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  1. Demais

    midweek Foe + FS alliance shattered by DC

  2. Demais

    gratz me

  3. Demais


    big cri but no unban from discord ace crave very upset
  4. you would know why i left fo if daniel holydreams didnt hide my leaving topic :]
  5. Arroz é um clan luso-brasileiro baseado em Main War F2P, que faz eventos diários de PvM, PK e Clan Wars. Foi fundado em 2009 por Salomão AC e Andrade sendo uma comunidade de clan wars naquele tempo e hoje em dia, sendo uma comunidade por completo tendo diariamente mais de 40 pessoas ativas no clan chat Com intenções de lutarF2P, Arroz estará disposto a marcar lutar P2P e F2P, caso seu clan for zerk/pure, podemos combinar algo quanto a opts Para entrar no clan é fácil, apenas ser ativo no clan chat 'Arroz cc' e mandando uma aplicação para Salomão#0947 no nosso discord, venha você também fazer parte do melhor clan brasileiro Nosso discord: https://discord.gg/SpZvtdg Vídeos das lutas mais recentes no spoiler abaixo: Translation: Arroz is a brazilian-portuguese based Main F2P warring clan, that also PvM, Clan Wars and PK events on daily basis. Arroz was founded in 2009 by Salomão AC and Andrade being a clan wars community back in the day. Nowadays its a community which has over 40 active people in clan chat daily With intention of f2p warring, We are also willing to schedule p2p+f2p fights. If any zerk or pure clan want to schedule a fight, please reach out so can discuss the opts advantage To join us is easy, you just need to be active in the clan chat 'Arroz cc' and send your application to Salomão#0947 through our discord, come join the best brazilian clan Discord link and vids of our latest clan wars events are above
  6. Demais

    cwa Supremacy vs Legacy 2-0 P2P prep ( they left r3 )

    grat supremacy
  7. Demais

    Fearless v Ly P2P mini 2-1

    ly won they killed 3
  8. Demais

    1750 World

    what clans are protecting and 20m per week?
  9. Demais

    What happened?

  10. Demais

    cwa Legacy Vs. Final Ownage Elite P2P Mini (2-0)

  11. grat big tiger clan
  12. Demais

    i cant help it

    wow apec won f2p