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  1. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD Last weekend we dominated our competition having one of the best trips in Zenith history absolutely demolishing through every single #Anti-Zenith clan in the wilderness, The midweek was more or less the same with Zenith pumping out over 12 Events in 6 Days with the majority of pure clans and Anti-Zenith Clans being unable to compete with us activity wise. We knew there wasnt a hope in hell for any pure clan by themselves today and their only option was to hold hands with former clans they called rivals and try to fight Zenith. We were super excited for our P2P Sunday and to once again battle the entire pure community who would team against us with every single clan they could. We massed up 70 Zenith Members and eventually peaked at 75 Zenith Mountain Men for our P2P Sunday. This trip we spent all of our time destroying a 8 Clan Alliance at GDZ (Rage,Legacy.Vennies,Heros,BC,Clumpa,Rev,PD). No matter how many clans/teams/vennies you team with, We will always beat you. uploading........ We heard Legacy was north of lava dragons with 2 clans and their vennies sitting on standby, We waited for them to log in and instantly logged in behind them and started clearing them up. We pushed them far east and Blunt Pures rushed us with Fatality. We moved east through LY and started barraging far west and held the return spot at GDZ. We caught them all as they were returning and cleared them up within seconds. Numerous main clans came to snipe us at GDZ and once we held the HUT and cleared up BC & REV we hopped worlds. We heard Hydra was moving west of GDZ and we went to hit them real quickly, We rushed them from the east and started steamrolling through them, We heard BP and BC were logging in behind us and we turned around on them and started barraging through both clans. We heard REV was coming and knew the fight was about to be blown up. We pulled east and baited REV to us and watched them all get collectively sent to edgeville, We pulled to new gate and cleared up everything and moved south and caught a bank. We heard Hydra was at bandits trying to setup a fight against Anti-Zenith, We quickly intercepted and started barraging through everything on the lava and we began to push north and clear up every single clan who showed up. We cleared up everything and waited for Revenant to be done switching over to their level 80's. (Once they spent 15 minutes gearing 20 level 80's) we baited them to log into bandits and fight us, They logged in and for some reason FEL called them to get in a massive "CLUMPEY" and we would blow them up. We fully cleared them up and caught some spams and laughed at them and teleported to edge. We heard Fatality and Blunt Pures and Legacy were trying to crash FOE, We quickly shadowed Legacy and waited for them to log in, Once they logged in we rushed them from behind and cleared them up within seconds, Next it was Blunt Pures and they came in from CA and we quickly ran west and intercepted them at pond. Once at pond we started transitioning through them and pushed them far west into singles, Once they teleported to ferrox we followed them. Legacy tried to re-teleport up and cosplay like they did something with their 20 man pull..... We quickly teleported back to CA and rushed them from behind and laughed at DDOS who died in seconds after his terrible calls.
  2. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD We heard some main clans were out at atlar and we wanted to hit them, We massed up 15 and later peaked at 20 Zenith Members and went up to high atlar. We hit them and started smoking through them. We hopped a couple more worlds and moved to vetion and cleared that out aswell. We heard some mexicans were gathered at the 50 ports with half of Mexico City playing runescape we decided to go and GWASBALL them at 50's. We baited them to the second floor and once again took them for their banks and fully cleared them up. We set them up another time at the fountain of rune and once again sent their whole entire village into edgeville naked, We fully cleared them in a FAT GWAS. Post Pics.
