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  1. glad I could attend also fml what is this spam
  2. GUYS WE'RE GOING TO GET RID OF THE MAINS BY BRINGING 50 MORE!!!11 You are the definition of brain dead.
  3. Eeekaj

    Group mention i.e. #Leader, #Walord, etc

    Will this work on Fi forums? I only ask because they went from pulling under 70 to barely scraping 40 in the space of a week so something must be wrong.
  4. Eeekaj

    not counted Fatality's Saturday

    Your main 2 pictures are killing stragglers and a gif clearly showing you getting out opped. Sort it out muppets.
  5. My bad forgot to post. Change some of the text thats white btw. Not even propoganda. Fi got ripped apart today from all angles.
  6. Eeekaj

    TLP at the wildy ditch

  7. Eeekaj

    Pulls and Predections

    an lpc that has quality over quantity as their motto?
  8. I attended, we didn't show up yesterday. Was a good performance from EOP gz on the win.
  9. you should get your mum to ring their mums
  10. Eeekaj

    Most dedicated clan rank?

  11. Eeekaj

    After the "Big Movement"

    its a trap trust me fams
  12. Eeekaj

    HPC over the next few weeks..

    I believe in my boys at CD