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  1. If you guys are interested in a f2p Battle on your mains give us a PM
  2. We reopened about two weeks ago or so, we have took up P2P as well as F2P these days since F2p action is limited however saying that we have had 3 F2P battles in these 2 weeks 2 CWA's and 1x Wildy
  3. F2P Action is hard to come by at the moment so i would say we are more P2P focused as off right now.
  4. Forums: http://tr-clan.com/forums/ Discord: https://discord.gg/tfJ4gtg Clanchat: "The Rising" The Rising is a main clan with a notorious history within the clan world dating back to 2007. For much of The Risings existence we have been a F2P based clan but due to circumstances F2P acitivty has taken a hit ( because we are much better than all our "competition") we have ventured in to the P2P scene seeking action. If you're seeking an active , dedicated and friendly clan look no further. Showcase
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