  3. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD Yesterday we demolished and demoralized 3 teaming clans and forced our rivals to drop insane numbers and end their trip after losing to Zenith several times, Many Legacy members saw the light yesterday and made the PMs to Zenith Leadership to cash out. We were super excited for our P2P Sunday, We massed up 40 Zenith Members and eventually peaked at 50 Zenith Mountain Men to feast upon every #Anti-Zenith Clan. We set out to accomplish the most action and have the most successful trip, This was successfully established once again. You cannot compete with us @LEGASHIT. After we hit Legacy first regroup and channel hop of the day and forced them into random worlds and their first regroup 2 minutes into their trip, We moved to boneyard to steal their fight, We rushed Fatality and Legacy near 26 hill and baited them back west. Once west we would transition through both clans murdering through every single individual whom came near us. Blunt Pures logged in near the tree's and we turned our focus onto them and started exploding them in fat clumps, We continued transitioning through BP until they teleported and LY rerushed with FI. We pulled more west and caught both clans as they ran into fat clumps near vetion. They wouldn't chase far west and we cleared all the stragglers and teleported to edge. We heard Rev lovers were fighting at al kharid so we went to bomb their fight and quickly end their action, We logged in and Onslaught ran south into singles with 20 and Rage fled like virgins, After some time every single #Anti-Zenith clan came and we sat at the teleport spot farm killing every single brainless Anti-Z member who would teleport in. Legacy & Rage would be victims to us killing their returners and eventually would try to rush us from the north we GWAS'D them trying to come into the palace and once they were dead we teleported out before the next wave of zombies. BIGGEST BITCHES OF 2021 - We heard Legacy made their way to ruins after their regroup, We logged in on top of them and started hitting them in singles waiting for them to try to "bait" us to go east. We patiently waited for Rage to position in another world and Legacy to get enough balls to run east. We streamed their audio and waited for them to run east and once they did we started transitioning through everyone we caught. Instantly 10+ LY members were sacrificed to the Zenith Gods so Rage could log in west and try to GWAS us..... We never pulled multi and laughed when they logged in and tried to team on us. Legacy would try to regroup at ruins again after we had just smoked them and murdered half their clan as their ranks sacrificed their members for Rage to attempt to get a hit. This time we logged in with specs out and instantly started murdering through their members. We spammed them and this time.... LEGACY DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, SAM SHAKING IRL TOLD HIS CLAN TO TELEPORT OUT. We laughed as we listened to their TS3 and we followed them to edgeville and spammed them until they logged out and went random worlds. We had intel that JumpStreet and Hydra were fighting at Varrock level 2-3, We came from the east side and started barraging through their fight. Instantly we killed numerous JS & HY as we went west, We heard Onslaught was logging in behind us we went back east to intercept and hit them on log in. We pulled back east and started smoking through Onslaught. JS would rerush and start hitting us so we pulled east through OG and started barraging west of us. We started clearing up both clans and they would teleport and Rage would rush in. We began fighting them north Varrock Ditch near level 5. Once rage was cleared up we followed them to the bank before other clans could rush us. We heard Rage was at glory hill and we went to smoke them, We logged in south of them and rushed on top of new gate and started smoking everyone on top of the hill. We forced Rage to flee through the gate and Onslaught logged in south. We went through OG south and started barraging through them as JumpStreet would log in and went north to get GWASed aswell. We cleared up nearly 3 clans up there before we heard mains were coming to rag us so we went south and caught a bank. Legacy was at corp and we went to smoke them out real quick, We rushed them and started hitting both Blunt Pures and Legacy. We pulled north near 18 ports and cleared every single LY member still in the wilderness. We cleared up Legacy and right as they were cleared Rage & Revenant & Onslaught would log into the world at 3 seperate locations at the same time! l0l. We laughed and teleported to edge and flamed Legacy. We heard Onslaught was about to go multi near bandits so we wanted to hit them quickly and smoke them, We logged in as they started going to multi and JumpStreet was right beside them. We cleared up both clans and pushed west and caught Terror in a massive 30+ Man GWAS east of bandits. We cleared the entire clan of Terror and our TS3 exploded with laughter. Once they were fully cleared we teleported to edge and caught a bank.
