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  1. Forums: https://dynasty-rs.com/community/ Discord: https://discord.gg/YJKdZFw After a few day prep fight for Divine Kings who eventually backed out due to being scared, we asked Forsaken who are a PvM clan, we asked for a friendly p2p cwa fight matched opts. Knowing Dynasty isn't great at pulling in P2P even though we are undefeated in CWA. We Expected a tough fight and we did. Massed our Spartans up, geared up 55 Def Cap, unlimited weapons. Dynasty pulled great in p2p once more. We entered the portal to face off the FORSAKEN. We battled Fierce first round, but eventually took heavy casualties and lost. After a few mistakes first round, Veto took command in calling and we came back strong to protect our undefeated streak. Rules: 55 Def Cap, No Vemon, No SotD (Maxed Weapons Allowed) Thanks to The Forsaken people to accept our mighty call in arms, more respect to you! Hope to see ya come back into PvP scene. Thanks for our beast tanks in p2p and our callers. First Round: Lost 20-25 Second Round: Won 25-21 Third Round (Dropped Due to Forsaken losing members): Won 25-13
  2. Forums: https://dynasty-rs.com/community/ Discord: https://discord.gg/YJKdZFw So Today we massed up a few spartans for a F2P PK Trip, we knew some clans be out especially near chaos alter. We sharped our spears and swords and headed to CA, where we found Warm Mafia. We Clashed making Warm Mafia run to singles more often then they should. We had swift KO power, defeating 1 by 1, kill by kill. We fought for almost 2 hours until they were no purple capes left. Dynasty conquered warm mafia, just like any other F2P cc that roams in our wildy. Dynasty kills: 20+ Dynasty Deaths: 5? #DYNASTY Video:
  3. Forums: https://dynasty-rs.com/community/ Discord: https://discord.gg/YJKdZFw We fought Corrupted Souls knowing we a F2P Based clan we are undefeated in matched opts p2p and CS wanted to test it out with us, and we showed our might and strength in p2p, Spartans never back down.
  4. Forums: https://dynasty-rs.com/community/ Discord: https://discord.gg/YJKdZFw Dynasty is the only clan that will act their age, we respect everyone equally, we are the only clan that is also non-toxic, if you interested join the best community. We are a new Clan, as well we are one of the last honor clans in-game, and we value that. If you are looking for a clan with competition, progress, dedication: But also humility, passion, honor - you found us. We have many important elements to our clan, including: F2P & P2P PKing, and provide events outside of the wilderness, PvMing, CW, Skilling, We aim to be the best clan with highest skill level, and maxed combat! We are very diverse in players from across the world so any timezone fits our clan, mostly USA EST. We are Growing and looking for top players, You will learn new things within Dynasty, we make Spartans. Dynasty is an elite Main Clan, We specializes in both F2P and P2P warring, Skilling, PvMing. Dynasty ultimate and continuous goal is to be a performance-leader in both free-to-play and pay-to-play PK'ing and PvM/Skilling. We would like to be the most Active Pking Clan in OSRS including PvMing. Dynasty also cherishes the value of upholding a great community for its members. Dynasty Will be one of the few respected clans in Runescape, upholding honor, respect, and dignity! As you can see, Dynasty is a clan that tries to excel in all areas. Unlike many clans who stick to one area and may not take things seriously, we strive to be the best and most active we can be in all the areas above. You can be assured of plenty to do in a strong, active community and be confident your fellow clanmates will be there by your side no matter what type of event or clan wars fight we have. We take pride in being one of the most ELITE clan in RuneScape, and have always done so. Our members are not the kind of members who cause needless drama, who complain all the time, who represent Dynasty in a bad way. They are the kind of members who; give their all for their clan, are extremely dedicated & know what they're doing in terms of PKing & warring. We Have a Discord where you can contact me on joining, it'll be easier for us to communicate and apply since our off-site forums are still undergoing. Below are Reserved for future add-ons about the clan and the history we will make once we grow and become a stronger force. Trial Members Requirements 120+ Combat level (115+ is welcomed too) 1500+ Total Active overall (In-game, Discord, Forums) Full Member Requirements 121+ Combat level Remained a Trial Member for 30 days Attended at least 10 events throughout your TM period We have options for all of our members, which allows us to flourish in Diversity and overall success. We aim for quality that is our best, so we do encourage Skilling. † Player V. Player .......• Single & Edgeville Pking .......• Multi & Deep Wilderness, Bounty Hunter Pking .......• Clan Wars - Prep. Fights † Player V. Monster .......• Raids 1 - 'Chambers of Xeric' .......• Raids 2 - 'Theater Of Blood' † Skilling & Efficiency .......• CML Tracking & EHP Productivity .......• Total Level Skilling & Max Cape / End-Game Content .......• Completionist Content Dynasty can offer you the complete clan package. We offer: Frequent PVP PK's - F2p and P2p (single and multi) Multiple Clan Wars Events Each Week and Clan Wars Run Ins BOTH F2P and P2P Clan Wars P2P Bounty Hunter Pking God Wars Trips Big & Small A Weekly Community Event Which Any Member Can Host Castle Wars and Fight Pits vs Other Clans Other Unique Events Active Paid-Forums Checked Daily by every member
  5. Pulling low lately? Anyways congrats looked fun 15v15
  6. Discord: https://discord.gg/YJKdZFw Home World: 377 Clan Chat: Dynasty Clan Forums: https://dynasty-rs.com/community/ The Last Honor Clan In-game, Non Toxic, Veterans of Clan World, Come join our Discord where you won't be flamed. and where we don't post fake winning topics. Today we massed up the Spartans for our first start of daily P2P Pking in the Revenants Cave and Wilderness, We pulled a decent amount of Dynasty members and rushed into the caves knowing most worlds are protected for about 1 hour and 30mins. We killed many Randoms including a few Deathrow Members. Anyways, we enjoyed todays PK trip and hopefully get more Big loots from future P2P PKing daily events. Thanks for everyone who showed up and lets keep it up Dynasty and make some $$$$. DR Loot = https://gyazo.com/ee069805a4338788a4a5bd1999d6664b
  7. Imagine arguing activity on forums in 2020, no one uses forums, you’re oblivious in general
  8. Tempest/Pandemic/Di/TT it isn’t hard to merge all into one sir, nice try though let me know when you actually make a clan from the bottom, not from the middle.
  9. Congrats WL, nice win and nice pull
  10. Discord: https://discord.gg/YJKdZFw Home World: 377 Clan Chat: Dynasty PvP Forums: https://dynasty-rs.com/community/ Today we massed up 26 for a CWA fight that turned into a delay due to the other team numbers low, so we instead of canceling we went into the enormous wilderness where we had people leave down to 22, but where clans/teams roam around, chill, etc.. we saw a few Sheikh, G Mob stranglers at altar and we Spartans disposed of them quickly, then we went towards RR to find more stranglers to clear, after nothing was seen we went straight to Falador in the PvP World to see if any victims bestow there, yet none to be found, by then we went into our CWA fight losing a few members due to 1 hour delay.. It was fun while it lasted and we have a lot to improve on, we brought a lot of new blood into the warring scene today. More to come from the honorable Dynasty clan.
  11. Lol, I think most clans think the “new” guy is a VR spy haha nothing new
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