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  1. LMAO round 1 rage ended with 39 round 2 fo ended with 25 round 3 fo ended with 17 our winning round was domination but yall won overall.
  2. rage if you enjoy f2p currently #1 matched/great community/very active midweeks/very active clan wars
  3. who are you? Zenith isnt good at anything, not one thing.
  4. The Bears heard an echo in the Caves and got a little curious, turns out Blunt Pures were out Pking with 25 so the mighty bear clan quickly sent out a mass poke. With loot hungry bears we started to hunt BP down. Running in to Damage control along the way we feasted and looted fast. With a swift hop around the worlds we ran into Supremacy who were fighting Fatality so we decided to third party. Fighting Supremacy over and over again they refused to give us a return fight and tele'd. Despite being down ops in the beginning it was clear that with the bear clan was gaining there were no clans that could tame us. So we continued to hop and conduct a wilderness sweep. POV: K0nt
  5. fix wilderness clan of the month them niggas just pull to weekends.
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