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Found 390 results

  1. Original topic: https://rs-deathrow.com/community/index.php?/topic/619-saturday-f2p-vs-supreme-aggression-2-1/ Last week Kevinn87 asked me if we would like to fight his newly formed F2P team, Supreme Aggression, in their first fight. After talking it over we agreed to a fight for this Saturday. Knowing they have recruited mostly experienced F2P clanners we knew today's fight would be a tough one. The first round we fell behind early and while we caught up in the second half, it just wasn't quite enough as SA took the our first fight. Finally warmed up from the first round we learned from our mistakes and began switching left and right and took the lead and never looked back. Round 3 was going to be make or break, everything on the line. Things began to come down to the wire around the 20 kill mark with us cornered on their side of the map. Luckily some amazing tanks and great transitions brought home the victory for which has been one of our closest fights to date. Thanks for the fight Supreme Aggression. I'm sure we'll meet again. Deathrow Ending: 19 kills Supreme Aggression Ending: 25 kills Deathrow Ending: 25 kills Supreme Aggression Ending: 23 kills Deathrow Ending: 25 kills Supreme Aggression Ending: 23 kills
  2. Last night we massed up some wolves for a fun wildy gear +1 event vs Resistance! We did 10def gear cap as they had more 1def than 20def accounts on, and we did 2 sets, 1 set of knockout, and 1 set of ft50, with a ft50 decider at the end! The whole event was done on fun maps (plat is boring zzz) Resistance won 2-1 the Knockout set, and we won 2-0 the FT50 Set! We then proceeded to have a FT50 tiebreaker at the end, which we managed to win GF RS ty for fun non toxic action~ POV Video:
  3. Terminal V Zenith (20v20 P2P Clan Wars) We approached Zenith for a P2P Clan Wars event, Zenith gladly accepted and we set up a 20v20 P2P Clan Wars fight. We had a good mix of experienced shooters and some new clanners so we were pleased to come away with the win from some close rounds. Round 1 - WIN Starting: 18 Ending: 4 (Terminal) 0 (Zenith) Round 2 - LOST Round 3 - WIN Starting: 21 Ending: 7 (Terminal) 0 (Zenith) GF Zenith and thanks for the action.
  4. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net Legacy hit us up for a P2P 20v20, so we gladly accepted and got the 2-1 win. Thanks for the fight, Legacy! Starting: 20 Ending: 10 Lost Starting: 23 Ending: 6 Mustafa
  5. Resistance asked for a big mini so we massed 18 coming out with the 6-0 [3-0 in sets]. Ty 4 action it was fun. Rounds Start/ending Round 1: 16/14 Round 2: 17/11 Round 3: 17/12 Round 4: 17/12 Round 5: 15/13 Round 6: 12/8 K0ed: @Kojak
  6. Drunk Pkers Vs Deathrow Discord: https://discord.gg/taD8QY In what was expected to be “The biggest fight of May” for us since we closed in 2016 , we saw two teams simply battle it out for a long 3 rounds. The fight was given a 2 weeks prep, with both sides agreeing to a CWA bout. Deathrow, arguably one of the top 3 F2P teams, were looking forward to giving DP it’s first welcome to the clan world. Drunk Pkers massed 28 strong soldiers to the fight. They were rowdy, they were most certainly ready to fight and pull off a big win against Deathrow. Deathrow, however, stayed calm and collective. They were the most active team compared to DP, and they had a long relationship with their members, stemming back to Cutthroat days. If anything, it could be said that Deathrow were easily the favorites to win this fight. In previous fights (F2P), you could see the tight clumps from Deathrow, the magnificent focus they had on piles, and the chemistry was solid between their members. The same could not be said for Drunk Pkers. In fact, nothing could really be said for Drunk Pkers, as they had not warred together in 4-5 years. Onward to the present; we find ourselves on May 16th 2020. Just hours away from Deathrow vs Drunk Pkers. Healer walked around the CWA area nervously, anxiously awaiting for the war to begin. It is now 9 PM GMT, they’re late. 2 minutes later, they arrive. Now the war will begin. Video Round 1: The fight was ready to begin 19v19, then Deathrow spawns another member. Now the fight is matched 20v20. Drunk Pkers and Deathrow meet at the center and begin to duel it out. However things get bad. Deathrow begins to lead the fight with 2 kills. Soon extending it to 3. From bad it gets worse. Deathrow proves to completely dismantle Drunk Pkers. The fight takes a toll on Drunk Pkers members, as things turn awful. However, late in round 1, there is a glimmer of hope for DP as they make an amazing comeback. However it falls short. Drunk Pkers showing resilience, and determination. The “can’t stop, won’t stop” attitude appears strong within members of DP. Deathrow would win the round 25-22. Round 2: Drunk Pkers were facing a tough challenge this round. After suffering an embarrassing defeat in round one, the pressure of winning out began to mount on DP, or did it? DP immediately went to DR and took matters into their own hands early on. DP gained an early 2 kill lead and pulled away. Never ever looking back. The fight was reminiscent of DR’s round 1 victory, however, DP did not let up. DR wouldn’t make a comeback like DP, and would stay confused as to what they had just witnessed. 