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  1. Looked easy, guess thunder wasn’t heard today
  2. Congrats guys looked clean and fun!
  3. Looked easy, tempest ain’t good enough to be with the big boys! keep it up.
  4. Honor, Respect, Prideful, Come join the upcoming Team/Clan to victory! https://dynasty-rs.com/community/ Discord: https://discord.gg/xUFUfFM I Respectfully asked EF for a fight since we were fixing somethings up within the Team/clan and we were ready to start fighting again to show that Dynasty is here to become a top competitor. We respect EF for accepting a clean and honor fight and we shall do more in the future! We pulled 17 Strong Spartans against 15, so we had to cap it 15v15. Sadly, we still have a lot to improve like adding our ending pictures but next time we will have them! First round : Victory 25-20 Second Round : Victory 25-18 Third Round : Lost 23-25 Shout out for our callers, and our amazing TANKS, we did great against a solid strong clan.
  5. Congrats NP nicely done.
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