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Found 1278 results

  1. Clan Chat: OG Pub || Discord: https://discord.gg/jJE5R5 || Teamspeak3: onslaught.ts3clans.com On this unofficial Sunday we set out with 28 gorillas later peaking at 30. Today was a super slow trip for everyone as every clan pulled far apart from eachother. Highlight was fighting special forces for about 10 mins until clans started crashing. Thank you for the action!
  2. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Saturday, June 20th: Final Ownage Elite massed up 80 elites ready to take on whoever wanted to fight. To our satisfaction, Anti-Foe decided to try and team on us at the beginning of the trip. We found Rage and Fatality fighting at bandits tele spot, and so without hesitation we decided to rush it. Usually they instantly log, but I guess they were feeling especially courageous today. Or perhaps stupid, because within 10 minutes fatality decided to ditch their team, leaving us to a 1v1 with Rage. As soon as Rage realized they were without their team, they decided to run west into single with their tails between their legs. Upon being reminded of why it's a bad idea to team against FOE, both clans decided to hide for the rest of the trip, never within 10 steps of being in single. After 40 minutes of constant attacks by FOE, Rage and Fatality decided to hide in clan wars. Making today the quickest record of them avoiding the wild. After our victims had decided to hide in clan wars, we went to check out what other clans were up to. We found Zenith vs Legacy at bandits teleport spot, and so we decided to rush. Both clans decided to use that opportunity to get a bank, and so we did also. The last fight of the day we defended on Corp Hill for Legacy to rush. LY chose to bring mains along as well, which was no factor for us. We maintained a solid lead while they went from about 90 to 70 in game before Zenith crashed. LY ran to single and logged out. We had decided at this point to end the day here. @ Rage + FI, do better. ~K2P ~Pure Fiction
  3. clan-rage.com | Discord: kKdeJhY | Rage.ts3chat.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc Rage gathered 38 Bears for our P2P prep vs Valor in the clan wars arena. The rounds were 28v28/29v29 each time and a strong performance from the lads seen us come away with the 2-0 in sets victory [4-2 in rounds]. Great effort from the lads. thanks to Valor for the fight we look forward to more.
  4. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord 18/06/20; Final Ownage Elite massed up 55 Elites to take on Zenith in a F2P Prep. We took a clean 3-0 victory, Gf Zenith! Round 1: Victory Final Ownage Elite Starting/Ending: 43/27 Zenith Starting/Ending: 43/0 Round 2: Victory Final Ownage Elite Starting/Ending: 41/30 Zenith Starting/Ending: 41/0 Round 3: Victory Final Ownage Elite Starting/Ending: 40/26 Zenith Starting/Ending: 40/0 ~UTC ~K2P ~Paul ~Cardi ~Brian
  5. This is not a lie, We had 20 Ranks on teamspeak chatting about some random shit. When a upset LY Rev member PMed a @Council saying he was pissed off at the rev trip. Legacy had 22 at this point however we felt very comfortable hitting them with our 20 Legends. We quickly geared up in our public CC and went to hit them. We peaked at over 38 Certified Legacy Killers within the 5 Hits we had against them. Hit #1 We hit them from the north when they logged in and quickly sent them south and teleporting like the scared dogs they are. We cleared up everyone north and laughed as these kids freaked out. Hit #2 We waited for them to regroup and planned the perfect attack, Our newly acquired member told us exactly when to log in behind of Legacy and we caught them all as they ran south, They tried to quickly change worlds and we instantly got the update and logged in behind them. Within seconds all of Legacy was cleared again Hit #3 Legacy super pissed at this point started getting ranks and trying to mass up more, This didn't matter however. We positioned ourselves perfectly and waited for them to come down. We caught them as they entered the northwest pocket and sent them scattering like the rats they are. They pushed to the entrance where we caught them with barrages again. Once at the entrance they went to singles, Once in singles they went to edgeville. Hit #4 Legacy extremely pissed at this point tried to mass a entire village, Extremely upset being cleared x3 by their rivals on video. They assembled 40, We matched. We logged in as they came south and caught them in a massive clump. We started transitioning through everyone south as their members freaked out and ran around like chickens. We cleared them all up as a venny ballista clan logged in. We teleported to edgeville spammed 4-0 and logged out. Hit #5 Legacy absolutely fuming mad that they cannot win with mains/invites/40 people. We went north west and waited for them to rush north. Once they rushed north we caught them all and cleared them all up once again. They were done after this. Leaderless Legacy, ranks tried to keep moral up by trying to spam back after being cleared for the 5th time. We completely demoralized Vikings & Wolf, You will never beat us. Legacy ended after being sweeped 5-0. TY FOR ELDER MAUL ZERO. EZ PLUS ONE.
