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  1. Sounds pretty fun and competitive. Wish it was used in the f2p main clan wars scene.
  2. I mean we will hit 50 eventually. We don't plan on mass training 20-29 each trip
  3. The way im training my accounts is by buying runes/mage gear and maging the demon in wizard tower until I hit 25. I know some people are doing witches house/waterfall quest/Dwarf Cannon and splashing 40 mage cannoning 40 range.
  4. Highly encourage people who are slightly interested to join/make a team. Lets revive the old noob mage only pures people would pk with at v ditch one more time. Majority of the teams will be 25 combat on average with small pulls.
  5. Its unfortunate that Astro had back stabbed almost all of its OG members. It was a good run though.
  6. Honestly, I just hope Sharkbrew never hosts a Round Robin XLPC tournament spanning 3 months again. The tournament took away a lot of action from the wildy and was invite infested.
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