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  1. Fi always running from fights even when they had more opts lmfao shit clan. Just like how they were pre eoc.

  2. Meanwhile FI is pking at rune rocks Zenith is having gdz pkri's l000000000l

    1. NL_Ronald


      big avoiders than ly lmaoo how is that even possible

  3. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Pure Clan We found Onslaught out at lavas with a couple we quickly cleared them up and than asked them for a fight. We massed up 20 Zenith and slowly gained to 24 Zenith Members. We logged in south of Onslaught and started pushing them north. We got super aggressive with specs and started derailing through OG. We started pushing them east to GDZ and started transitioning through them. OG kept returning and the fight raged on for about 20 minutes. We took a advantage in game and never looked back. With a finally quick KO's we fully cleared up Onslaught and took our ending at GDZ. Goodfight OG.
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