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  1. i saw you guys crash a fight that was over for 10 seconds or less in first video then i saw a 30 sec clip of u with same ops lvl 7 with rd not getting pushed to ditch and the second video i saw nothing. hmm
  2. 7/14/19 Sunday trip Redemption steps into the wilderness with 27 fire birds looking for trouble. Fights with Outbreak/VD/Apoc/several snipe teams and a terrible clan called Noxious Redemption always came out on top. A highlight of the trip is when we noticed that Noxi was getting bullied in singles so we asked Outbreak for a fight at hills, after the 10 min wait they accepted. With Apoc crashing we found our self getting 2v1'd. They eventually disperse. Noticing Noxi approaching we quickly rushed their location forcing them to telly/run/logout/ or just give up and die. Shorted after they ended. Enjoy the videos/Pictures!
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