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  1. Purefect

    announcement Promotion - Kye & retirement

    Gz all. Apart from @IMKfor abandoning me
  2. Was fun. Ty for action
  3. Purefect

    cwa Team Potent Vs FOE 21v21 P2P Big Mini [2-1]

    Was fun. Ty got action foe
  4. Purefect

    CP Sam vs Envy Elmir LOOOOOOL

    Sam big winner. Gz
  5. Looks lit. Nice to see a long standing clan
  6. Purefect

    70 Combat.

    Sick account. Gl
  7. Purefect

    join team revolution for daily gang bang

    Did you staff bash in the first clip?
  8. Purefect

    Wilderness Clan of The Month - February 2019

    Congrats to divine!
  9. Gj to both clans. Looked like great action.