  6. │ │ Setup another 3-way pkri with BP & OG. Had clean main free action for over an hour. Eventually Rage decided to make an appearance in 1 item. After 2 hours of domination we were the last clan standing. Thanks Blunt Purez and Onslaught for the fun event, and stay easy Rage.
  7. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Massed up around ~40 Legacy members for a f2p preparation war vs Fatality today. Dominated both our attacking, and pk run in rounds to take home the win. Strong performance to all LY members, and appreciate Fi for the battle. Latino Nick KFC
  8. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Massed up around ~ 30 LY to take on Foe for a p2p prep, they decided to start randomly attacking people in the portal. Asked Rage for a p2p fight, they massed up 25 to fight us. Gf Rage. @KillaPOV: @WOLF POV: @DAVID POV:
  9. Clan Chat: OG Pub || Discord: https://discord.gg/jJE5R5 || Teamspeak3: onslaught.ts3clans.com Onslaught massed up 25 gorillas for our pkri against Blunt Purez and Apex. Blunt Purez pulled a bit low for being mostly GMT so us and BP teamed up. We left with 42 Stoned Gorillas. We had a solid 2 hours of action against Apex. Eventually a bunch of mains came and we just dipped out because its was just a cancer fest. Thank you for the action Apex!
  10. We were approached by Blunt Pures for a P2P PKRI, We gladly accepted and massed up 30 Zenith Warriors. We met BP at CA and the fight started there, We fought for close to a hour. Completely clean action pure vs pure. We held the advantage for the majority of the fight. The fight moved from CA to corp and back and forth. Eventually BP called off returning. We caught a fall in and thanked BP for the fight.
  11. "Rs Zenith" Clan Chat - The #1 Pure PKing Clan We got word that LY set up an EST rev event for tonight after we ended them during GMT times earlier. At 8pm EST they massed up 25 new recruits to our 53 shooters only to end 22 minutes later. We logged in on them south and fully cleared them in 30 seconds. Second hit was while they were running down the corridor we logged in & gwased and deleted every single person. One idiot named "revtard" panicked and tried running south to tele but got smited for elder maul instead LOL. They got a regroup and went back up to get full cleared 3 more times after this before they ended. All in the span of 22 minutes. Never forget, these are OUR caves and you're not allowed to enter. Stay EZ Faggots.
  12. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Massed up around 25 Legacy and later on peaking around ~35 members to absolutely farm zenith inside drag pit until we forced them to run down to 30 line and teleport out. Just a farm fest these guys love suciding into their superiors. Awesome job to all LY for killing this propaganda clan. Latino
  13. "Rs Zenith" Clan Chat - The #1 Pure PKing Clan We heard Legashit was out with 17 people, so we massed up 43 Shooters and farmed them for an hour. We rushed them inside Revs, were we fully cleared them. We pushed them all the way north east, and then killed them in singles for about 15 minutes. Afterwards they ran south into Rev Caves, were we cleared them again. They chased north to dragon pit, were we farmed them for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, they were fully cleared from the map. Stay EZ Faggots. Video Explains Everything.
  14. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord After Zenith massed up to hit a 15 man LY rev trip we quickly massed up 60 Spartans with 1 mass poke. Zenith were nowhere to be seen as we waited at CA & Revs for an entire hour until they massed up enough opts along with help from a few common associates as you'll see below. After an hour of trying to mass up enough people they finally teled up and we logged on top of them and completely destroyed them. A 20 man main clan rushed us as we were clearing them at north wall so we moved the fight to NW pocket and once again got a full clear on them. They started returning to drag pit so for the next 1 hour 30 minutes we farmed these retards for their entire return tab. After 90 minutes of abusing these retards they completely gave up hope and only their mains were returning in rag gear. We dipped with 50 Spartans in game and laughed at the 20 Zenith sitting at Edgebank. Fucking idiots you will never, EVER be able to compete. Videos Coming Soon...
