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  1. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD Last Weekend we officially closed the Pure Community with over half the clans cancelling their trips for consecutive weekends and starving their members throughout the week. Zenith however has produced the richest week in the clan's history racking well over a billion gp in plus ones over a 5 day span, While still victimizing all remaining #Anti-Zenith clans in the wilderness. Today like we always do we massed up 55 peaking 61 Zenith Warriors and headed out in P2P for our Sunday Trip. We spent this trip hunting every single clan who stepped foot in the wilderness and clapped them out. NL Ronald's POV Travis's POV Dozin's POV We heard Fatality was about to try to rush a fight at boneyard, We went to intercept and once they rushed we logged in and pushed south and instantly started eating the shit out of them. We pushed them far east towards corp and eventually fully cleared them up. Once at corp we rushed north and went to boneyard and cleared the remaining stragglers and caught a spam before teleporting out and banking our loot. We were waiting for any clan to step into multi and we heard of random doggies at CA that needed to be cleared up, We logged in at CA and started barraging north and instantly banged out everyone and pushed them west into singles. Once they were all in singles we headed to another hit at bandits and hit Hydra in singles. Final Ownage Elites & Apex were at boneyard about to fight, We quickly GWASED Revenant for the third time and ran north to boneyard and started hitting both clans. We started pushing north and cleared up everything and eventually went south towards corp and started fighting again. We spent the next 10 minutes constantly GWASing Irrelevant everytime they stepped foot in the wilderness in multi. We blew up Hydra who was hugging singles and we exploded Legacy and eventually once everything was cleared at CA we caught a bank. We spent the last 30 minutes of our trip repeatedly GWASing Revenant while echoing their audio live to our teamspeak, Everytime they left singles we ran in and barrage them in massive clumps. We did this over and over and over again and fully wiped them ingame numerous times. We laughed at them and their dogshit callers who seemed extremely depressed constantly having to teleport out on rush and parish while naked. Once they called it quits we caught a spam at CA and ended our trip.
  2. You mean when we logged in on you at new gate and barraged you in a fall in? LMFAO
  3. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD We set a goal at the beginning of the year.... a goal we have so far achieved and maintained the entirety of 2022. Today once again proved our greatness, Having taken every clan before's anniversaries including Legacy, Terror, Final Ownage Elites, Fatality, and now Supremacy. A clan that has disappeared from the game and decided to have what some can expect their last anniversary. We massed up 50 Zenith Members and went to fight them for our P2P Sunday. This weekend every dead #Anti-Zenith clan decided to cancel like "Blunt Pures & "Fatality" both have become extremely broken fragments of their former self's. We spent the entire trip fighting Supremacy and friends since they were the only clan that pulled remotely similar to us. Legacy & Mesly once again for the 17th weekend trip in a row spanning over 2 years joined "Mesly30" CC and had their "Pure" Trip in a venny CC. We heard some clans were working their way up to boneyard, So we sprinted from the GE north and were the first ones there. We caught a huge spread and waited for over 5 clans to rush us. Revenant + Blunt Pures + Mesly + Legacy + Clumpa, all in the same clan chat waiting to rush us from the west. 3 Of the doggy clans rushed from the west and instantly started getting exploded on the south side near the treeline. Revenant logged in east in a massive clump like they always do and got deleted in seconds, Our teamspeak exploded with laughter like the clumps exploded with barrage. Once they were cleared up we rushed south and cleared up the remaining opts in the wilderness. We setup against Supremacy and rushed them at boneyard from the south, We wrapped on the east side and started barraging them west. We began to transition east when Revenant logged in a box and we started clearing them up. We moved southeast and Final Ownage Elites logged in and we started barraging through both clans. We transitioned on the east side and had a strong return unit from corp, Once we had full opts in game we cleared everything up and waited at CA for anyone to rush us but they never came so we caught a bank. We rushed boneyard once again and started pushing Supremacy on the south side, Every clan decided to join in the fight in Supremacy capes and the fight moved south towards 18 ports and corp. Once at corp this is where we completely dominated, We ran circles around all the clans who showed up. We GWASED Revenant again and worked our way towards corp and reverse GWAS'D Legacy when they tried to rush into multi. We cleared up the entire wilderness and sat at CA waiting for anyone to rush us. We cleared everything left in multi and wrapped up our trip the undisputed kings of P2P.
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