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  1. I see a lot of LPC teams struggling because of the revs update and main clans. It's time to hit the reset button. Ulpc is waiting.
  2. Are people actually enjoying the current state of LPC? Its time to swallow your pride and reset the scene. The Dings are waiting. #Ifyoubuildittheywillcome
  3. There's no way he dies. He'll have doctors checking in on him 24/7. If he does it would be the ultimate justice served though.
  4. Wow! Already made a lot of tendies from my ZU option calls. Diamond hands tho
  5. I don't agree. Everyone knows that Jagex has only really catered to PVMers. PVP in general is dying due to Jagex's negligence in making new wilderness content/addressing current issues. Have you heard these jagex podcast? The moderators seriously consider Soul Wars as a future "PVP" update. The new clan system is the only thing i'm looking forward too helping pvp, and its not even a direct pvp update.
  6. Are you using exilent or a custom runelite?
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