25-11, DP not only took the win, they stole it, held it away from DR, and to add insult to injury, they let DR know who the better team was. Round 3: The final round. Drunk Pkers came in again with another 2 kill lead, same as before. However DR would show their commitment to win. The fight was tight, and the clumps were just as beautiful and close quartered as the last round. This was inevitably showing two opposing callers giving it their all to win the war for their team. But, the quality of DP would prove to be too much for DR to handle as they began to slip. DP would go 3 kills up, and eventually close out with a 25-19 win. Drunk Pkers showed they have what it takes to contest for #1. As of today, they celebrate a hard fought victory. They overcame adversity from round one, they adjusted to their members, and steam rolled in round 2, and pulled an impressive win in round 3. Cheers to Drunk Pkers and Good fight Deathrow, on to the next. Pictures
  7. https://discord.gg/aXNRbHD In remembrance of our dear Leader; Our mighty council member, Anza, set up a clean fight with Rock Fighters. It was nothing serious, just a friendly fight. We tested out some new people, and approached some of these rounds a bit different than what we normally would. This would prove to be an interesting fight, but would it cost us the the big W? Round 1 KC to 25 : started off iffy with both numbers slightly increasing. It's safe to say it was disorganized so we don't count it as a win. It was still fun nonetheless; with our leader Souf calling, we were easily hitting the same people over and over. We stretched the lead early on and never looked back. not much else could be said of this round. Round 2 KC to 25: Round 2 started in an interesting manner. We used a new caller, healer md, and were determined to start this round off with a big bang! Healer lead us through swift transitions, it would be declared that, "Transition City" would be the name of this show. Such beautiful calls and switches by our newly appointed caller, our spam game was at an incredible high, words cannot truly encapsulate the ferocious and passionate calls that this young lad had achieved. It was absolutely art, fantastic, beautiful art. We dominated this round. Round 3 KO Round 3 would prove to be a test of quick ko succession. With our new caller at the helm again, we were yet again determined to win this fight. We started off with a bang immediately aiming for estarvo, he proved to tank well this round. After this, we immediately started to dismantle the enemy; because this was a friendly fight, didn't mean we were going to be non-competitive. We wanted it badly, and as spams indicated, we wanted it more. We decimated our opponent yet again, and ran off with a 2-1 (NC) win. Many thanks to our friends, Rock Fighters, and we hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Gallery Week 2 You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. - Bob Marley
  8. Forums: http://tr-clan.co.uk/ Discord: https://discord.gg/tfJ4gtg Clanchat: "The Rising" The Rising is a main clan with a notorious history within the clan world dating back to 2007. For much of The Risings existence we have been a F2P based clan but due to circumstances F2P acitivty has taken a hit ( because we are much better than all our "competition") we have ventured in to the P2P scene seeking action. If you're seeking an active , dedicated and friendly clan look no further. Showcase
  9. "Clanterminal" Clanchat | Click For -> Discord Resistance approached Terminal for some action, to which we gladly accepted, so we set up a P2P Prep. We massed up 22 shooters for the prep and came away with the 3-0 victory. Thanks for the prep Resistance and good fight, looking forward for more action soon. See you at tomorrow’s p2p Sunday trip. Round 1 Terminal Start/End: 19/15 Resistance Start/End: 19/0 Round 2 Terminal Start/End:20/14 Resistance Start/End:20/0 Round 3 Terminal Start/End:19/10 Resistance Start/End:19/0 Verji
  10. Zerg Unit vs Excel Pulled 35, waited an extra 30 minutes for XL to mass up to fight. Got the 3-0 smoked them down 2 in the 3rd round. Round 1 - Attacking, Classic Starting: 30v30 Ending: 21/0 Round 2 - Defending, Classic Starting: 30v30 Ending: 22/0 Round 3 - PKRI Plateau Starting: 28v30 Ending: 19/0
  11. Onslaught massed up 25 Gorillas for our fight vs resistance. FT50 WILDERNESS GEAR +1 Took the win 2-0 GF Resistance
  12. XLPC, home of the big wang wang bamboo warriors Today we had a scheduled prep for the XLPC BrewCup against United Family Unfortunately, it was only a 15v15 (RP taking the W) However, both teams pulled up with swagged out Treasure Trails Items to make it a fight of rich people Thanks for the fight, UF! [Ty for vid, Rosters]
  13. After a fun PKRI against HY we approached them for a Ft100 CWA event and they accepted! We changed from wildy to CWA gear and went in the portal and was able to leave with the W! Thanks once again for the fight HY, hopefully we do more in the future. Black UP POV Zee POV
  14. Today we massed up for our P2P Clan wars event versus foe. We showed some strong clanning in the 2nd and 3rd round and pulled off a win Thanks for the action FOE! Warm up round Start: 22 Ending: 8 Start: 24 Ending: 14 Mustafa Jimmy
  15. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Legacy massed up 25 Spartans for a scheduled p2p big mini vs. Onslaught. We had two rounds of pkri's and came out on top 2-0 gf boys.