  15. Being the most active clan we are we had 15 Zenith Revenant Shooters PKing when we heard Legacy was massing to attempt to PK. We quickly intercepted and massed up 60 Zenith Pures to go fuck our rivals in the wilderness. We quickly got spread and waited for Legashit to enter our caves, We quickly postioned northwest and caught all of Legacy in the biggest clump the pure community has ever seen. We continued to barrage and quickly sent 40 Legacy to edgeville. Ill let the pictures say 1000 words. We LET them attempt to fight back this time, It didnt work however. We cleared them inside the rev caves and forced them to run north west and eventually into dragon pits. Once inside dragon pit the went to work absolutely farming through Legashit and their mains. Within 30 minutes Legashit was broken. For over the next several hours, Legacy got deleted and reduced to 1 item/mains/rag. Even with several clans helping them and a joint clan chat with Rage members they decided to TAP OUR AGAIN. You will never beat us. Zenith Wins again. Video explains it all
  16. After we broke our rivals at CA x10 Yesterday,Today we knew they had no fucking chance. We massed up 110 Zenith Pures and peaked at over 115 Zenith Members for our Sunday trip. Unfortunately just like the previous 6 Sunday trips, Legacy couldn't muster up enough members to fight us. They constantly fled from us the entire trip and had a singles trip. https://i.gyazo.com/fb301c5ce19894efe752725344308371.mp4 We were spread around Sperm waiting for clans to enter multi, We saw that rage decided to get a spread at graveyard. We quickly came from the east and started barraging and tbing all of them we could. Rage instantly teleported out and we cleaned up the stragglers and went back to sperm. We heard BP was at bandits spread, We quickly logged in on top of them and started being super aggressive. We cleared them up and heard Legacy was in singles, We quickly hopped to 5 of their random worlds and cleared them up, Forced them to teleport to Edgeville. We heard BP and Apex were fighting west of GDZ, We teleported up and rushed west with 110 Pures. We quickly got a north to south and hit both clans as we went west. We cleared up both clans as we moved west through them. Once both clans were cleared up we walked down to mossies and quickly went to hit something else. We heard Rage was fighting at FOG, We quickly positioned south and went to hit them. We instead found FOE rushing and caught them with barrages as they were moving east, We cleared them up and then rushed east and killed the Rage stragglers and Hydra stragglers. We heard Valor was fighting at bandits we logged in north of them and started hitting them south, We cleared them up as a couple stragglers ran into singles. Fatality teleported up to bandits with 50 and got caught in a massive clump. We laughed at them as we barraged and tbed every single FI member. We cleared them up and then teleported to the bank. We logged in on top of 60 Legacy in singles, We caught Tb's and cleared up everyone we caught. We cleared them up and teleported to the bank and laughed at them once again. We heard Supremacy was fighting Fatality at CA, We came from the north and instantly met FOE. We started hitting everything when Legacy came from the north we instantly caught them in a massive box and laughed as we barraged them and cleared them all up. We turned around on every clan that came. Damage Control, Apex. We ended up clearing everything in the world and teleported to edge and thanked everyone for the fights. We had intel a fight was about to go down at FOG. we quickly rushed FOG from the northwest and found Fatality rushed south. We caught them in a couple clumps and they teleported out. We continued to push south and found Hydra, We started fighting them and eventually cleared them up. We moved north and were rushed by Damage Control who instantly got in a massive clump. We wrapped around them and cleared them up. We continued to go north and found Fatality who rerushed us and instantly teleported out again. We then turned around and found Valor south of the tree's west of sperm. We hit all of them and cleared them up. We heard something was about to go down at graveyard. We quickly moved from the south and found FOE clearing LY. We instantly killed the remaining LY and then turned around on FOE. We started fighting FOE and BP came from the west and crashed. We got super aggressive on FOE and forced them to teleport out. We turned around on BP and cleared them up. Once they were cleared up we looted and went to bank. 104 Zenith Ends 52 Legacy - 4:32PM EST | 1:32PM PST | 7:32PM GMT @Swat @Codi POV Blunt Pures for Toxic Staff Blunt Pures for Elder Maul Legacy for Ballista PK
  17. Valor peaked at 53 on this fine day and maintained around 45-50 the entire trip. Had many fights with Supremacy and Onslaught also featuring: DC,FI,SF,Z Bryan POV: Nishi POV:
  18. Valor prepared for a skate off against some Gorillas and Weebs but unfortunately they didn't pull up. We decided to pull up to the skate park unannounced with 43 skaters ready to kick flip over the competition. We rolled up seeing Supremacy, Apex, and Fatality doing some sick grinds off the rail so we decided to do hella 1080's over their bitch asses over the pond south of the 13 Ports. After shock and aweing them into singles multiple times, we saw the judges give us strict 10s across the board and rolled out of there after we finished our round. After realizing that we qualified for the finals for the Pure Warfare Skateboard Freestyle competition, we were faced up against Supremacy in the finals. Fatality being jealous of being outclassed for a brand new clan decided to hit Supremacy before we could get to them. After some quick kick flips and handplants, we pushed Fatality to singles as retribution for interrupting our show down. We showed up for our final showdown against Supremacy. After quickly gaining the upper hand over these gamers with our sick tricks on the quarterpipe, Fatality got jealous once again and tried to crash. These skaters don't even know how to kickflip and we pushed them out of the fight easily. Video by @r g We make our official appearance to F2P in 2 weeks! If you want to get in on the action, intro today!
