 pures in game. Even with Apex coming to their aid they couldn't save these tigers from death. They decided to run to multi so we teled to CA to cut them off and kept the killing spree alive. Knowing Apex would be there to help them didn't matter, we made our focus clear and walked our dogs around CA until they were cleared. Heard shit was kickin off around GDZ so we were no slouch in going up to get in on the action. We logged in by Rune Rocks and started hitting the cluster between multi clans, focusing on whoever was closest to us. We hit Zenith from the West and kept our positioning smart knowing how outnumbered we were. We continued to hit and move until Zenith chose to try and get on top of us so we pulled to single hit what we could then dipped out. Seeing our rivals set up another fight at bandits we were quick to log in and kill them yet again. Grats to Onslaught for owning them before we even got there. We ran into another cluster where we ended up fighting Rage south of Boneyard. We pulled the fight to the eastern side capitalizing on their clumps even though we were down opts. Hearing Apex was coming to hit us we quickly moved northeast and put ourselves into a position to hit them. We Continued to push them east even with Legacy rushing to hit the fight our focus didnt shift. Once Apex had 7 ingame we got a gf apex spam up and dipped out afterwards. The rest of the trip would then be us hitting multiple clusters at CA hitting multiple clans such as Exodus, Foe, Blunt Purez, Zenith, Apex, and more who showed up. We weren't the highest pullign clan in the cluster but we moved smartly and quickly around everyone to cement solid positioning and net kills. @Tanqe @Auz
  14. Decided to start doing F2P , Pulled 35 gorillas, we were the lowest pulling but we were the last in multi all you other clans are pussys! Sniped majority of all fights. Had a few 1 v 1 vs shark clan we got cleared wont go into much detail about it (nox hit me off) joke btw Was fun see you all next weekend for F2P.
  15.   Rage massed up a strong 55 bears for our weekly Saturday PK trip. We began by having a nice fight vs Fatality which started fairly even and ended with us having a +5 advantage before apex followed by fo crashed. We then got a fight vs apex matched opts at boneyard, we took over the fight having a +18 opt advantage when OG followed by fo crashed. You're gonna need to call fo a little quicker next time, Nox. We got two more quick 1v1s with apex, but they were sure to have fo more quickly on speed dial this time, having them crash after going down ~5 each time. We then got hit by fo in singles, as their 75 man pull wasn't confident enough to cluster with LY/Z. We then proceeded to waste the entirety of their trip (no multi action) in singles until we organized a fight with Fatality in CWA. We left around ~20 opts ingame at graves to keep fo logged in while we had a clean fight vs FI, forcing fo to stick around until everyone had ended with no action! Unlucky!   
  16. │ │ Saturday, July 11th, 2020: Today we headed out with 43 Godkings (peaking at 51) for our F2P Saturday Trip. To start the trip today, we had a fight with Rage at Boneyard. The fight was a close one, going back and forth for the 5 minutes it stayed a 1v1. Final Ownage and Onslaught showed up and it turned into a cluster. After anther 5 minutes of fun it came to an end. Much like the previous fight, Rage rushed us at Boneyard and Final Ownage joined instantly. We moved with the cluster, and got some action in before the other two clans moved it to singles. Up next we set up a fight vs. Supremacy at Boneyard. They agreed to fight us down 10, so we held the lead for the majority of the fight as expected. 10 minutes or so into the fight Fatality decided to crash, and Onslaught joined too. We moved with the cluster, constantly killing pures and tanks. After 15 minutes of running circles, the opposing clans headed to singles. We had a fun 1v1 with Onslaught at Chaos Altar, who rushed us down opts. We held the lead for the duration of the fight, and ended up coming out victorious. Congratulations Onslaught on your first F2P Saturday, and thanks for the clean fight today. To end the day we went and hit a fight between Zenith and Legacy. Zenith was positioned on Corp, and Legacy was west in singles. Every chance we got, we killed Legacy tanks (and a pure or two). After quite an embarrassing performance, Legacy headed to singles and tapped out, causing the cluster to end. Thanks for the free smoke everyone, and grats Apex.
