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  1. Erase

    Despite everything....

    i mean apex never brought mains and fom is notorious for it atm... so yes i am blaming them they dont call them fom for nothing
  2. ijs sunday you used mains and lost 😕 unlucky i guess JK EMBARRASSING was not hard
  3. Erase

    some1 update me plz

    I mean Dude if apex ever goes to ditch go ahead n claim it rofl we wouldnt even be attackable at that point but we returned ca and corp lv 13-21...mains and everybody could hit us....
  4. Erase

    some1 update me plz

    over 100 on ts so tell me why u couldnt get over 45 EVEN 50 on the cape counter at ditch with ATLEAST what 5-10 sup kids in your cape aswell as raggers/lv3s in cape you guys were forced out of the wilderness rofl we literally cant even attack you there??how does that mean you won the fight lol anyone can afk at ditch buddy face it u had 25-30 of your own people left IF THAT sitting OUTSIDE the wildy while we were sitting on top of you with 100 spamming Open your eyes
  5. lol not only were you in a foe cape but your own leader was in a foe cape lmfao and u guys couldnt even get more then 40 ingame rofl get smoked
  6. l0l? half your clan was there at the ditch in foe capes and you still couldnt get foes cape counter above 45 but hey you tried right? gf retards 100 sharks 8 hours later remember that fo
  7. lol you and foe members were sitting OUTSIDE the wildy for over an hour lol maybe if u wouldnt of hugged ditch the fight could have continued
  8. Erase

    lol stop killing urself

    ya i mean foe sucking tannies dick so ya ofc he gonna help em
  9. imagine being a snipe team in 2019 you have fun running to singles all day @DilL? why waste your time on the game in general l0l
  10. they are delusional lol " You wonder why apex is so shit, they have members like you +1 no quality." hope this is a bait lol because no clan can beat us atm?? def no qaulity! Edit:stop piping up fh and focus on ur pulls lmfao shouldnt be proud of having to be a snipe team for years cuz yall balls at recruiting
  11. Erase

    lol stop killing urself

    ok you guys sound salt "lets forget about the numerous clans that closed into foe over the years and lets just flame apex" go outside retards your losing on a game you play so much on lmfao time to find a new hobby
  12. another easy midweek from the noxi clan
  13. Erase

    foe lobby trip

    lmfao we using sb to put you fake propaganda spewing loser's in your place nice pull today buddy
  14. no need to talk shit retard apex is all about results nice p2p trip loser bet it felt bad to log off ur main today Using mains n still cant compete lmfao dogshit clan