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  1. Damn looks like venom got absolutely demoralized. Gj blowpipe!
  2. Perfect account to join rage!
  3. Just watched the end of the pov ( while i was live there). Why the pov stops randomly while the fight was still going on. Oh yh u dipped l00l
  4. Gratz! As one of our best and most dedicated fan (who does just like i tell him to) u can get your free signature of a rank ! Make a choice and hit me up on disc
  5. Alot of fanboys like @barcode [email protected] [email protected] begging for [email protected] my topic like the good dogs they are ! 1 more bump and u can get a signature of our fav rank
  6. Alot of fanboys bumping the winners topic. Feelsgood being z
  7. Gotta say control is all in his right here. Seems like slush doesn't give a fk about doxing lol.
  8. Pure clan Zenith slapping main/med clan rage!
  9. Heard rev is moving over to the xlpc scene after getting cucked in the main and pure scene. Wishing them the best of luck

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