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  1. maximum suffercation

  2. Best of luck LP, gfx is dope . Isn't there some Liths in Brigada too? (i don't know Brigada's history so I have no idea)
  3. Could never understand why clans would want to bring rivalries or anything Runescape related outside of Runescape itself lol. It's pretty fucked up to think about all the information one can release about said person(s) if they're trusted enough and know IRL shit about them. Bring back the days where this shit didn't exist and there were regular clanners who'd rather have fun than legit message said person(s) moms over Facebook.
  4. I don't get this statement at all, you sound upset/bothered that another clan is pulling similar opts to Final Ownage Elite, and instead of being like "hey this is fun let's keep fighting" , you're legit crying about action in 2019.
  5. it's the hill in which Chrish, Ir0ny, Age, Acid and Murky all live
  6. Loot infested pk trip, looked like a solid night for UB
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