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  1. Lonesome aren't you supposed to be dead? Go back to resting in piss you dero cunt
  2. Yea runs is a degenerate with 0 integrity. This is why I never joined DC and will never join Apex with him.
  3. Ashhes unblocked me on instagram then she messaged me and asked how i was
  4. Ask exo control to come back and help me
  5. Introduction Purge was started by a non-toxic, very close knit group of friends with the sole intention of enjoying the game and to create an excellent, lasting community. Our main goal is to focus on both aspects of P2P, Clanwars & Wilderness. We aim to perform at high standards and expect our members to operate at a high quality level. Something to note, we do not allow multi-clanning, trolls, toxic people and racists. Here is an invitation to the discord https://discord.gg/fWE8GYpeFJ Media
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaPHeJLYoEw&t=152s
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