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  1. Very happy with mine (the top banner) - Appreciate the work you put into my piece and the others. Phenomenal / Good person to work with.
  2. keefn

    midweek Team Rev crucify CD 25v25

    Nice action
  3. keefn

    pkri Fearless Friday pkri vs Apex

    Nice action both clans
  4. keefn

    Rage Vs Supremacy | 2-0 Ft. Perfection [P2P MINI]

    bears on the loose tigers in the cages?
  5. I want to thank you @Kidjohnzfor the excellent work. I've been working with you over the past two weeks and even though our time zones don't really match up - we were still able to get it done no problem! You're very talented and I'm really happy with the outcome. You were keeping me updated the whole time making it easy on my part because I could see the whole piece form together day to day. Once again, thanks man!
  6. Nice pull + ownage today
  7. Good action HMU for more p2p mini’s keefn#1337
  8. keefn

    weekend Supreme Friday!

    Nice action guys