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  1. looks like the 12 u massed up here buddy did nothing but make you flock to the brew with caps lock on looks like this event really proved apex is dead since u couldnt evn end fi/ly l0l
  2. l0l cept when he left to bed after getting smite bridded by matched opts 2-0 "fuck this fucking clan" and its all on 4k recording by stally l000l he dun it EDIT:just watched vids and u guys got farmed rofl 5teel died so many times he had 1 item dscim and u were in full black LMFAO cant believe u made this topic umad?
  3. slave all i did was goto shit and now the niggas have no forums and just one item(on weekends too) lol who dun it
  4. lol imagine not having a site tell mercy to whip the rugpull money out for nox it really aint that much
  5. l000l no way apeg + rot + z mass got scouted l0l00l who dun it edit:like theres actually no way l0l00l
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