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  1. Forums | Twitter | Discord Tempest vs Revenant This Canadian Thanksgiving, we have much to be thankful for. Thankful to True 2k8 for creating a retirement home for many friendly faces. Thankful to Revenant for fighting us today. And thankful to the Runescape gods that we were able to experience another clean scrap. It was a dreary Monday afternoon when Tempest mustered our seamen together. Before the fight even started, we knew things were looking positive, as a giant figure 8 was constructed by Tika191. Respect to all who participated. The fun and games could only last so long, though, and the wilderness beaconed. We moved into the wilderness and set up a stern defence at West Tree. Revenant stood on the horizon, the darkened sun shimmered across their rune armour. We both rushed at the same time, and the battle was on. Both clans spammed their hearts out. Piles were KO'd left and right. The shouting from the callers urged the seamen forward. It reached a fever pitch; runite armour, adamant arrows, and nature runes stood at our feet. Soon, the dust began to settle. The cap was called to a close, and both clans took their fall in. The fight ended all square. Thanks to everyone for making this an enjoyable and clean scrap. Media Thanks to all the Tempest who turned up to take part in the action & hope all you fellow Canadians out there have a great Thanksgiving! 🥰
  2. Vanuckle


    Tempest caters towards those that are mature and non-toxic. Those who are interested in a simple & streamlined clan structure; a clan that prioritizes having fun without the mundane in-game commitment that clans have historically required. We aim to make all our events fun -- memorable activities that can be attended during leisure time. While we pride ourselves on executing strong in-game performances, we also provide excellent training to integrate people into Tempest, even if your past clanning experience is minimal. Tempest strives to create a strong and welcoming community that can be engaged at all hours of the day, both in and out of the game on teamspeak, discord, and the most active forums in Runescape. We strongly advocate that an active and healthy community is the backbone to long-term success and overall enjoyment of the game. Our primary focus in-game is both F2P Wilderness / CWA / PVP as well as P2P trips to supplement our PvP activity. We host a variety of PVM & skilling competitions against other communities and internally. Additionally, we have a large group always willing to boss or help guide your account progress with innovative methods. Our community is OldSchool Runescape based. Even so, many of our members play a variety of games making Tempest a source of well-rounded entertainment. @Leader - True 2k8 ≈Officer - Venenatis | David ~Wise Ass - The End | Gochance1 | Brian/Ghjjf | Slaughter17/Vanuckle Captain - Tika191 Privileged - Wee Man | Ashley https://tempest-rs.net/ https://discord.com/invite/23qY2XH https://twitter.com/TempestOSRS/ In-game CC: 'True 2k8' Homeworld: 420 Applicant Requirements: 115+ Combat 94 Range OR Mage Desert Treasure (Annakarl & Ghorrock Teleports) Discord/Teamspeak Required Gear One Referral from Staff Member Requirements: 120+ Combat 96 Range OR Mage Tempest Futures is a sub-branch assigned directly under the main clan Tempest. Our aim is to provide a welcoming environment for newcomers who may have less experience in the war scene, or for those who don't yet meet our main clan's combat requirements. Tempest Futures has a "hands-on" approach. If you do not meet the higher stat requirements of Tempest, you are a low-leveled vet returning to the game after a long hiatus, or you are wholly new to the scene in general, Tempest Futures is the place to start. Futures Requirements: 105+ Combat 85 Range OR Mage Discord Required Gear
  3. Twitter | Forums | Discord Tempest vs Wilderland Just a few short months ago, Tempest opened with the goal of establishing a F2P renaissance in the wilderness. Over the course of our existence, we have encouraged other clans to join us in this nostalgic warfare. Despite having fought almost every clan so far, we haven't had the pleasure of fighting WL in pvp yet. Finally, an opportunity presented itself, and we were able to sharpen our blades and march to members gate to fight WL in a 1hr capped fight. Despite being outnumbered at the start, Tempest fought bravely and coordinated good transitions throughout the battle. There were times where WL had great ko power & spam, and times where Tempest took a stronger grasp on the battle, especially as we grew closer in numbers. It was so much fun that it seemed to only last a few minutes... But once the hour cap was up, we took our fall-ins, said our good fights, and headed down -- satisfied with the action we were able to get in the wild this week. Good fight WL, let's do it again soon! Starting: Tempest - WL - 60 Ending: Tempest - WL - Pics:
  4. Twitter | Forums | Discord Tempest vs New Power We were matched with New Power this week for the 20v20 knockout tournament. We scheduled the fight for Sunday afternoon and began to prep our men. We dropped to 20 and fought a good wholesome battle in all three rounds. R1: We had our clock cleaned. R2: We had great tanks and Tika went beast mode with his calling leading to a terrific performance. R3: More great tanking and stellar organization allowed us to secure the round and tournament weekend win. Following the tournament action, NP asked us for no overheads round in the clan wars arena. First to 25 kills on the plateau. Needing to improve our skills, and wanting to include those that hadn't fought, we jumped in for some fun. CWRI: Starting - Ending - Great close battle and almost a superb comeback from New Power. Hope for another fight soon -- thanks for the action!
  5. Original Topic: https://tempest-rs.net/topic/1076-tempest-welcome-divine-forces-back-to-f2p/ Tempest ~ We have a #Sports Channel ~ With an open Tuesday for both clans, IMK & I setup a short prep F2P PVP fight. Knowing it's been over three years since Divine Forces have step foot in the F2P Wilderness, we looked forward to welcoming our friends back to the lands they built their legacy on. The fight started with Tempest rushing DF at west tree. David took the reigns first and carried us through the first 15 minutes of the fight, transitioning cleanly through DF's pile one by one. As the fight rolled on, DF started shaking off the rust and brought it to us through the end of the fight. As the fight came to a close, we compared with similar opts. Good fight Murray & friends. Lots of respect & looking forward to the next round. Tempest Ending: Divine Forces Ending: Pictures: Video:
  6. After our clean battle today against Ancient Fury, we had our tournament fight set up with CWC. Knowing they had many experienced CWA prods we couldn't underestimate them so we had our men come in with a strong mindset, Round 1 was pretty much kill for kill until we start transitioning through their magers. Round 2 they didn't hit 20 so they decided to rush us and ended up losing only 1 person (ty mohd). Round 3 they just gave us the win since they didn't have 20. Round 1: Round 2: Round 3: They gave us the win. Thanks for the fight CWC.
  7. Original topic: https://tempest-rs.net/topic/1005-tempest-vs-the-rising-f2p-pvp/ Benjamin HG and I setup a 10 minute prep PVP fight. Knowing Healer brings the guns, we hesitated a bit, but accepted on the condition that the god of RS3 Gielinor goes easy on us. Anyways we massed some men and teleported up once each of us had enough. We had a clean and even fight for a full 45 minute cap, with spam towers off the screen and Tika doing laps around GDZ (somehow???). Anyways, once 7 EST hit, the fight was declared over and we compared endings. We ended with a few more because we gained some at the end, but the fight was quite even overall. Thanks for the fight TR, was a blast. Looking forward to our next battle. TR Ending: Tempest Ending: Video: Pictures:
  8. Thanks for the fight NP! Tempest on my tooth!
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