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  1. @Murd Where to next l00000000000000000000l
  2. LOL Gj sup Looks like terror needed to call rev today but they were busy getting the stomp as well heheheh
  3. 20210116_190725.jpg

    1. barcode leader

      barcode leader

      didnt you try to sell your clans admin because you had a mental breakdown over a paint game?

  4. l0000l ly stood around and got bodied like punching bags from everyone today yikes no wonder why david skipped
  5. On this Wednesday, Zenith massed up 25 Mountain Men for our scheduled F2P Prep against Supremacy. After a break from f2p preps, we came back well prepared and got the clean victory 2-0 GF boys. Round One Zenith Ending: 50 Supremacy Ending: 45 Round Two Zenith Ending: 50 Supremacy Ending: 35
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