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  1. Sammy

    weekend Fearless P2p Sunday taking on lpc scene

    grats fearless clan.. Euron fucks the queen
  2. ah yes wasn't there but it looked very easy!
  3. Today Fearless massed up 55 pigs later peaking at 60+ for our P2P opener. Our day consisted of a fun return fight with Apex, and then non-stop action with practically every other clan in the scene. Shout out to everyone for the fun fights. Fearless is Officially BACK!!🐷 Ramie Pov: Ezto pov: Jones pov: owned lol: Pictures: Join Fearless Today!!🐷 CC: 'Fs cc' Discord: https://discord.gg/dcAK4e Forums: Coming Soon PM Godae#9828 on discord to leak!!!
  4. Today on this fine Saturday, Fearless massed up 70 Pigs and managed maintain 60+ for our opening trip. Our day consisted of plenty of 1v1s and clusters against other clans, resulting in Fearless coming out on top in each battle. GF gamers! YEAR OF THE PIG!!!🐷 Thank you for the fights today we're looking forward to more in the future. And CONGRATS over to our friends at CD on their opening trip today!! Ramie pov: Royce pov: Kold pov: Pictures Join Fearless today! Discord: https://discord.gg/rcJEBe PM Godae#9828 to leak
  5. gz on trip! ty for fights bros
  6. Sammy

    Fearless LPC - F2P Legacy Clan

    join fs
  7. Today CD approached us for a last minute PKRI, so we massed up 40 pigs later peaking at 45. Unfortunately since it was last minute CD could only pull 20, so we gladly sat to their opts. Intel told us that SUPREMACY planned on crashing, so our friends over at CD HQ agreed to team on crash. Knowing SUP was going to crash, the accounts we sat were patiently sitting at Graves in a different world awaiting Supremacy's arrival. As soon as they crashed the 20+ pigs logged out, logged in and forced Supremacy to singles. Afterwards, Supremacy massed to our opts so we set up 2 fun 1v1's against them with Fearless outreturning Supremacy in both fights to come out on top after forcing Supremacy to singles. Fudog pov: Exzrts pov: Thanks to both clans for the action see you out there when we officially open!! Join Fearless today!! https://discord.gg/RuNuxnW PM Godae#9828 on discord to leak!!!!!
  8. Sammy

    this is just a warning lol xd

    damn imt smoked... that is just a sneak peak of all the mains fs has.... might have to go to triple digits on the cape counter next weekend if imt continues to pipe up.
  9. Grats boys ! IMT nowhere to be seen lmao.
  10. another 5 minute video showing a losing pov. uhhh why did you post this hahahah. IMT got dicked all day.
  11. Sammy

    pure/weekend/verified Bad Timing Taking a fat shit on AP

    Grats bt ! looks like AP got bullied
  12. NRG undefeated weekend, grats men !
  13. Sammy

    friendly What it takes to be #1

    fh smokes imt can confirm