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  1. That is nice and something to be looked into. I would be down to team on crash whatever fuck heads try to ruin the fight and just reset the fight and go about it again, but the scene could also benefit from 1 def reset. I personally hate my 25 def account its fucking boring to me for whatever reason. I much rather use a 1 def again.
  2. youre actually delusional lol
  3. kill all of my enemies in runescape many laughs made now look at our povs everytime you get owned wow big ownage time to quit the game rot or else no off
  4. actual video = funny your caption = stupid as fuck kys
  5. Hola comunidad pura de Sharkbrew. Yo soy Pook Todo lo que tengo que decir aquí hoy es que Blunt Pures es un clan de mierda. Ellos tienen miedo de la GDZ. (Jajaja) No tengo mucho más que decir pero Rosa es un perro moribundo y cerrará su clan Gracias -El Pooko
  6. not surprising seeing as how we are the best pure clans in the scene rn
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