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  1. Mayhem was like some end battlescape era prep clan
  2. I don't really like foe but they were definitely better than eop talking preeoc and 07 combined. 1. mm 2. foe 3.eop/fi
  3. Wonder why.. you're in the easiest bracket fighting broccoli clans lol Hmu when you're on big daddy dooms level.
  4. I would make Envy an Lpc and actually be relevant. Oh wait nvm... doom would close you.. Stay in your little xlpc scene pussy boy
  5. P2p definitely but i love F2p aswell.. have to have both to be satisfied. But i prefer P2p.
  6. dude says unbiased opinion yet is completly bias lmao
  7. yo @Don Elmir @lmao spastic grow a nut sack and move up to lpc, come play with the big dogs envy sucks btw
  8. Why do you talk brown sticky stuff about every other clan? When they've all literally accomplished x10 what you're even capable of??
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