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  1. yes but the other clans were hitting us ly council and hc in ur capes lol dc was on both but ly was helping u forsure its w/e tho bro just a pkri
  2. so you said you would have won but this is why u lost?i thought u were gonna claim the win l000l make up your mind ide claim the winner too if i didnt suicide for an hour but u did lol
  3. are u retarded bro ly was in your cape helping u and dc was sniping the fight as a whole we had nobody in our cape you did and as my commrads said u suicided to us for an hour so its w/e your returns and the fight were lost last night for outrage time to propaganda it up today because u cant take an l you even said yourself we were up 60% of the fight and im gonna change chat number to 75 80 seeing as u had 15-17 to our 28 for 3/4 the fights kids on runescape really cant hold L's lol i swear thats the whole reason sharkbrew was made so u can propaganda what really happens just a intenet warrior keyboard defense site You know exactly what happened ingame.
  4. its expected lol just look how fi is doing gotta hype the member somehow and im also surprised that fi still think they good in clw after ls like these
  5. gz u killed moni for 37m n got a bonor enjoy dont see avernic tho in any screenies or anything else so just gonna say ur propaganda'ing there
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