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  1. piantseeker is a bc nutrider that couldnt get in so hes stuck in zenith getting farmed
  2. 3 highlights a day is gay
  3. Clan Awards Best CWA Clan: - Best Wilderness Clan: Beyond Control / Revenant Best F2P Clan: Revenant / Tempest Best P2P Clan: Beyond Control / Heroes Most Active Clan: Beyond Control / Heroes Most likely to be a meatshield: VR / DK Most Victimized Clan: ROT / DK Most Missed Clan: JAJA Clan With Most Stamina: Beyond Control / Clumpa Clan with most delusional members: VR / DK Most Improved Clan: Beyond Control / Heroes Most Honorable Clan: DF / AF Upcoming Clan of 2022: Beyond Control / Heroes
  4. u cant even keep up with ur clan fake titles lmfao "Zenpiss Sunday: 25 Shitters Camp OFA X6 FT. BP Trying To Save Them LOL"
  5. zenith+vr+dk exploded meanwhile sicarios getting farmed 317 gdz and no one to help
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