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  1. Maybe i'm blind or ignorant but I haven't seen you guys pull this high since the Sup vs Rage rivalry, good job guys action looked squeaky clean
  2. just need more practice and fun events like this for the clan to strive and get better, ty for the fun fights those first couple of rounds were pretty sick
  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who caught onto this l000l but that's gold man, not even mad i laughed irl, your mfin tactics Spiral
  4. hope my old Ruin boys are doing well over in Legacy
  5. just sounds like people having fun non bias, who the fuck was that in Rage tho l0l
  6. Good bait, but The Gangster is in Foe haha Also, ironic that you guys talk shit about paying for recruits when your staff did the exact same thing when they opened l0l (sorry ik you just joined recently James to stop the bleeding so you're unaware of your own situation, btw was ez killing Sup whilst being Rage) This topic is basically who took the most screenshots to make it seem like you won, when all you did was login whenever Zenith and Foe were fighting, and then it turned into a 2v1 against us lmfao You'd think with 20 mains you could do something in the wilderness
  7. You could've filled out your clanning resume or the clans you've attempted to open and it would've been funnier m8
  8. LY is doggo lmao, thanks for clearing that up for all the doubters
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