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  1. l00000l nox open ur fucking eyes man jesus christ ur clan is filled with suiciders. @Wesselfancy a little ns sesh tonight? need ur members to have some action before they all leave u l0l
  2. l00l apex pulled more than they have any weekend and lost like the little trout they are. SUP CANT SAVE U IN CWA UR BOTH DOGSHIT NICE EYES NOX l0000l
  3. yes slush can we see the full list? did @Supremacy @Wesselget any points l00l
  4. @Wessel whens the last time sup had a mid-week pkri l000l you guys should set one up its been 6 years
  5. where was SUP and FO l000000l we want you guys to crash us please please try you lil doggies. Gf rage ty 4 CLEAN action
  6. ty 4 prep FI, SUP why wont u prep us lmfao??? sup hasnt won a prep in years
  7. Wace stop suiciding bro...also shoutout @Wesselfor being the little cuck dutch cheerleader that he is sharks looked like fuckin guppies today
  8. sounds like the sup kids in Berserk are weighing them down....EZ for V
  9. anyone wanna bet O/U that sups trip lasts 1 hour tomorrow? dog shit clan no stamina washed up ranks, i wonder who will be on speed dial for them tomorrow
  10. who's that disgusting dumb dutch who keeps unmuting to sound like a victim in sups trip l0l
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