  4. Rage massed up ~35, later peaking at 40 bears for our F2P Saturday. Despite having a lower pull than last week, we managed to have around the same as the top pulling clans and our superior quality allowed us to dominate. ~ 1.5 HOURS OF NONSTOP ACTION, ONLY WINS FOR RAGE ~ We had nonstop action, allowing us to produce ~20-30 minute long vids sped up x3. It was one hell of a trip, and a great day to be a Rage Bear. A few highlight pictures Royce Mats Grey Miala 
  5. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD After our F2P Saturday that saw us have clean pure on pure action and a great trip, We massed up 40 Zenith Members and eventually peaked at 50 Zenith Members for our P2P Sunday trip. This trip consisted of us having action against every single clan. We focused on every single #Anti-Zenith clan while taking turns hitting everyone else inside the wilderness. We managed to have the most action and smoked the most clans. We started our trip by hitting Anti-Zenith who were fighting near sperm, We came from the west and instantly started clearing up Legacy whom was fighting Fatality. We pushed Legacy far east into singles and turned around on fatality. We fought Fatality near 26 hill and sperm until Rage rushed and Legacy tried to come back. We quickly re-positioned to CA and started farming through 3 clans returners. We sat at CA killing atleast 30+ returners until we had a hit on Hydra and we logged into their world at CA. We logged in on top of them and cleared them up and went to bank. We heard Jumpstreet and Hydra were about to setup a fight near Sperm/CA, We logged in from sperm and instantly started pushing south and demolishing everything inside us. We pulled back to ghost hut and cleared everything up and quickly banked our looties. We had intel that Rage and Jumpstreet were going back towards sperm we quickly rushed them and started smoking through them and pushed them south. We eventually would clear up Rage and Jumpstreet as Apex would crashed and smoke Rage and we turned our attention on Jumpstreet and cleared them up before teleporting to the bank. We heard Blunt Pures and Onslaught were at CA We quickly teleported up and started hitting both clans on the east side, We started pushing them east as Rage rushed from the west, We continued pulling east and caught all of rage in a fat clump slightly east of CA. We quickly smoked through them fully clearing them. We heard Fatality was coming to try to save their boyfriends and we quickly teleported after clearing 3 clans. We had intel telling us that #Anti-Zenith clans were near corp and boneyard, We quickly moved from the south and started hititng them in the trees and began to blow them up. We found Rage and instantly started clearing them up and began to push them around. Once they had 10 in game they called Fatality to rush us from the east and we quickly teleported out once again after clearing Rage. We heard Onslaught was fighting at new gate and we moved from the south with specs and barrage and started making our way north towards the hill. We moved from the south and instantly banged out every single straggler sticking out. We fully cleared the south side and moved north and caught Rage in another GWAS on top of the hill and once they tried to run through the gate, Our intel told us their boyfriends were coming and once we murdered them at the gate we allowed 5 stragglers to get away into Fatality's arms as we went west and logged. We heard Jumpstreet and Hydra were fighting near graveyard, We logged in at ruins west and started transitioning east one by one. We cleared up everyone in sight and started moving south into the tree's. Rage rushed from the north and we quickly re-positioned and started barraging through Rage who was in fat clumps. We cleared them up and started going back south into the fight, We rehit JS and then quickly went to bank before clans rerushed, We found Blunt Pures when we came back up from corp and cleared them up. Once everyone was cleared up we sat at CA and waited for anyone to return.
  7. Blunt Purez massed up 30 peaking at 35 4ners to our Sunday Trip, Low pull due to football. Blunt Purez got a fight vs Apex at Bandit Camp. The fight was clean for around 5 mins before Onslaught crashed. As people returned bp clumped the tele spot and was getting some massive xp drops. We were camping just South West of the tele spot. When BP made a massive clump full of OG and Apex members. BP teled out and re-hit the fight from the West side, We controlled the fight until Apex and OG teled out. We found more action at Bandits. Terror hit BP at Bandits from North and Apex started hitting from South. W
  8. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD GMT TRIP: Massed up 15 Shooters found meds and mains and made good loot. EST TRIP FT. JS HIT: Heard Jumpstreet was pking, Massed up to hit them. Hit them X2 for looties. AEST TRIP: Massed up 15 Shooters, Pked for 4 hours everywhere.
