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    2. keefn


      Ur banned

    3. orgasms


      omg im scared why im banned cuz i killed ur clan lolol venny clan rage 2022

    4. keefn


      Ur banned 

  2. clan-rage.com | Discord: ragebears | ts.clan-rage.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc Today Rage & Terror planned another fun 20def CWA prep. With both rounds being super close and having a numbers disadvantage, it became a nail biter but we pulled through with the 2-0 and thanks for the action Terror. As anti-rage stood at the bank looking like lost dogs, we made sure to put a show on for our victims watching and that's what Rage did! Thanks for the fight Terror Ending FT50 Rage - 50 Terror - 49 Ending FT50 Rage - 50 Terror - 49 Brain Miala Broxx
  3. You pulled 30 pures yesterday lmfao your clan just as low tier as apex and we closed them years ago you will never be able to fight Rage you're too scared of us
  4. @Zenith E-Girlyou were the first to end today hahahaha ur clan is shit kid
  5. If we wanted to farm mains we would've been on mains ourselves. Don't be stupid, little kid!
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