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  1. Organised a scrap with Wild Might being their official "reopening weekend" we ensured we took the fight serious. Although the fight was a lot earlier than what were used to we never shy away from a challenge. Battled cleanly for 30 minutes deep then switched up the location for the last 15. The fight itself was very competitive , we focused on utilising multi spells catching WM in some filthy clumps throughout the battle. The Rising Starting: 28 Ending: 32 Wild Might Starting: 30 Ending: ?? Videos Pictures https://i.imgur.com/OzFL8bS.mp4
  2. Monday:Big Boi Ballista Bank Loot https://discord.gg/2kYjf8k || http://tr-clan.co.uk/ We massed men to go into the wild and clear it for loot, the results are as follows after 1hour 30 pking.... P.s Applications are open good GMT clan
  3. God dam young man I didn’t mean to make you cry.. I’m talking from a neutral a lot of my friends are rage high ranks bud!
  4. Well if a clan has to hop into cwa they are obviously losing a rivalry
  5. disappointed in my brothers at rage 😕
  6. Join up mate @tntprodigy main clan been open for years, throw an intro up lad? Good clean action CWA and wildy pkris regularly
  7. https://discord.gg/2pPpc6k || http://tr-clan.co.uk/ <- Apps Open Had a few shooters online so we decided to head out to see what lurks about in this stinky timezone. Ran the caves for about 1hr 30 uncontested eventually running in to AE with about 20 men compared to our 12 smoked a few off them and decided to call it after filling up our looting bags. Ty gamers Pictures ~~~~~~~~~~~~Evening PK~~~~~~~~~~~~ The most active clan went and peaked at 17 for a Anti-Rev PK Trip made l00t seen in the Pictures below, held down the worlds for about 2 hours and made decent loot and complained about how annoying girlfriends are.. Also slapped a load of randoms in the process, ty for coin Pictures
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