  9. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Legacy massed up 15 shooters to control the Wilderness. Venenitis, Vetion, and Chaos Temple were all Cleared by Spartans. Useless Main Clans were cleared 3x by our Troops. GGWP Smite courtesy of @Hra1the
  10. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD We were bored on teamspeak with all the original founding members and decided to have a PK Trip, We massed up 10 and peaked at over 20 Zumpa Members for our first ever DBOW Trip. We ended up putting down some playdead dogs and playdead they did! They rolled over like doggies and donated their loot. We ended up hopping into a team twice and absolutely murdered them in multi and killed them for their juice. We cleared every clan at high altar and @Zetro pked another goat irl. We heard The Boys were at GDZ and we knew we had to escort them out really quickly, We rushed them and absolutely destroyed through them within seconds. We managed to smite them for a Elder Maul & Toxic Staff! THANKS FOR THE DONATIONS! Thanks to everyone who showed up. Post Pics
  11. We approached Apex for a pure fight this week. They accepted and we had three knockout rounds. We pulled 33 and managed to get the 2-1. Thanks for the action Apex, good fight. Discord : https://discord.gg/uwGKjh59Zf _______________________________________________________ Win - Round 1 Starting : 25 Immortal, 25 Apex Ending - Immortal - 19, Apex - 0 _______________________________________________________ Loss - Round 2 Starting : 26 Immortal, 26 Apex Ending - Immortal - 0, Apex - 11 _______________________________________________________ Win - Round 3 Starting : 26 Immortal, 26 Apex Ending - Immortal - 13, Apex - 0 _______________________________________________________ Rosters
  12. Got word 2 infested noob clans were attempting to fight north of rev caves. Instantly crashed and VR being the submissive clan they are ran away leaving APEG to get fully wiped in seconds. clean action is NFS dogs
  13. Today Clan Rage massed up 40 Bears to decimate shit clans and we were very successful in doing so. From fully clearing Zenith the moment they stepped into multi to spawnkilling Apex for over 1 hour, we had nonstop action and completely dominated the whole trip. Yoinked a +1 from rot, apex, and zenith We waited patiently for our victims to enter multi, and intercepted Zenith the moment they rushed into multi bandits for the first time of their trip. We had complete control of the fight within 30 seconds and Zenith attempted to last as they urged Apex to come rush to begin the 2v1. Apex lasted a total of 1 minute in multi before deciding to teleport, shortly followed by Zenith cutting off their returns. For our next hit we once again intercepted Zenith as they attempted to rush a fight in fog at 392. We got on top of them and started to dominate them as they once again suicided until help arrived. This time both rot and Apex joined in and all 3 got farmed all the same. Zenith and Apex were quick to leave Rot to get farmed until they were told to come back. Like good doggies they obeyed their masters and returned just to get bullied by us once again. We pulled Apex north to CA/Corp where we would have them all to ourselves. We forced them into 1 item + staff barrage within 5 minutes where they would get spawn killed by us for the next hour+. Fo/Zenith/Sup would all make short interjections in our fight but didn't last and were ultimately ineffective. We would repeatedly put Apex down to sub 10 in game as they ran around in circles between CA and Corp in an effort to not be fully cleared. After over 1 hour of getting pounded Apex + Zenith called it quits and teled out in a desperate attempt to convince their members they accomplished anything. Next weekend will be the same, stock up on those untradeables! Apex/Zenith/Sv merged cc (that we ended) Royce Miala
  14. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Legacy massed up 25 Spartans today to fight Team Undisputed, consisting of Supremacy, zenith, Apex, etc. Legacy won 2-1 in sets. GF TU @DownRight @malo @Dovah @`JD
