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  1. Discord: https://discord.gg/tfJ4gtg l Forums: http://tr-clan.co.uk/ l Most Active P2P & F2P Clan We was invited to a F2P cluster this Saturday as its been a while since proper F2P action it was safe to say we was hyped as fuck. We put up a 5 day prep and canoed up with 41 warriors. Knowing Downfall were having there "reunion" event to come challenge us we anticipated a great fight considering they invited 3 clans to aid them. After much stalling from DF2 we eventually clashed at east tree and bullied them across the wildy reducing there 60 man pull to a mere 25-30 in game. After battling it out for 1hr 30 DF2 ran and logged ( no surprise lmfao), as we was taking our ending Rot rushed. So we began fighting rot we scraped for about 20 minutes before DF2, Arroz & TS came to snipe us with that we thanked rot for the fight and made our leave happy with the beatings we gave DF2,Arroz & TS. Thank you to CP for Acing the crashers ! Starting Ending 51 On ts Pictures
  2. Organised a scrap with Wild Might being their official "reopening weekend" we ensured we took the fight serious. Although the fight was a lot earlier than what were used to we never shy away from a challenge. Battled cleanly for 30 minutes deep then switched up the location for the last 15. The fight itself was very competitive , we focused on utilising multi spells catching WM in some filthy clumps throughout the battle. The Rising Starting: 28 Ending: 32 Wild Might Starting: 30 Ending: ?? Videos Pictures https://i.imgur.com/OzFL8bS.mp4
  3. Monday:Big Boi Ballista Bank Loot https://discord.gg/2kYjf8k || http://tr-clan.co.uk/ We massed men to go into the wild and clear it for loot, the results are as follows after 1hour 30 pking.... P.s Applications are open good GMT clan
  4. God dam young man I didn’t mean to make you cry.. I’m talking from a neutral a lot of my friends are rage high ranks bud!
  5. Well if a clan has to hop into cwa they are obviously losing a rivalry
  6. disappointed in my brothers at rage 😕
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