  19. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Legacy left G.E. on this glorious Sunday with 80 Spartans later peaking at 95. We set out to destroy each and every team-29 cape in our sight, and achieved that + MORE: Latino Fucked everyone today.
  20. Clan Chat: OG Pub || Discord: https://discord.gg/jJE5R5 || Teamspeak3: onslaught.ts3clans.com On this beautiful Sunday Onslaught pulled 54 Gorillas later peaking at 58. We had some great action against Supremacy, Valor, Fatality, Blunt Pures, Hydra, Terminal, Damage Control and Special Forces. Thank you for the action homies! Sadly the weeb clan decided to do out of game stuff to an Onslaught member. This is a personal announcement to Irrelevant Outcasts. Do out of game shit again and I'm going to close your fucking clan. Onslaught vs Supremacy Started off early with a clean 1v1 vs Supremacy. Got the upper hand of the fight and get Supremacy to 25 down in game. Eventually Valor crashed and Fatality followed them right after. We teleported out and got a regroup. Thanks for the actions homies. Onslaught vs Damage Control + Hydra Heard that Damage Control and Hydra were fighting at FOG. Logged in and legit erased both clans off the map. Onslaught vs Valor Got a fight against Valor at East Bandits. We rushed in and within 30 seconds of fighting Fatality crashed from the South. Valor teleported out and we fought Fatality for a bit. Eventually the entire community came and we teleported out. Onslaught vs Terminal A little birdie told me that Terminal was at Bandits. We rushed in and cleared them out within seconds. Laughed at them at the bank they logged out we followed them and laughed again. Onslaught vs Cluster Most of the pure scene was at sperm hill. Rushed in and fought Valor, blunt pures and Damage Control for a bit. Onslaught vs Cluster Everyone was fighting at FOG we logged in and got some action against Valor, Terminal, Hydra and DC. Onslaught vs Hydra + Special Forces Got word that SF and Hydra were fighting at fog. Legit rushed in and exploded both clans. laughed at them at lumberyard tele and teleported out.
  21.   Rage peaked at 65 Bears for our Sunday P2P Trip and once again it seemed like there weren't any fights unless the boys in T9 started them despite multiple other clans pulling upwards of 85 yet too afraid to fight each other. This resulted in a bunch of quick clusters and small hits throughout the trip. TLDR: We POWN'd in both singles and multi just as we did yesterday, fighting almost every clan in the scene at some point or another. Thanks to all the lads that showed up and thanks for the fights yall!