  17. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Today the heavy duty Z killers set out with 85 Spartans later peaking at 95 as we pounded on Zenith and their comrades accomplices as we took the battlefield like an never ending spartan cyclone wiping out any antagonists that came in our paths as we fought 1v3 most of the trip and railed Z+Apex when it was 1v1 and didn't bank once whole trip as we took turns to torment Zeniths sidekick partners in crime at one point where we sent Apex to the gas chambers multiple times reducing them to 20 ingame when Z left them to bank Zenith can't hang 1v1 without running to CA or calling other clans to help them against the immeasurable LY and ended first yet again when their boyfriends ended at the same time. Latino again fuck me I did it again
  18. INFO: CC = BP Pub BP#1219 on discord to become a part of our gmt walhalla Earlier this week the boys over at Fatality approached us for a pk run in, as we love wildy run ins we gladly accepted On this beautiful Friday BP massed 30 KETAMINE LOADED shooters ready to take over GDZ BP started the fight convincingly wooping FI back to edge. FI seemed to paniced on our on domination and probably asked themselves how they gonna pay for return sets this weekend. This resulted in ~ 10 FI mains camping our BP Shooters. The fight went back and forth with both clans returning strong. Even though the mains were a pity we still had a very fun fight vs Fatality. GF. BP CINEMA: @rash BP BATTLE ZONE BP Kills
  19. Forums|Teamspeak|Discord Left Edge today with a strong 45 man unit later peaking at 50. We wasted no time today in setting up fights. We started the day off by setting up with Rage. Even though we fought down a few we were still confident in our ability to fight back. As the fight dragged on the opts continued to drift closer and closer into our favor, but Apex decided to show up to try and snipe our fight so of course it turned into a little cluster between the 3 of us for a short period of time before we dipped out hearing more clans were planning on showing up. Fatality Starting: 45 - Rage Starting: 51 Fatality Ending: 42 - Rage Ending: 43 A little chef spotted Supremacy with their pants down in multi so we instantly jumped on this rare chance to brutally bash our rivals. Unfortunately the ranks at Supremacy did not want to fight back. They were quick to log in 15 mains and hop off their pures. Unfortunately for them it was to no avail, we kept pushing them into single at SE Graves. We pulled the fight multiple times to 13 ports hoping that the spineless ranks in Supremacy would fight us in multi, but they chose to get a hop out instead. Leaving their members asking " why are we avoiding Fi? " Not willing to give Supremacy any breathing room we chased them from Se Graves all the way to NE Ruins spamming at them to fight us. We were quick to run to multi and yet again Supremacy would barely enter multi in our fight.They would spend yet another fight hugging the single line with their 15 mains. We would kill any Supremacy member who dared to enter in multi and would pull to vents hoping yet again that our "Rivals" would actually attempt to fight us. They would not fully enter multi and soon just walked down to graves to log out lmfao. Unfortunately the only time Supremacy would decide to enter multi is in an attempt to "fight" Apex. Not wanting to miss out on this fun we bolted towards the fight ready for a 1v2 scenario where Apex would team on crash. On log in we rushed on top of Supremacy in the fight and instantly started dropping them like the rats they are. We walked them all around corp with our superb positioning and calling until they finally chose they were no match and hid in single like the dogs they are. After ending Supremacy, we decided to end ours as well. Rage then approached us for a fight in clan wars (first to 100), we gladly accepted and went to battle. Fatality Players In: 41 - Rage Players In: 46 Fatality Kills: 92 - Rage Kills: 100 @'vc @Alex @Tanqe @'mark
  20. After deciding to put F2P on the backburner for the first 6 months of the year, Onslaught headed out for its first F2P Saturday with 30 and peaking at 33 helmet wearing retards. Thank you everyone for the solid action!
  21. Forums|Teamspeak|Discord Friday, 10th July, 2020; Fatality massed up 27 members later peaking at 33 for our scheduled PKRI with BP. We took it upon ourselves to defend and chose white plateau directly west of GDZ, as the fight started it shifted outside of all entrances of the hut, back to the original spot at white plat and eventually far east by new gate, as time went on we eventually cleared them off of the map and exited. Thank you for the fight BP and better luck next time.
  22. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Saturday, July 11th: Final Ownage Elite massed up 70 Elites to end Rage's trip. Today FOE showed everyone once again that no matter where rage hides, we will find them, and we will end them. We rushed rage around boneyard and ran them down to south of ruins. We were immediately up and stayed that way essentially the entire fight. About halfway through rage called upon their venezuelan allies for aid. They were up for about 10 minutes before we once again took the lead and maintained it for the rest of the fight. We got news that rage were planning to have a clanwars fight vs fatality, while simultaneously trying to continue fighting us on mains. This did not work as they intended and we dropped them down to 5 in game before leaving to go hit Legacy. We found Legacy around Chaos Alter and they immediately scattered and ran in every direction to avoid fighting FOE. We decided to call the trip there with yet another monumental Saturday win for FOE.
  23. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Rage approached us for a P2P Prep last weekend and we happily accepted. Came out today with ~40 and got the 2-1. Fun and really competitive prep, ty Rage for the action. Killa x Stoned Killa Goose Yak Wolf KFC
  24. Most Active - Most Friendly Pure Clan Zenith was out with 20 mountain men clearing out the caves when a scout spotted rage. Immediately, the hunt was on. We peaked 40 after we found out rage had massed up for us and invited their vennies. Zenith vs Rage Fight1: Scouts told us rage vs red hats were fighting 30 line. We logged in on top and sent them both back to edge. Fight2: With our exilent world tracker, we tracked rage and found them NW pocket spread. Seemed like they massed up for us but it didn't faze us. We logged in on top of them and immediately cleared them up. A few returned to dragons which we cleared before going south with our loot and the W. Fight3: We were northwest pocket when rage logged in on us with their vennies. This fight was the easiest of the 3. Their vennies were actually helping us kill them LOL. After all rage were deleted we went south and teled. GF RAGE, TY 4 AGS PK
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