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  1.  clan-rage.com | Discord : kKdeJhY | rage.ts3chat.com | "Clan Rage" cc Rage embark into the Wilderness with 75 bears and quickly gain reaching 87. Giving Sh*t clans such as Soup and Legacy the 2 for 1 special they found our real quick that the teaming wouldn't phase us. With Rage's ranks quick reactions and successful maneuvers fights around corp were always successful. After moving the 30 minute fight to CA, Soup ranks attempt to call a log-out leaving 75% of their members left behind only to get mauled by the Bears rushing from CA tele spot. How do you get your clan Gwas'd in F2p? Soup never surprise me anymore.  btw sup pulled 60 today lmao @Edgi @Broxx @Jap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iY4WvUuMDk8 @Logic Uploading...
  2. supremacy invite fucked it up for yall, ty4minis
  3. "if youre a sup member don't post on sharkbrew anymore." -3at
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