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  1. Crusher

    Regarding the Pure Community

    Clanning got out of the hand. Everyone are grown up man now. Ppl take the game to serious, leaders arent capable of making the right decisions for the whole clans sake. Clans use propoganda and lies to set their members against other clans. Clans rather starve eachother from action or use scummy techniques to win. Jagex doesnt give two fucks about the pure scene. And kids rather play other games now then a rng based game wich takes 1000+ hours to JUST get a good account.
  2. Crusher

    Oh hi CD

    Havent bought food for 2 weeks and im still wearing the clothes i had 2 years ago. Time to open a clan and get some free 10m - ace krave 2018
  3. Crusher

    pure Rip

    Watch them all crawl to foe now
  4. Crusher

    Why does nobody post on here.

    Rs pure clanning is over. Go find urself another game
  5. Who the fuck wants to pure clan nowadays. Fkn retarded
  6. Crusher

    It's not rocket science

    The essays here are to cringe man. This is exactly why pure clanning is dead bc some geeks take it more seriously then their real life. Sad times
  7. Crusher

    It's not rocket science

    Lmao. I love how eop is acting like they never brought mains b4 and are just using them to "retaliate". Everyone knows eop is the lowest tier clan out there for the past 3 years without any achievements except winning a gdz figth with 100 mains
  8. Crusher

    How Desperate?

    Smelly chairs
  9. Crusher

    In all honestly

    Eop still havent achieved anything without mains... nothing new tbf
  10. Poor eop members ..... still havent achieved anything against foe without mains
  11. Im 6 defence. Does this mean that anyone over 5 def are cut out of clanning? Might wanna make it 1-9 or 1-20
  12. Crusher

    pure eop lpc scene golden era b

    Dome btw
  13. Crusher

    Envy loc?

    Rumours go Hassan and Elmir are offerin goats