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  1. lmfao tryna gas urself up when u know ur leadership is full of breakers ur pulling 30- and not even wearing ur own cape l0l very solid shawn
  2. keep type on here while ur clan dies lmfao all members/ranks finally leaving ur dogshit leadership crumble crumble....
  3. lol leave it to shawn to publicly cry about ur pull on voice smh
  4. lol shawn and will so inexperienced after so many years yikes second or third inners crashed in last 2 weeks gl explaining that to ur members commenting on the brew all day bet they wish they had clean events l0l
  5. Ofcourse these propaganda driven terror dogs we're not ready for us and we perfected them twice in a row. lol couldnt of said it any better wonder where shawn is and his 5 fake accounts to comment on this l loc terror doggies
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