  16. The Big Wang Wang Panda's strike again. XLPC is getting a little boring since we're smacking cheeks in our rivalry, so we decided to push our quality to the LPC scene. Nonetheless, we put Fi in their coffins today after a quick [2-1] in the Purple Desert Portals. To summarize, YES, a 12-year clan did in fact lose to a 1-month old clan. Today we approached Fi for a 35v35 in Clan Wars, feeling bad after they were [2-0'd] this week. We weren't too keen on the whole overheads aspect being an XLPC and all, but we trust our core quality. These are how the fights went down: Round 1: [RP Loss] Round 2: [RP Win] [Ending with 18] Round 3 (PKRI): [RP Win] [Ending with 4] If there are any other LPC's that would like additional action, holla at ya boy! Thanks Fi! [Thanks for the vids 20def, Ham, Kold]
  17. On this fine Thursday (I think lol?) EnVy massed up 27 bandits to hand out the smoke in the Clan Wars Arena. After bias sharkbrew mod @DilL kicked EnVy out the CWA tournament due to taking his high council rank in Astro (lmfao), and getting bullied everytime they set foot in the wilderness by EnVy's superior super pures. We decided to just set up a prep outside of the tournament and smoke these kids on our xlpc accounts regardless. After threatening the use of tanks all week then only pulling 32 lol, losing matched opts in CWA and Astro leader begging Hassan for off (audio coming soon stay tuned) Asstro clan can't have long left before closure. Round 1: EnVy Starting: 25 EnVy Ending: 15 Asstro Starting: 25 Asstro ending: 0 Round 2: EnVy Starting: 27 EnVy Ending: 16 Asstro Starting: 27 Asstro ending: 0 Round 3: EnVy Starting: 25 EnVy Ending: 19 Asstro Starting: 25 Asstro ending: 0
  18. Zerg Unit vs Excel 3 - 0 Big fat kekecocks laying down the slaps. Round 1 - Attacking, Classic 26 / 26 15 / 0 Round 2 - Defending, Classic 25 / 25 20 / 0 Round 3 - F50 PKRI Plateau 50 / 40 Do you want to join the next big thing in XLPC? The next number one? Course you do. Pop by our Discord and say hi: https://discord.gg/WqumDxd
  19. Zerg Unit vs EnVy So, yeah. We lost round one, it happens. Doesn't matter because we injected straight dank murder into their veins rounds two and three. Round 1 - Attacking, Classic 26 / 26 0 / 6 Round 2 - Defending, Classic 27 / 27 16 / 0 Round 3 - PKRI, Plateau 28 / 28 22 / 0 Do you want to join the next big thing in XLPC? The next number one? Course you do. Pop by our Discord and say hi: https://discord.gg/WqumDxd
  20.   Rage gathered 45 bears for our FT50 F2P Prep vs Legacy. We took the clean 3-0 victory. Thanks for the clean fights dudes! Rage kills: 50 Legacy kills: 40 Rage kills: 50 Legacy kills: 48 Rage kills: 50 Legacy kills: 40 @Bluewatch
  21.   Rage massed up 35 Bears for a F2P Prep vs Fatality. This is honestly the closest prep we've had in a while and it was a ton of fun. FI has definitely stepped up their F2P game. We ended taking the close 2-1 win. Thanks for the fight, Fatality. Defending Loss  Attacking Win Rage Starting Opts: 32 Rage Ending Opts: 12 Run In Win Rage Starting Opts: 33 Rage Ending Opts: 9 
  22. We are relaxed, 120+ combat, GMT based, and don't care too much about what goes on until things need to be dealt with. In other words, we're a chill F2P team (multi-clanning is allowed) that's all about action, whether it be spontaneous or a prep. If you enjoy CWA or PKRI then look no further; we tend to do one or the other weekly, as well as daily F2P pk trips. We do advertise a friendly/active discord; if you feel like introducing yourself then feel free to join https://discord.gg/aXNRbHD Inquire to Zezrma#0543 ; Sicka#3037 ; s o u f#8740 - About joining today Media https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JS013bpHugU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESgqM6-L3vc&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol3TSeexczA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yg-AFTXwsUA&t=19s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXvGxoDszJ8&t=41s
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