  15. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD Yesterday we answered the call from Mother Zenith and put the entire Pure Community on notice of what happens when you awaken the beast, Not a single clan could compete with us yesterday, Not by themselves and not with their alliance. Fatality,Rage,Legacy,Revenant did not have answers for Zenith and we left them broken, beaten, and victimized ending their trips early and forcing to take off capes and spent excessive times staring at the login screen. Everyone heard the embarrassing trip our rivals Legacy had..... The uncut,unscripted audio leak speaks for itself and shows exactly how broken Legacy is...... Today there wasn't a hope in hell for any of these clans, This was Zeniths weekend and will continue to be Zeniths Midweeek & Weekend Wilderness until further notice. We massed up 45 Zenith Members and eventually peaked at over 60+ Zenith Mountain Men to absolutely steamroll the fuck out of our P2P Sunday. This trip consisted of bullying #Anti-Zenith forcing them to take off their capes and absolutely smoke them. We caught LEGASHIT IN THE BIGGEST GWAS OF 2021 ON CAMERA WITH AUDIO. We heard Fatality was rushing FOG and went to intercept, We instead logged in west of level 5 FOG and ran into Hydra and Onslaught, We started moving east and hitting everyone inside us. We ended up clearing Hydra instantly and pushing Onslaught far east as they tried to call their alliance clan (Rage&Rev) and we cleared them up and teleported out before Rage could rush with Rev. We heard Legacy was attempting to rush the cluster we hit about 5 minutes too late, We postioned behind them and waited for them to log in north of the GE. They did and started moving east and we logged in directly behind them and started hitting them instantly. We moved east on top of them and started hitting the massive clumps sam and op led LY into. Their ts3 was in a panic as we walked all over them and within 2 minutes they were completely cleared. Onslaught tried to rush from the north and got blown up aswell and Fatality tried to come without their capes and were escorted out of the wilderness to Ferrox. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS IN A 1V1. We heard Legacy was fighting fellow alliance clan Onslaught and we decided to go hit them both, We logged in east of bandits and hit LY north of the tree's of bandits in fat clumps we quickly cleared them up and wrapped far west and went to hit OG. We pulled up on OG on the west side and started pushing them far east and clearing them up. Once again we knew that another alliance clan was on their way (Fi in no capes) and we waited for them to log in and left the 5 remaining OG members and laughed at their returners at edge. We heard Jumpstreet was fighting at bandits, Since DROZE is a victim we decided to hit his fight, We teleported into bandit camp and rushed east and logged into their world. We logged in and caught JS in massive clumps on the east side and continued pushing north and clearing up everyone inside us, They treid to run into Bandit Camp and we caught them all and cleared them up. We went to spam at Legacy who had not entered multi in over 30 minutes, We logged into them at ferrox and started echoing their teamspeak ingame.... NOW NORMALLY ANY NON RETARDED BRAINDEAD CLAN WOULDN'T DO WHAT LEGACY WAS ABOUT TO DO. THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE GANGSTER AND DECIDED TO GRAB A BURNING AMMY AND TELEPORT TO CA INFRONT OF US WHILE WE WERE LISTENING.............. BIG MISTAKE. We caught all of them in a fucking DD at CA teleport spot, Our TS3 Exploded with laughter as we barraged through all of LY, LY's TS3 went silent... as they all died and got cleared in 4k HD. Legacy went to regroup and we went to laugh at them after they just got completely GWASED. WE wanted to fight, They wanted to call their alliance and spam in a fall in together with Onslaugth & Fatality, in one of the most cringe displayed of a alliance I've ever witnessed. Once LY stepped foot in the wilderness we followed them to east graves and hit them in singles, We fought for 10 minutes before LY teleported out and ended their trip. We caught a fall in a corp and laughed at them. LY TS AUDIO LEAK: FULL P2P TRIP: @T H E Undertaker very nice super strength potion
  16. clan-rage.com | Discord: ragebears| ts.clan-rage.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc Rage massed up 40 bears for this great F2P Saturday. The singles clan Apex seem to have forgotten we are always 20 steps ahead of them at the game. We gladly reminded them what their place is. Having intel in every anti-Rage clan we have easily curb stomped the opposition. Below are the highlights of our action-packed F2P Trip including spy hitting Apex and Zenith multiple times and echoing Zenith TS. We started the day off with hitting Apex in singles to make their F2P trip miserable once again. This is where FO rushed to the aid of Nox in singles. When we ran into multi we were not at all surprised to see the low tier, low stamina cuck beta clans like Apex and FO stay behind in singles. They stood there and watched us get multiple spams off the screen! Apex and FO mains did not matter since our AC unit alone was bigger than the pulls of both clans combined. They did not even dare 