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  1. apex hasn't won an event yet in 2021 lmao gj terror
  2. BP had victim @Scimson a hider just to get smoked.
  3. this is the most disrespectful declaration I have ever read lmaooo how can sup not accept this??
  4. @Scimsobsession with Legacy is unhealthy, especially since he has had no impact on the clan. All those countless hours you have spent to "get revenge" should have went to obtaining your high school diploma. Gz legacy. Looks like Elve won't be able to lead another midweek solo for a while.
  5. @Scimstell ur therapist to increase your antidepressant dose. you do not sound well on today's audio. solid pull and action today LY
  6. sup ranks tell @Fudog to jump and he asks how high. sounds like they are unhappy with your slave labor anyway. gz terror
  7. Foe also had 0 losses in the purple portal as they are an inactive beta clan. Looked like a clean week of minis lads
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