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  1. @LonesomeIdgaf i'd fight them down 15 40v55 and still clear them off the map. The point is, they will avoid at all cost even with all the advantages i've been handing out to them these last weeks. Its cringe asf
  2. @drozeWe all knew that you was gonna avoid anyway, this is pure entertainment seeing you squeak like the rat that you are. Hope you ever decide to find the balls and fight us in clan wars where you can't run. I'm telling you right now, we fight you down 15 we would still win the fight thats how shit of a leader you are looooooooooooool
  3. What is your clan's name?: Venom What is your clan rank, and provide proof of it: The name of the clan you are declaring against: Jumpshit Fight type: P2P ft.100 /prep wildy gear (JS doesn't have max gear sets) cap at min 40 opts. Insert any motivational message(if any): Ever since Jump poop has dared to step foot in the wilderness, all they have been doing is talk shit. They avoid us at all cost and always camp CA due to their low lvl 70 bots who will get exploaded if we would actually be able to hit them. I've been trying to setup this event for weeks now but all i am getting is avoid from this retarded leader @droze. Time to show what you're made of by doing this first to 100 or prep in purple portal where you can't hide from our members. Since this inbred is always crying about times, we will happily do it on a sunday 2:30PM EST / 7:30PM GMT because that will be the time that every1 can get their max pull. @drozeTime is ticking you paki fuck, better accept before you lose your made up dignity. By posting this topic, I understand and read the rules of the declaration system
  4. OFA SHITTERS LOOl look at that 6 man clump yikes @Nivelle
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