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  1. Tuesday July 20th, 2021 | F2P Prep vs Legacy Terror massed up 25 wolves ready to give Legacy quick smoke on this Tuesday afternoon. Unfortunately LY pulled less than 20 and we were forced to sit big each round, but we made up for it by winning 3-0. Good fight to our friends in LY! Round 1 (Win) Terror Starting: 19 Legacy Starting : 19 Terror Ending: 11 Round 2 (Win) Terror Starting: 18 Legacy Starting : 18 Terror Ending: 10 Round 3 (Win) Terror Starting: 18 Legacy Starting : 18 Terror Ending: 10
  2. Discord: Y2YPC8 | 'Wolves Den' CC Today we massed up 15 shooters for our scheduled P2P Big Mini vs Onslaught. The wolves came out on top with a 2-0 victory winning four sets in a row. Thanks Onslaught for the rounds. Hope to do more soon! Perry POV
  3. Thursday July 8th, 2021 | F2P Prep vs LEGACY Terror massed up 25 wolves ready to battle the Legacy boys in what we knew would be a competitive fight. We lost the first round, and we sharpened up and were able to take the next two rounds. Good fight Spartans. Round 1 (Loss) Round 2 (Win) Terror Starting: 23 Legacy Starting : 23 Terror Ending: 13 Round 3 (Win) Terror Starting: 25 Legacy Starting : 25 Terror Ending: 15
  4. Saturday June 26st, 2021 | F2P SATURDAY The Terrorizers massed up 35 Wolves for our official F2P Saturday trip. Being in the same pull range as most clans today, we left for the wilderness excited for the action soon to come. Our first fight of the day we set up west of bandits vs FOE west of bandits. We rushed them and after quickly transitioning on a few piles, they ran to singles after seeing a Rage scout nearby. Fatality rushed followed by Rage and the 3 clans clustered it out. Next we caught our favorite alliance fighting north west bandits so we logged in from singles picking off our them off 1 by 1 completely decimating their 18 man pulls before they even realized what was happening. As soup had all but disappeared (easy to do when you don't wear capes) we rushed Apeg in multi and tore through the remainder of the sardines as they begged their allies to log back in. Eventually mains came and all clans got a bank. Solid pull boys @supremacy We continued on with our trip clustering Rage & Fatality at sperm and later crashing another fight vs FOE & Soup at sperm where we 1v2'd both clans in a dominant fashion. The highlight of the this fight was catching Elder rank Tanner (stepped down to get a job to feed himself) with his pants down as he lost his food allowance for the week. We ended our trip by fully clearing Zenith at chaos altar in a clean 1v1 fight. Gf to all the clans we scrapped with today and gl tomorrow!
  5. Monday June 21st, 2021 | P2P CLUSTER On this fine Monday evening Terror massed up 20 Wolves ready to take on Fatality & Legacy in a 30 min capped cluster. FI pulled a considerable amount more than both TR & LY so both clans teamed on Fatality to start. When the numbers got a bit more even the fight turned into a complete 3 way cluster mostly taking place north of rev caves. The fight went for 30 minutes clean and uncrashed with all clans holding leads at one point or another. Good fight to Fatality & Legacy hope to do more of these soon!
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