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  1. slave all i did was goto shit and now the niggas have no forums and just one item(on weekends too) lol who dun it
  2. lol imagine not having a site tell mercy to whip the rugpull money out for nox it really aint that much
  3. l000l no way apeg + rot + z mass got scouted l0l00l who dun it edit:like theres actually no way l0l00l
  4. this is exactly what i told my friends at apex hq they knew they would get smoked if they didnt prep harder this nigga tried to say they pulled 35 alone l0ll @ANTI APEX COUNSELORyour just new its fine but ull see u need to prep harder to have an impact
  5. lol nice caps i bet u were upset when u pmed ur friends in zenith and they wouldnt remove me you have no power not in zenith or in apex keep crying to me you victim
  6. they had 70 on vid but whats this about stay easy @Nerdy
  7. i really wonder who is making all these bad decisions for apex never seen them get farmed this bad till as of recent

  8. cant go weekends even u know that from apex but sure lets lie like we always do in apex
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