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  1. keefn

    cwa Divine vs. Apocalypse - CW Prep (3-0)

    God to see xlpc’s doing big mini’s. Let’s see this more often
  2. keefn

    weekend Apocalypse Opener trip ft Cluster City

    Nice action
  3. keefn

    EvE Online

    I think one of my friends use to play this he really enjoyed it
  4. keefn


    I am clout chasing on 07 tho
  5. Beast v3 good job on loots this week
  6. keefn

    Fatality vs Foe 2-0 P2P Mini sets

    Nice action Fatality
  7. keefn

    RSPS Clanning Returns

    I'll pass now that I have chest hair
  8. keefn

    showcase Recent Showcase/Work #9

    Best around, simply put