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  1. Envy approached us for a mini. We won the first set 2-0, 2nd set round 2 they brought a lvl 70 and we decided to dip.
  2. Today we had a 20v20 Prep vs Noxious. Won 3-0. Thanks for the prep noxious
  3. Redemption is a pure clan that was proudly founded by Evezz and Sith in June 2013. Redemption had started off as a clan that pked with a bunch of friends and in time Redemption would make a name for itself. With commitment and dedication, Redemption began to the pull as much as top competing clans. Redemption was known and labeled to be the best MPC clan as well a top competitor for one of the best F2P & P2P clans on OSRS. Due to IRL obligations by the leadership team, RD's reign had to fall prematurely. With the obligations completed the ex-ranks of Redemption have come back for some action. ASK Edgi Utc Rxlf Spiral Toobaked Lemons XLPC 45-60 COMBAT // STRICTLY INVITE ONLY. Discord: https://discord.gg/fTn5Caj Teamspeak: rd.verygames.net In-Game chat: RD Public Team - 26 cape
  4. gz on 99 woodcutting @Parm
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