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Found 4 results

  1. Redemption is a pure clan that was proudly founded by Evezz and Sith in June 2013. Redemption had started off as a clan that pked with a bunch of friends and in time Redemption would make a name for itself. With commitment and dedication, Redemption began to the pull as much as top competing clans. Redemption was known and labeled to be the best MPC clan as well a top competitor for one of the best F2P & P2P clans on OSRS. Due to IRL obligations by the leadership team, RD's reign had to fall prematurely. With the obligations completed the ex-ranks of Redemption have come back for some action. ASK Edgi Utc Rxlf Spiral Toobaked Lemons XLPC 45-60 COMBAT // STRICTLY INVITE ONLY. Discord: https://discord.gg/fTn5Caj Teamspeak: rd.verygames.net In-Game chat: RD Public Team - 26 cape
  2. Complete Blowout Clear of AAO 1st Fight Today RD peaked @ 40 ready to go out and demoralize AAO with the consideration that they wanted the rivalry between us. That's exactly what they got, and they can consider this just the beginning. Our first fight began just east of ruins where we forced AAO to run south, whereas; Envy tried crashing from corp - so we bailed west into singles and got a regroup. AAO Camping Singles, Scared of a Clean Fight In Multi @ Castle 2nd Fight We then found AAO sitting in singles at castle just north of west level 13 drags, so we tried to get another fight with them into as what you can see in the PoV vid below, they camped singles and came into multi losing people left and right and refused to move into multi for a clean fight, so RD walked all the way east into multi where AAO didn't bother to chase us in the slightest [like I said, they camped singles all day and tried avoiding us excluding when they wanted to do spam tower wars]. RD Vs. Envy -> AAO Crashes In Attempt To Claim A Clear VS. RD 3rd Fight @ 13 Ports We found Envy lurking around 13 ports, where we began to get a fight with them, and AAO came from the east side with an attempt to crash. Envy dippest west, whereas; we did only for a brief moment. We took it a bit southeast, tried getting AAO to fight even though we were originally fighting Envy and considering they already dipped, we figured since AAO wanted to crash, maybe they were ready to maybe give us some competition. Nopeee! They hugged singles like they did the entire trip, scared to enter multi w/ all them low level mains and 1-20def pures. We just walked it south to get a regroup and re-bank up food losing next to no opts at all even with being crashed in mind. [L0000L, clan is obviously brown sticky stuff, just remember, you asked for this rivalry, and I'd like to advice all AAO members -> "RD Public" cc for a way out.] RD VS. AAO & Envy 4th Fight @ Hill Giants & Tree Path After chasing down AAO and finding them at hill giants, it didn't take long for them to dip east into singles. We found Envy hanging about again just south of hill giants, where we began to fight and all was going great in a nice clean 1vs1 fight when AAO decided to join in rushing from the south end in attempt to try to sandwich RD yet again [much like the last fight w/ Envy included, apparently AAO can't hang w/ the big dogs @ RD so they hug singles and try to crash RD's other wars when not being camped]. We fought off AAO, worked our way down south for a proper regroup and bank trip. RD Chases AAO Out of Singles All The Way To Multizone's East Hill 5th Fight After AAO attempting to crash both of our last fights w/ Envy and following us around trying to do spam wars [because apparently that's the only thing AAO appears to be good at when not hugging singles scared to enter multi and actually fight so they can get cleared all day] we literally chased them from singles ditch near lumberyard, all the way up to East Hill and around the Sperm Hill area where we got a nice solid fight w/ them to end our trip out claiming RD to be victourious over AAO by far in such a long run, really leaving RD members questioning just how braindead AAO as a whole really are. Ran & walked 3x laps around Chaos Altar while AAO kept insisting on running away, and potting up to fake our scouts out, and completely avoiding us altogether playing "Chase the pussies game" we ended our trip. PoV Vid's @Kaz PoV 4:04 to see massacre of AAO main. You can see several mains running around w/ their capes, yet they claim we brought mains. Just check the vid for yourself, and the pics. No brainer, AAO = brown sticky stuff clan!! Lmfaoooo @Batman PoV Pictures Join Redemption @ http://www.clan-rd.com Join Redemption TS3 @ "ts.clan-rd.com" Requirements: 1-10 Def Cap
  3. http://dmk-rs.com/forums/ With the news that Redemption and Misfits were out, DMK massed up a quick 15 members. Although we were down quite a few numbers we still wanted some action. We started off at Easts and after a few hops found Misfits we were having a nice fight up until Redemption rushed in from the 26hills. Instead of insta teleing we stuck around and dropped a few We then got the news that Redemption and Misfits was fighting at CA. We rushed down from Sperm hill and picked off everyone remaining. We then stuck around and continued to kill returners. Shoutouts: All the DMK members that quickly massed up for the fights. Misfits for keeping up their activity in wildy and producing good fights DMKKilla POV:
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