  22.   Rage peaked at 67 Bears for our F2P Saturday own and had a pretty eventful trip as we maintained 60/65 throughout. We started the trip off by hitting Apex just south off graves, Apex pulled north and we began to cycle however the fight didn't last long as we walked to P13's in a bid to get Apex to come multi however they chose not to - GF. The next hit was a fight between Sup/Fi at 13's - multiple clans hit at the same time from different angles so we pulled it east to singles and we were followed by Final Pigeons - They appeared to want a singles fight but they barely lasted 20 minutes before they realised it was a fight they were never going to win - they ran away. Fight number three we rushed Apex at Ca, having a numbers advantage we made pretty light work of them as we pushed them to ghost hut to ca as they ran laps in a bid to get some returns in - After dominating the fight for it's entirety, Final Pigeons crashed and moved northwest to graves with our victory. Apex decided to follow us to singles, clearly upset with our AFK check from the week prior - we battled them in singles before moving the fight east - we again made light work of the Sharks before Final Pigeons crashed again and we left with our victory to get a bank. Next we found Supremacy fighting Valor at castle so we logged in to own both however they ran to singles. Zenith also had the same Idea and despite them having 90 in game we decided to take them on with 60 Bears, they ran towards tele spot and we cycled with them for a while before they moved east towards a new venture. The remainder of the hits were versus Apex, mostly us cycling in multi and them on singles line due to our opt advantage. Thanks for the fights dudes and thanks to all the Bears that showed up 
  23. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Today the cold blooded death row murderers set out with 90 Spartans later peaking at 100 as we continue the mass execution of Zenith Only fought Zenith and Foe whole trip for 4 hours and the only challenge was Foe as Zenith kept getting farmed at CA whenever we fought them till help arrived gf gamers. It was a real shame when Zenith decided to call it quits running from graves to ditch to end their torment after 4 hours. It was probably the most one sided affair that has existed in clanning history with multiple 2v1s till the end. 1k pictures below gl no spoilers wuu2 do something enjoy scrolling faggots '
  24. Coming off an amazing week that saw us Win a F2P Prep against Supremacy, One,Two,Three Clears on our Rivals. We massed up 90 Zenith Pures and peaked at 100 Zenith Pures for our F2P Saturday trip. Our rivals unfortunately only massed up the same amount as us, As we both know they would need 3X as many as us to compete with the unmovable, untouchable, Kings of CA. 90 Zenith vs 95 Legacy 30 Mains FT. Final Ownage Elites We waited at Chaos alter for our dogshit rivals to get enough meds/mains to hit us. Being up 40 accounts Legacy felt safe to rush us. We held our ground even with the onslaught of mains we defended CA and completely started going to work on Legacy. With amazing positioning we continuously transitioned through LY. FOE crashed after 30 Minutes of us being in complete control and started clearing out the LY mains. LY tried to mass return to Corp. Once we rushed Corp Sam LY's disgruntled leader screamed to "Run west" "logout". Zenith vs Fatality We heard Fatality was waiting around inside black knight fortress in P2P. Being the big dicked warriors we are we logged in south of them and went to hit their DD. They instantly got one banged or teleported out, Once they were cleared up we logged out. Zenith vs Rage After we cleared up Fatality we hopped into Rage's world and started hitting them in multi, We tried to lure the fight to bandit camp but Rage wouldn't move 5 steps away from singles. We fought for some time and then scimmed them. They instantly went back to singles, We laughed at them and moved east to hit something else. Zenith vs Legacy & Rage After we cleared up Rage we went to hit Legacy who stepped into multi. We came from the south and hit them at corp and instantly forced them to run into singles. Once they were in singles we laughed at them and moved east. We were east when Rage logged in north. We instantly rushed them and sent main clan #2 into singles. We then moved south towards CA. Zenith vs Final Ownage Elites FT. Legacy After we cleared up both the main clans, The pure clans began to fight. We rushed FOE at corp and instantly started fighting. FOE held their ground and moved the fight to CA. We held a number advantage for several minutes before FOE brought it back. We held CA and transitioned back and forth to the teleport spot. Legacy crashed and both clans turned their focus on them. Within seconds Legacy was forced to run north and eventually move into singles for another regroup. Zenith vs Final Ownage Elites We heard Legacy was at 18 Ports, We quickly logged in on top of them and sent them fleeing west into singles and logging out. FOE started hitting us from behind so we went to 13 ports where we would turn around on FOE. We instantly held a numbers advantage and started hitting FOE east. We got super aggressive and scimmed their backlines. Within minutes we had a 20 Cape lead and never looked back. After some time FOE ran far east and we stayed at 13 Ports. Zenith vs Final Ownage Elites FT. Legacy We turned around on FOE who rushed us at CA and we started turning up the heat. We fought FOE for several minutes with us holding a 10-15 man lead. FOE had amazing returning and movements. We continued to transition around CA. LY crashed midway through and we pulled west. Once west we started catching every single LY member with binds and one hitting through them, Within 2 minutes LY was cleared and it was just Zenith and FOE. We turned around on FOE who rerushed us at CA. The fight would turn into us clearing Legacy and then resuming with FOE. We pushed LY to corp hill where eventually they would move into singles. Once in singles we pulled back south to CA caught pray and went to bank. @Bday POV
  25. First Round - Win 25 Start 20 - Valor 0 - Terminal Second Round - Win 26 Start 18 - Valor 0 - Terminal Third Round - Lose 27 Start 0 - Valor 9 - Terminal @r g @rly @Jackal @H2K
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