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  1. thats a nice client to use while ur leaders choke
  2. with wilderland catching those 2 L's and no W's today might name change to LL
  3. welp that was easy, pm Demais#0666 for a way out or to setup fights 😛
  4. diogo96 approached arroz last night. he was desperate, hungry for some action. "pls let fuck me, jeta" diogo begged him with 100m to teach him "how arroz does it" Fast forward to tonight. Wilderland got fucked harder than Salomão's hooker. They were gangbanged on sight by arroz. They thought we were done with them saying no mas, but arroz wanted to unleash the mass bukkakefest. How did that cum taste in your mouth wilderland? Videos: Soon Click on the spoiler to see the ownage
  5. og on top etc 3 clans closed in 2 months 😕
  6. do u have any clanning experience?
  7. fo being nh with alot of mains and doxing, nothing new
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