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Found 31 results

  1. Forums: http://tr-clan.co.uk/ Discord: https://discord.gg/tfJ4gtg Clanchat: "The Rising" The Rising is a main clan with a notorious history within the clan world dating back to 2007. For much of The Risings existence we have been a F2P based clan but due to circumstances F2P acitivty has taken a hit ( because we are much better than all our "competition") we have ventured in to the P2P scene seeking action. If you're seeking an active , dedicated and friendly clan look no further. Showcase
  2. Welcome to Evil's Recruitment Thread PVP+PVM Community! 100+ Combat to join! Please join our discord for more information as we are not officially opened yet . If you are interested in participating in PvM activities such as Raids, God Wars Dungeon, Corp Beast, King Black Dragon, Callisto, etc or PvP activities such as Clan Wars Arena, PKing Deep Wilderness (Singles), PvP Worlds, or Skull Tricking do not hesitate to join us today ! Clan Information: Clan Chat: EVIL-RS NET Discord Link: https://discord.gg/NZveN7e Website: https://www.evil-rs.net/
  3. We PURGE mini'd BP 6v6 in P2P server, video speaks for itself. Gf & Ty for action BP.
  4. Whether you're in an XLPC or not, I'm curious about thoughts on having that bracket partake in being a 2 server clan, similar to LPC? Edit: I see it is the LPC kids h8'n on the XLPC scene ay.
  5. PX went out on an Unofficial Tuesday P2P trip (August 15, 2017). We massed up 20 Phoenix's. Took on area's such as East Hill where we cleared Apex. After seeing they had ended, we moved up to vennatis & vetion for some loots off randoms. Further along we went to rune rocks, & lava dragons and PKed consecutively for 3 hours with endless loots. Join in on the fun! Forums: http://www.px-rs.com Ts3 Server Address: "ts.px-rs.com" Clanchat: "PX Clanchat" Kingboy's PoV:
  6. Yoo what's up guys I'm new to pking and I just made my first pking vid. Short film but I think you will like it. p2p with a nice intro. Please leave a like or a comment if you liked or disliked it:
  7. http://dmk-rs.com/forums/ DMK got together 25 members for our daily P2P PK Trip. The trip lasted for around 3/4 hours. We headed out to lavas to start off with it. Then headed down to Sperm/Easts in hope to fight some teams and clans. We cleared Prestige/BP?? (some yellow hat clan??) 5 times and lost once. They claim we had mains however, we had 1 level 110, to combat your two tanks/mains, and the ts audio is at rune rocks. Flame all you want, you've got nothing better to do when getting cleared l0l If you put the same effort into pking as you do with your topics maybe you'd actually be relevant. PS Stop declining our P2P Preps pls Thanks to everyone else for the fights
  8. Name: Future Pker? Or Scrub.. Category: Runescape 2007/Legacy Pking Videos Date Added: 30 January 2017 - 11:09 AM Short Description: A short pking video with a sick intro. View Video
  9. http://dmk-rs.com/forums/ Thanks PA for the mini
  10. http://dmk-rs.com/forums/ Done 2 sets, won 3-0 and 2-0. Ty for the mini AAO.
  11. http://dmk-rs.com/forums/ DMK Massed up 17 members for yet another unofficial P2P Trip. We set out looking for action and that's exactly what we found, ending up having more action than HPCs gonna start having on the weekend Fought IV once, BP twice, ST twice, and bumped into Misfits and WDB too. Trip lasted hours, clans ended then we got bored so went and did inners.The vid could've been at least 15mins but cut waste product out so you don't get bored Still 6mins 30 sped up tho Shoutout Clans that came out ​ Media
  12. http://dmk-rs.com/forums/ Pure Aggression approached us for a PKRI. We got some mini's in before hand and won 2-0. We perfected the first round. We then did a 8v8 PKRI inside of Corp in w25. We perfected this as well. Thanks for the midweek action
  13. http://dmk-rs.com/forums/ After the core members pking for hours upon end, the numbers started to pick up. DMK peaked at 18 members for another midweek trip. We found Invictus on the 26 hill. After a few early bangs on log in, we quickly got the upper hand which allowed us to clear the rest without loosing many. We then scouted them again at Sperm hill/23 hills. We rushed in from 26 hills, clearing IV members on the way. We then managed to push IV back and get onto Sperm hill ourselves, dropping specs and clearing everyone left. We then logged into them again at the same place. This time we were a little bit outnumbered but stayed organised and picked off our piles. It was a very good fight shout IV. As numbers were down we went off to Lavas. We hopped into Prestige and managed to clear them relatively quickly. Good luck to all tomorrow! Video:
  14. http://dmk-rs.com/forums/ For our official Trip DMK Massed up 25 Members. We started off with a fight against Invictus in Falador. They started off North of the entrance whilst we were south. We then had a run in with even opts. The fight lasted quite a while and was a good lot of fun, we was clearing them, however we then got crashed by a few clans. We then arranged another fight against Invictus outside of Chaos Altar. We defened CA, and gave them our world and location. They then hopped on top of us, and after catching a few early barrage piles we managed to drop some early piles which gave us the upper hand.Doom then rushed up 10 so we called a tele. We then arranged another fight against Invictus, this time inside of Corp in PVP World. Again, a few early barrage clumps gave us the upper hand. Was fun though, thanks IV for the fights! We then finished off the day with a organised fight against Redemption. We were told to defend CA, so we waited and gave them the world. They then attempted to rush with 1 itemers and ended their trip l000l what happened, this clan was once good :( TCF then decided to get on some action outside of corp while Redemption were 1 iteming, they gave us a decent fights but as we were a few numbers up we managed to clear them. Media @DMKKilla POV @Lil_Nerdy POV https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoGFvT16KDg&feature=youtu.be
