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  1. apoc dead join noxi today for a way out
  2. Erase

    Noxious vs. Onsight - 11v11 F2P Mini (3-0)

    noxi wins again apoc dead
  3. maybe the reason u lose fights up is because control doesnt have arrows idk bro something is wrong no reason u should lose up 5-10 and u had 13+ no matter what
  4. watch your vids then lol the proof is what you recorded on your own computer screen ealier DF this nigga on about l00 nigga lost up 15
  5. nigga you got cleared what? when we were 1v1ing rd in singles u had 4 ingame u were done lol 30 to 4 and those 4 were the doom not even at the fight lol give up bro u lost up opts today its bound to happen in a sf/pkru clan look at your leadership, no scratch that im sorry watch your weekend vids l000l should provide some clarity
  6. bro i am not even trying to flame but wtf is that vid lol its starts with yall bsing then,control doesnt have arrows the other half of the vid like wtf is this guy doing lol isnt he supposed to be the leader HOLY FUCK LOL
  7. bro its almost 4am goto bed im sorry you got smoked with 5 doom in your cape quite embarrassing i know,trust me you dont have to tell me twice lol how do you lose 30v15?oh yea because your with control pker open your eyes freak