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  1. Intel told me clumpa/bc stole alot of og members (hence why flower closed the clan) and rage is slowly merging with vennie clan heroes and doesnt pk under their own name anymore!
  2. Wonder why @barcode leaderhas been so silent last week? Hope u obey your leaders command to go recruit since ur clan died l0000l

  3. AT this point rage leadership gave up on their own cland and are stuck pking with vennies (heroes) or slave barrage for clumpa instead of going out with their own community. This is why their own ranks (active members) are leaving/going active and they stuck with big belly simp turkish wolf as ranks lmao
  4. If he would put the same effort in his clan as he did on sb his shit clan coulda stayed shit instead of being closed lmao
  5. We closed your clan and in return you bump our topics, we appreciate that! If you ever need help dealing with the closure of OG (closed by zenith) feel free to pm any zenith rank!
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