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  1. Sammy


    Yes Grats to my boys on a successful trip today !
  2. Sammy

    unofficial TP Sunday Funday

    Nice Trip
  3. Sammy

    weekend Ambush's Saturday Demoralizing Snipe Scene

    Congrats Ambush !
  4. Sammy

    weekend Our immortality is your fatality

    Nice vid! ty for action.
  5. Today Rampage Massed Up 18 Averaged Sized Dick Pandas Later Peaking at 25 For Some Saturday Action @Zig Pov Shout out To all Clans that Came out for some Clean action Today. Looking forward to more in the future!! Join Rampage #1 XLPC 55-65 Combat. CC: "RP Gang"
  6. Sammy

    cwa Ambush Vs Noxi Ft50s 2-0

    Congrats !
  7. Sammy

    Which Clan?

    Vendetta by far had the most success as a clan in 2018.
  8. We approached Ambush for a mini, they gladly accepted. Blitz came to watch and wanted Winner. Good fight both teams! https://i.imgur.com/safMBl2.gif
  9. Today Rampage massed up 14 Fat Pandas later peaking at 18 for some clean midweek action. Shout out to Blitz and Ambush for some clean action today!
  10. Yes grats to Ramie and friends not Hada !
  11. Sammy

    weekend Rampage Sunday vs. Xlpc scene

    S/o to all XLPC clans today for the clean action. Grats Rp!