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  1. Viikings

    Sponsoring Clans!

    Gl sponsor me
  2. I only see DC vs Mf... Where is Apex in the vid?
  3. Viikings

    pkri Resurgence Monday Smallman

    Damn missed that
  4. Viikings

    Apex Scared?

    Apex can’t stand criticism
  5. Viikings

    some1 update me plz

    Why so serious? Losing for 6 hours and claiming victory for the last hour? You guys r funny
  6. Viikings

    Detrimental scheduling fights.

    Great start. Make the pure clanning great again.
  7. Viikings

    Apex Scared?

    Why you have to be that savage man?
  8. Viikings

    Very sad doxer clan!

    Lmao i thought pure clanning was cleaner than main clanning?
  9. Viikings

    some1 update me plz

    Gz foe for that fight. Well deserved victory.
  10. Viikings

    pkri Resurgence Wonky Sundays ft. Veng & Exiled

    Hell yeah! Resurgence is the real deal!
  11. Viikings

    Resurgence Thursday Night Lights

    So sad vengeance
  12. Viikings

    40+ def account Looking for a decent Main Clan

    Join resurgence which is a zerker/med/tanks clan . We are the best zerker/med/tank clan and we own the wildy. Your account is actually considered as a med and fits very well the standards of the clan. You should actually keep 70 defence if you care about clanning https://resurgence-rs.com/community/