2vs1 us. You were not made for this! Later on, an entire horde of anti-Rage clans rushed us at corp hill. We finished Apex, FO, Supremacy off one by one. The funniest part is that Zenith tried to bail Apex out from being manhandled by the bears. Their plan was to log in west of us in a DD but little did they know we were aware of their plan as we were live-time echoing their TS. The video below shows how we hit Zenith on log-in including TS AUDIO. Check the bottom of the topic for the FULL AUDIO. We then fought Terror and Fearless at Vetion trees where Apex, Zenith, FO and Rot mains in Zenith capes logged in simultaneously. None of these clans stayed for a return fight. They had dipped from the fight within 20 secs. At the end of the day all anti-Rage clans took an ending as we stood in multi: Full audio of winning a 1vs4 with Zenith AUDIO LEAK Ross: Miala:
  17. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD When Mother Zenith calls the mountain men always answer the call, This past week we have proven to everyone exactly how strong Zenith is. Despite everything thrown against us we will always come out on top, We are in fact the highest point and the kings of Pure Clanning. We had another action packed midweek dominating the midweek wilderness having GMT & EST Pk Trip every single day. We were super excited for this weekend,The rebirth of Mother Zenith massed up 40 Zenith Members and eventually peaked at 45+ Mountain Men for our F2P Saturday. Today was a statement trip, #Anti-Zenith is on suicide watch after today. This will not end and it doesn't get better for you. We heard Fatality was at boneyard fighting FOE, we came from the south and started bowing them pushing them far east. Fatality would call the entire alliance and Rage would log in singles and we would go to corp and eventually baiting Legashit to come rush us 1v1. Terror would rush us at CA and eventually LY would follow. We turned our focus to LY and would began steamrolling them inside CA. TR went north and we began to farm LY at CA, LY paged the entire alliance to stop what they were doing and to come to CA and hit us. Rage & Fatality & Revenant would come. We stayed on CA and eventually pushed LY out of CA and into rage's hands west. We pushed both clans west and went to ferrox after fighting 1v5. We had intel that Rage was about to do something retarded and they did, We were in a fall in at CA and they decided to log in and rush us. We absolutely GWASED them in F2P at CA and before @Ross could Pm Rev rage was running west to singles west. We laughed and caught everyone in multi and sent the 10 rats scattering to ferrox. We pulled back east and caught a spam and laughed at Rage. We waited for Legashit to go to multi and the minute they did at bandits we rushed them, Before OP could say the worlds "LOGIN ALL ACCOUNTS" We had 20+ on Legashit and they were on the verge of being completely cleared. They tried to pull east and we caught them in binds and killed every single LY member beside us. They went to random worlds and would spend the next 20 minutes watching Zenith on a scout while they were random worlds...... WE STREAMED THEIR TEAMSPEAK FOR ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE TO LISTEN TO. We heard Apex and Terror were fighting at bandits so we decided to anti crash the fight and hit the Rage & Fatality members degeared and in NO CAPES while LY sat in random worlds and OP watched on a scout... We streamed LY TS3 to everyone while we farmed Rage and FI doggies at bandits. Eventually Rage went west and logged and we pulled east and we began to fight Terror. We pushed them far north towards bandit camp and eventually east into singles. We walked back south and caught a bank after everything and everyone was cleared. LEGASHIT LOGGED IN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 40 MINUTES AT EAST RUINS, WE LOGGED IN 15 SECONDS AFTER AND STARTED HITTING THEM NORTH. WE BEGAN TO SPAM THEM AND FARM THEM AND LAUGH AT THEM AS THEY WOULD ALL CRY AND DIE. WE SPAMMED THEIR TEAMSPEAK AT THEM AND LAUGHED AT THEM WHEN THEY RAN SOUTHWEST AND TRIED TO GET A LOG OUT. After Fatality ended we turned our focus to hunting Rage since LY was still random worlds. We rushed Rage and Fearless from the south at vetion and began to focus Fearless whom had even opts in game to us, We began to bow them from the east side and we began to farm and clear them up. We pulled east and began to farm through Rage & Revenant who had 29/31 mains left ingame at this point. We began to smoke them and far through them. Within 2-3 minutes Rage was completely cleared in game. We caught a fall in and got some spams and laughed at everyone who we demoralized today.
