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  1. Today Vendetta massed up 24 F2P Gods for a scheduled Clan Wars event against Noxi. We took home the 3-0 including a knockout round. TY for the fight Noxi! Join the #1 XLPC TODAY Exzrts POV: Discord:https://discord.gg/93j6ky TeamSpeak: vd-rs.teamspeak3.com PM sammy#2994 on discord to spy 10m/Trip
  2. Today The Masked men of Vendetta massed up 35 winners, later peaking at 40 for a fun Saturday. Most clans pulled significantly lower than us, besides RD who matched our pull. Sadly after we smoked them at Barb village, they decided to spend their trip hitting snipe teams in Singles. Shout out to Apocalypse for giving us some action down levels and opts. All in all, it was another winning day for Vendetta! Join the #1 XLPC today!! Chalu POV: Discord: https://discord.gg/2ZrWy8 Teamspeak3: vd-rs.teamspeak3.com PM sammy#2994 on discord to leak 10m/ trip!!!
  3. On this fine Saturday, the masked men of Vendetta massed up 23 winners, later peaking at 27 for some non-stop action. Our fights mainly consisted of clusters since most fights took place in Barb Village or Falador in PVP worlds. Every clan was in on the action today, thanks for the fights boys! P.S. Outbreak thinks they kicked our leak so enjoy the audio from today! Join #1 XLPC Vendetta today!!! Kold POV: Chalu POV: Outbreak awkward teamspeak lol: PM sammy#2994 on discord to leak 10m/trip Discord: https://discord.gg/Z6h3YH Teamspeak3: vd-rs.teamspeak3.com
  4. Tonight Resistance approached us for a PKRI, so we quickly massed up 25 masked gamers. Even though we are XLPC we got on our LPC's for some F2P action. After a quick fight at Corp Hill, Resistance then asked us for a First to 100 & an attack/defend set where we took the W's. Thanks for the action boys! PM jay#4567 on discord to Join the #1 XLPC today!! Kold POV: Jay POV: Chalu POV: Teamspeak: vd-rs.teamspeak3.com Discord: https://discord.gg/ZSXV3B PM sammy#2994 on discord to leak 10m per trip!!!
  5. same with you, 2 days in a row boosting my topic. Thanks fanboy!
  6. 2nd day in a row youre boosting my topic, thanks bro P.S. I closed outburst
  7. Today the F2P Legends of Vendetta massed up 20 masked men later peaking at 27 for some serious OWNAGE. We had some very fun clusters today with Redemption, Outbreak, Noxi, and some smaller snipe teams. Finding ourselves focused for most of the clusters, we still ended up ON TOP! Ty for the fun fights boys. JOIN THE MASKED MEN TODAY!! Pic dump: Jay POV: Kold POV: Nate mobile POV: Chalu POV (Outbreak audio starting at 5:35 and 8:35) VD WINS AGAIN!!!! Discord: https://discord.gg/KFQG7N TeamSpeak: vd-rs.teamspeak3.com PM sammy#2994 on discord to spy 10m/trip!
  8. Today on this beautiful Saturday the Masked Men of Vendetta massed up 20 F2P legends later peaking at 24 for some non-stop F2P action. Shoutout to the boys over at Redemption & Outbreak for the clean action today, looking forward to more 1v1's and clusters in the future!! Summer of the Masked Men!!! PM jay#4567 on Discord to Join today. Pic dump: Jay POV: Kold POV: JOIN TODAY!! Discord: https://discord.gg/ND3xBW Teamspeak3: vd-rs.teamspeak3.com PM Sammy#2994 on discord to leak 10m/Trip!!
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