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    Smoking BP lmfao

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  1. it is only getting easier at this point tbh. to any BP affiliate reading this it’s not to late. Pm any og rank we can talk
  2. @Dizzythinks he can save bp like he did dc, but look at where dc is lol!
  3. You spent time and energy into a fake video for people to laugh at you (and OG posted it before you) how embarrassing LOLOLOLOLOL
  4. LMFAOOOOO how did flower#6217 and Bowl#0443 find out about this? Pm one of them on discord
  5. This is getting very simple lmfao. How in the fuck [email protected] Public Relations manage to only pull 7 l000000000l
  6. @Fate Public Relationsthink again retard now I’m closing ur clan
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