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  1. Savage

    Ascent Backing Out LOOOOL

    Most cauliflower clan I seen yet
  2. Noxi just ruined your Runescape Career @Eztocrypt you can go quit and try another game. Thanks for playing NoxiScape
  3. Savage

    Noxious vs. Racks Mini (10v10) [4-0]

    Good job Boi's
  4. Savage

    Op vs Cd Mini

    Good job boys
  5. +1 but BT will just make another excuse when they reach those combats
  6. Please don't make me post another video of you guys spamming you guys are scared to fight us. Don't make your clan look bad for 1 cauliflower comment back.
  7. Keep avoiding the true facts. BT is dying its ok
  8. We said we would give you +5 members are you autistic?
  9. NBK tries to fight OB 1v1 but then a brown sticky stuff clan called BT crashes and claims they beaten NBK in every video of theirs. We are waiting for you BT if you want to fight us 1v1 again no problem. We asked to prep giving you +5 60 cap you declined. We're waiting. I quote BT WHIP: "hahahahaha, everyone here knows if it was 1v1 liegit fight bt would smash all yall bitches that why everyone needs help you guys seen bt back on the scene an yall pissed your pants bunch of pussies" Bunch of pussies? But you guys are the ones that always crash and avoid Preps and 1v1's in wild LOL here's a lil video of you guys crashing our fight against OB NBK WAITING FOR YOU BT
  10. Everyone here knows if it was 1v1 legit* bt would smash all y'all? This is when NBK 1v1 BT and you guys never replied to it. Nice try tomato.
  11. Savage

    clan wars Outburst vs. NBK 3-0 [F2P Prep]

    Thanks for action Ob.