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  1. What did I just read…. You put our clan name in you’re video? Where is dynasty? We fought with Cmg in that “playoff” nice try though. The video proves we were with Cmg you didn’t kill any dynasty?? edit: as the video shows dynasty members were in your jail? Sir you are confused and need to rewatch the video before making a false topic/video about us. morgoth is in holy empire, you ok?
  2. Discord: https://discord.gg/7rpyKnzCDz Interested in joining the most respectful, honorable clan in OSRS? ^ Click on our discord link and join us, where most Veteran RS players are. After a few days prep against Ankou a newly F2P Clan we offered them a fight to show them who are the kings of F2P. Lately, Dynasty has been gathering more new clans to get involved in f2p so there will be more action soon, and Dynasty will be there. So We massed up for the fight against Ankou, knowing they are a massive Clan Chat we wanted to make it fair for both sides, so we dropped many fellas for the sake of honor and integrity. We Marched towards the henchmen's of death as we Spartans never fear death. We clashed, our men slain these henchmen like cutting through butter. It was a bloody war. After the smoke cleared, we were victorious as usual. Right after we went to a "Playoff" Reaching 100v100 was amazing experience just like them good ole days. Thanks Ankou, i hope this was a learning experience and hope to see the F2P Scene get bigger. AND THANKS TO ONE OF ANKOU MEMBERS SAYING THIS ABOUT US! It made our day Video: Till next time Ankou
  3. Discord: https://discord.gg/7rpyKnzCDz Interested in joining the most respectful, honorable clan in OSRS? ^ Click on our discord link and join us, where most Veteran RS players are. Today Dynasty had a prep fight with a clan Ankou, right after that a p2p rsbl clan asked us to replace a clan that didn't show up for them and we gladly accepted even though it was 1 hour+ after our main event, we massed our best p2p unit and went into battle against The Goblins Den These goblins are a new breed and wanted to test themselves against our mighty Spartan unit. Without hesitation my men went head on to slay some goblins to show no mercy for these foul creatures of the dark. Dynasty as usual came on top victorious, the honor this clan has will always out bright others. Dynasty is taking over, and 2022 is just another year for us to strive better for our 2nd year opening. Video:
  4. ^ Point proven, Legit Toxic as ever. Exposed? here we go again.... no proof just a troll made by you guys cause you legit toxic. You don't promote anything but hate as you just proven. Tempest = Bunch of kids playing RuneScape Join Dynasty where real adults act and not spread negatively, o wait your banned from Dynasty, cause most tempest are banned from all clans thats why tempest was made.
  5. Huh? I wasn’t at any of you’re events watching, you guys are legit the most toxic clan in the community??? No one makes topics like you guys. Worse then rot themselves, can’t believe it promotes hate/beef/lies/dishonor/crashwars/toxicity I can go on: https://tempest-rs.net/topic/6308-recent-df-af-beef/ https://tempest-rs.net/topic/5595-cry-is-confirmed-to-be-free/ https://tempest-rs.net/topic/858-dynasty-blesvetotimebeastsooner-rexsir-achillezbooma10cunabomerjokerorion-discussion/
  6. Toxic clan finally beats adv, the toxicity is beyond measure here.
  7. Yes sir, that’s me showing true strength
  8. Discord: https://discord.gg/7rpyKnzCDz After we had a mini wilderness fight with Royalty we asked for a CWA fight as we are currently unstoppable in CWA. They accepted even though 60% of Royalty is in Dynasty. We had to drop a few numbers to even out the battle. Royalty is a fierce team, so our Spartans were ready to slash through them like we do to other clans/teams in CWA. The Battle Started we were down a bit but we gained back quickly, KOing many magers and making the callers choke in Royalty. Eventually one of our Spartans tanked to their portal and stand while eating then accidently leaving when he was out, it made Royalty upset they got "robbed" by 1 kill..... so they mass left knowing Dynasty was to Strong in CWA and couldn't stay in to finish the fight (Nothing new). Thanks for the fun Fight Royalty, good practice.
  9. Discord: https://discord.gg/7rpyKnzCDz Our fellow honorable clan rival Wilderness Guardians came seeking battle, between our two honorable clans. WG doesn't pull high in F2P as we do, so my men sharpened our spears and strengthen our shields to fight such a clan that has been out for several years compare to our 1 year anniversary. We massed 26, dropping to 15 to match opts. Our Spartans were hungry for battle as we know not defeat. Our Spartans defended amongst the hallows of Plateau, no where to hide, no where to run, only towards victory. On terms the Wilderness Guardians asked for Overheads on with low opts (very very long fight), but we accepted due to both honorable clans. During first round we went through piles like it was nothing, our tanks, our piles, our calls, were on point and landing a defeating blow to WG in both rounds. Thanks to everyone who supported Dynasty, as this one year Anniversary was truly amazing for my clan, through the ups and DOWNS, we still here and many more years to come!
  10. We Asked Holy Empire for a F2P Wildy Fight last week, so after a week passed we massed our Spartans up! Pulling 33+ once again and having a new caller join as well made it 10x more amazing. Our Spears got bloody, our Shields blocked arrows. We Slain fast, regroup, then slain more. Holy Empire was no joke, we tied at CWA awhile back and we knew they had always more opts then we. Unfortunately, Dynasty Cleared the wildy and Holy Empire was not found. Thank you Holy Empire for understanding prior agreements and upholding respect. Thanks to our new Trial Members and our new addition officer, for calling amazing when needed. Video: Holy Empire Starting: 35+ Ending: 0 Dynasty Starting: 32ish Ending: 33
  11. Forums: https://dynasty-rs.com/community/ Discord: https://discord.gg/Dyn OG Topic: https://dynasty-rs.com/community/index.php?/topic/305-dynasty-vs-elite-zerks-3-2/ Dynasty fighting clans every weekend, most active in-game. So after our last weekend, we set up a fight with Elite Zerks. Knowing EZ is a very competitive PvP P2P Clan we wanted to step up our skills in P2P against them. The day came, We massed our Spartans, Sharpened our Spears, equipped our heavy shields and waited for the enemy to attack. The battle was competitive for both sides, we lost our first two battles 2-0. We were heavily unfocused for a fierce p2p battle against these Elite Zerkers, but we straighten our Spartans up, great calls from our callers and stepped up the tanking we came back harder then ever and defeated them 3-2 ending. This was a waking call for our PvMers that we got a lot more to deal with if we want to become #1. Thanks for all our PvMers that tried it today hope you learned a lot! Thanks to Elite Zerks for being a great p2p clan to accept this challenge. Video: Ending 4th:
  12. Forums: https://dynasty-rs.com/community/ Discord: https://discord.gg/dyn OG Topic: https://dynasty-rs.com/community/index.php?/topic/302-dynasty-vs-clan-wars-community So after being open for awhile and and pulling great numbers recently we approached CWC (Tempest, VR, etc..) for a fight to test our newcomers against a well known F2P Community clan. After cleaning Rats out of our clan we pulled pretty amazing (40 max). We sharpened our Spears, and gathered the men to clan wars to keep our undefeated streak going. We knew CWC will pull a lot of top cwa friends, so we had to step our A game up. We rushed and clashed slaying 1by1 good piles and listening skills. Thanks to our NEW Trial Members that never did PvP CWA we did great together! R1 Start: R1 Ending: R2 Start: R2 Ending: R3 Start: R3 Ending: Round 4: Ending R4:
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