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  1. Your entire team name, gfx, and idea was mine in 2019 lmfao nice one!
  2. Interesting team name and gfx... Next time i suggest you come up with something of your own and not steal other work from previous clans/teams heh.
  3. Seems like onslaught is trying to defend more then ly ranks that have viewed this topic (still avoiding btw).
  4. Yo man careful when you leave LY next, they might ddos you at events!
  5. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD We massed up 20+ P2P Gods to take on this new clan wars team Undisputed. We won 2-1 Sets with some close and competitive rounds, was fun GF boys. It's very sad how Legacy ranks stooped so low to ddos multiple Ex-LY members/ranks on both sides at the event today. Off is nfs. @Whipz @deadz
  6. All talk no action.. Whats the excuse this time LY?


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