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  1. Unfortunately, we reached a point where the only way Jagex & the OSRS community will ever acknowledge the PvP community is by spite voting one of the most anticipated polls on OSRS (Group Ironman). So please if you want 1 Def worlds, if you want a wilderness rejuvenation update, or any PvP update at all, vote NO. This isn't about being edgy this is legitimately the only way Jagex will ever take the PvP community seriously. The polling system has been extremely biased against the PvP community for so long and if we can somehow manage to deny one of the biggest updates the OSRS community has been waiting on we finally might see Jagex abolish the polling system. So please for once shove it up reddit's ass and bond up all your accounts and vote no. You got until September 22.
  2. @YazA bracket reset would be nice, but it won't solve the underlying issue of raggers. What this community actually needs is 1 Defence worlds and that's it. One world for p2p and one world for f2p. I mean just think about it if Jagex really wanted to they could add 1 defence worlds next week and set the combat cap to, just for example, 35 for some ulpc action. Then 1-2 months later they could increase the combat cap to 55 for xlpc action and so on and so on until we reach max 1 def worlds. The benefit of slowly increasing the combat cap by increments is that multiple clans could open up and either stay or increase combat levels when a new cap is coming out. This would create a clan food chain, let people casually train up, and create a sense of hype for higher combat scene. And we already know that Jagex can do this because they have combat bracket worlds in the current DMM. There are only two ways I can think of which would make this possible though. The first being popularizing the idea to the OSRS subreddit community with a well made post (would have to be perfect). The second and more realistic being directly talking to Jagex moderators and really selling the idea to them. The only way the reddit post would work is if a popular content creator made a video detailing the history of the pure clanning scene, how defence has been a mortal enemy to the scene, and why the scene is important. And the only way a Jagex moderator would add 1 def worlds is if someone convinced them that its an integrity issue or something. We have all the puzzle pieces already in the community. I know for a fact that content creators have been in pure clans and may know some people in the community and I know some people like @Kimhave connections with Jagex moderators. We just need someone to take initiative to push the idea. I honestly think you should just let the scene die otherwise because people will still have rags and nothing on runescape would ever be more fun than fucking 8-way clean f2p clusters. Also, 1 defence only no exceptions.
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