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  1. A Millii

    Legends never die

    Mayhem was like some end battlescape era prep clan
  2. A Millii

    Top 3 pure clans of all time?

    I don't really like foe but they were definitely better than eop talking preeoc and 07 combined. 1. mm 2. foe 3.eop/fi
  3. Wonder why.. you're in the easiest bracket fighting broccoli clans lol Hmu when you're on big daddy dooms level.
  4. I would make Envy an Lpc and actually be relevant. Oh wait nvm... doom would close you.. Stay in your little xlpc scene pussy boy
  5. P2p definitely but i love F2p aswell.. have to have both to be satisfied. But i prefer P2p.
  6. A Millii

    clan wars [D]oom Vs [O]ut[B]urst | F2P Prep | 2-1

  7. A Millii

    UnBiased Opinion: FOE Vs DOOM "Rivalry"

    dude says unbiased opinion yet is completly bias lmao
  8. xlpc noone cares but you and ur 2 friends @lmao spastic
  9. A Millii

    Feel bad for BT

    yo @Don Elmir @lmao spastic grow a nut sack and move up to lpc, come play with the big dogs envy sucks btw
  10. A Millii

    Where will they go?

    Why do you talk brown sticky stuff about every other clan? When they've all literally accomplished x10 what you're even capable of??
  11. A Millii

    lpc Looking for pure clan accepting 15 Prayer

    Damn CPR old school brown sticky stuff
  12. A Millii

    I Got A Riddle

    "noone likes you"