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  1. Set up a 30 minute multi spells battle with our pals Phoenix , was a fun and very clean scrap. Thanks for the fight gamers ! Pictures
  2. We had a few day prepped planned but our challenger decided to back out. Not wanting to waste a prep we messaged around asking clans for battles. Team Sweden answered our call and we set up north off Chaos Temple for a quick 30 minute multi spells battle. Safe to say we controlled the entire fight from start to finish. Thanks for battle gamers ! Pictures
  3. So we decided to go out and search for some action first we ran into NL at revs, we lured the fight into black dragons and as we gained they decided to call it a night. Then we ran into Divine forces at rev caves we had a nice little scrap with us catching a big clump after a little while we decided to just PM DF to fight in a better location. We fought for 30 minutes at chaos temple uninterrupted by crashers we gained up to 22 warriors putting in a solid performance. Thanks for the action lads! DF Battle
  4. We originally had a 3 day prepped planned with VR but to no surprise they backed out last minute (pussies). So we hit up our pals Vitality for P2P multi spells battle and they gladly accepted. We set up at chaos temple and scrapped for a good 30 minutes. Thanks for battle men ! Pictures
  5. There different topics one was on saturday one was on sunday
  6. CC: The Rising | Most active | https://discord.gg/tfJ4gtg After the new years' celebrations and people still recovering we decided to go out on a few hour prep F2P event after hearing some action was gonna go down tonight we massed up a strong 30 men. We ended up fighting 1v3 versus CP+VR+Arroz and we quite easily dealt with them and made them run/logg out from us. After our F2P event ended a bit faster than we hoped for we went out seeking for some P2P action, DF was kind enough to accept our fight offer. We fought them for a little while after we decided we had enough of it and called it a day. GF gamers of CP,VR,Arroz & DF Photos of the F2P action: P2P Battle
  7. http://tr-clan.co.uk/ | CC: The Rising | Most active | https://discord.gg/tfJ4gtg Decided to head out with the men to hunt for some loot on this Sunday evening , ending up running in to Violent Resolution in deep wildy and the scrap began. Controlled the fight from the start dominating VR with our multi spells & huge DPS pushing them all over the map . Thanks for the battle pals Video Pictures
  8. http://tr-clan.co.uk/ | CC: The Rising | Most active | https://discord.gg/tfJ4gtg We heard F2P was going down so we quickly massed up the troops hoping to get a piece of the action! We massed up 29 strong men unprepped and rushed VR/CP. The fight started with us making short work of them and we waited at Gdz for them to regroup and start R2.. This lasted much longer than expected ending up being around 1 hour 30 minutes of action. Thanks for the action pals. TR Ending: https://i.imgur.com/LjN8B0M.gif
  9. If you guys are interested in a f2p Battle on your mains give us a PM
  10. We reopened about two weeks ago or so, we have took up P2P as well as F2P these days since F2p action is limited however saying that we have had 3 F2P battles in these 2 weeks 2 CWA's and 1x Wildy
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