  18. The mighty bears set out with 34 owners to beat up on the weak and feeble clans that avoid us at all costs. Some of those weak clans had already cancelled and some probably should have with how badly they pulled. Rage did the business as usual and got lots of action and owned many cry babies.  Royce- Savage- Miala-
  19. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Today 55 Spartans set out to claim the F2P Wilderness. It was an action packed trip, despite FI and Terror starting the trip in CWA. Many clusters ensued with Rage, and despite a couple bears in rune, Legacy came out dominant of each cluster. First to enter Multi, The last to leave. GF TO ALL CLANS INVOLVED JD: S33:
  20. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD Earlier in the week we were informed by our spylord that fatality was planning a PKRI in our wilderness for thursday, Knowing Fatal Titty is one of the alliance clans whom assisted Revenant & Legacy we knew what had to be done. We waited for the poopy clans to start fighting and within 30 seconds of them rushing eachother we were already demolishing FI, We smoked through FI and pushed them all around GDZ like the dogs they are. We completely cleared 3X of their regroups (West of GDZ, Northeast of GDZ. Newgate) and finally chased them back to GDZ and eventually south through GAP where we would completely clear them. WE continued pushing south before the alliance of (Clumpa,BC,Rev) could aid their alliance clan. Peaked at over 20 Zenith Members for a quick smoke. NO PKRI'S FOR FATALITY. PM SCIMS#3153 TO DISCUSS OPTIONS.
  21. Forums: https://dynasty-rs.com/community/ Discord: https://discord.gg/Dyn OG Topic: https://dynasty-rs.com/community/index.php?/topic/305-dynasty-vs-elite-zerks-3-2/ Dynasty fighting clans every weekend, most active in-game. So after our last weekend, we set up a fight with Elite Zerks. Knowing EZ is a very competitive PvP P2P Clan we wanted to step up our skills in P2P against them. The day came, We massed our Spartans, Sharpened our Spears, equipped our heavy shields and waited for the enemy to attack. The battle was competitive for both sides, we lost our first two battles 2-0. We were heavily unfocused for a fierce p2p battle against these Elite Zerkers, but we straighten our Spartans up, great calls from our callers and stepped up the tanking we came back harder then ever and defeated them 3-2 ending. This was a waking call for our PvMers that we got a lot more to deal with if we want to become #1. Thanks for all our PvMers that tried it today hope you learned a lot! Thanks to Elite Zerks for being a great p2p clan to accept this challenge. Video: Ending 4th:
  22. What is your clan's name?: vd What is your clan rank, and provide proof of it: leader The name of the clan you are declaring against: terror Fight type: F2P 40v40 min 330 pst gotta be start time Insert any motivational message(if any): Long awaited since last year, been way over due. I know my nigga Ex Will is down so whats good. By posting this topic, I understand and read the rules of the declaration system
  23. What is your clan's name?: (Legacy) What is your clan rank, and provide proof of it: (Leader/Founder) The name of the clan you are declaring against: (Zenith) Fight type: (F2P/P2P) 12/21 & 12/22 F2P & P2P Both Servers - 30 Min F2P Monday 6:30 PM EST Start - 30 Min P2P Tuesday 6:30 PM EST Start Insert any motivational message(if any): You dogs avoid us at every cost, and the whole pure community including your members know it. A clan full of victims and no confidence to fight the great LY in clan wars. Your ranks are going to pretend this topic was never posted, accept the preps victims you're already below us at every aspect. By posting this topic, I understand and read the rules of the declaration system
  24. clan-rage.com | Discord: kKdeJhY | ts.clan-rage.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc Tonight Rage gathered 27 lads to fight Vengeance in a P2P Prep. The initial plan was a Bo3 FT25 followed by one round of classic however we ended up doing 2 sets of FT25 followed by one round of classic because it was tons of fun. We were able to go 6-0 in rounds to secure the victory Thanks to everyone who showed up and Good fight Vengeance, thanks for the fun fight! First Set Rage Kills: 25 Vengeance Kills: 17 Rage Kills: 25 Vengeance Kills: 22 Rage Kills: 25 Vengeance Kills: 21 Second Set Rage Kills: 25 Vengeance Kills: 17 Rage Kills: 25 Vengeance Kills: 17 Rage Starting/Ending: 19/7 Vengeance Kills: 16/0
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