  15. http://dmk-rs.com/forums/ With the news that Redemption and Misfits were out, DMK massed up a quick 15 members. Although we were down quite a few numbers we still wanted some action. We started off at Easts and after a few hops found Misfits we were having a nice fight up until Redemption rushed in from the 26hills. Instead of insta teleing we stuck around and dropped a few We then got the news that Redemption and Misfits was fighting at CA. We rushed down from Sperm hill and picked off everyone remaining. We then stuck around and continued to kill returners. Shoutouts: All the DMK members that quickly massed up for the fights. Misfits for keeping up their activity in wildy and producing good fights DMKKilla POV:
  16. With the news Misifts were out, DMK massed up a quick 15 members, later peaking at 20. We had arrangd to fight Misfits at Lavas, with us defending inside the gate. However, after waiting too long, a few Apex members hopped in so we quickly killed them. After hopping world to get a regroup to fight Misfits, we ran into another clan, Prestige?(red santa hats/yellow cape? not 100%?), and quickly cleared them aswell. After getting a regroup, we organised a fight with Misfits just east of Gdz. They gave us a decent fight, but after dropping a few early piles we got the upper hand and quickly cleared the rest. We finished off with an organised PKRI. We sat south of gap, whilst Misfits sat at Dwarfs. After telling eachother to pot up, we both rushed. It was a good fight but with our tactics and organisation with East and West flanks quickly picking off piles, we managed to clear them relatively quickly. Instead of teleing straight away, we waited around for Misfits to return. Shoutouts: All the DMK members that quickly massed up for the fights. Misifts for giving us clean fights. Prestige for fighting us down opts. DMKKilla POV: EJ9 POV:
  17. http://www.dmk-rs.com DMK massed up 18 later peaking at 22 members for our Friday Trip. After clearing mains and randoms on a lavas trip, we stumbled across Misfits. We had a very good fight lasting a while, until mains crashed it. We returned through gap and picked off every single last remaining member. We then found ST north of corp, where they ran straight to singles and teled. Thanks for the action, too bad more clans weren't out today! Media: Killa's POV (audio muted, will fix) Pictures:
  18. dmk-rs.com After Backing out of a Prep with the excuse that they simply didn't have enough members at the time.. We heard SF was in wildy with 30 Members. So, DMK decided to mass up. We crashed their fights with Terror, resulting in SF teleing most of the time, but we still got some action. Although SF asked CP for help and got mains to hit us, DMK continued to slap them through. After chasing them around and them tele-ing, they eventually gave up, and ended. IRC Conversation: [21:37] <dmkkilla> lol asking cp for help ahahahah???? [21:37] <[sF]Control_Pker> l0l [21:37] <[sF]Control_Pker> its not same opts [21:37] <[sF]Control_Pker> ye we got mains to hit u [21:37] <dmkkilla> sam just told me lmfao Media (Vid got muted for copyright rip)
  19. Today DMK massed up 28 Members for our official Friday P2P Trip.. Shououts to IV for the fun fights. SF for the failed crash (1.02). And the main team we cleared for some decent loots(2.55).
  20. another fun unofficial P2P trip.
  21. BP asked for a P2P Mini 10v10 so we went ahead. Instead of the usual 3 rounds, we smacked them in the 1st round then they logged out and went F2P. Nevertheless, was still fun, good fight. Respect. Start: DMK - 10 Members. BP - 10 Members. End: DMK - 9 Members. BP - 0 Members. My POV: GMT0's POV:
  22. Name: DMK Sunday P2P ft Prestige Category: Runescape 2007/Legacy Pking Videos Date Added: 28 November 2016 - 03:09 AM Short Description: DMK P2P Sunday Trip Ft Prestige. Join "Dmk social" cc. View Video
  23. Name: [VID] Critical Damage Midweek P2P | FT 0P, ST & X Category: Runescape 2007/Legacy Pking Videos Date Added: 13 October 2016 - 10:58 PM Short Description: Wednesday late-night p2p trip, was ez. View Video
  24. (Posted a couple days late, sorry my bad i forgot about the vid ) Pulled 10 people after a midweek f2p trip to go out and fk around in p2p as we usually do. Ended up pking a Ballista at lavas and killing a load of randoms as shown in the vid below. 2nd Ballista we have pked recentley lol. Join the most active p2p LPC today. Teamspeak - skclan.teamspeak3.org Forums - http://sk-rs.com/come introduce yourself, youll love it. For further details and anything else you want to know just message me. Note - IV is dead and their clan gets no action.
  25. Name: [VID] Critical Damage Demolishes Rage | Friday P2P Category: Runescape 2007/Legacy Pking Videos Date Added: 03 September 2016 - 04:10 AM Short Description: None Provided View Video
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