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  1. https://discord.gg/4H3rEn7 Join Today!!!!!!!!!! Active Pker Events Team (Apps Open ty) Phoenix had a 20v20 vs TR 30 Minute Cap, Was fun ty for events... For future events pm Salso#0681 or to join x Ending
  2. Ty for event, it was arranged 15v15 not 20v20! So we did brilliant down opts
  3. Salso

    NL vs PD

    Nice action, we'd be down for some of this in future, shoot me a pm Salso#0681 to schedule events (once we opened)
  4. Team-46 Cape // Discord: jRfMDJ After a short bout of controlling the wilderness starting in July 2017 we closed our doors due to people having IRL commitments however with most of us having some free time again we will be opening as a main team for revs and CWA action. Contact any off the following if you are looking to join: officials: Salso#0681 Jamer#0707 Slowky#0001 Pillow#0420 Or join: https://discord.gg/3ttnR3C
  5. This was the first trip I was on in a while, this topic is propaganda. Also I seen a handful of mains in rages cape attacking supremacy. how come you didn’t mention the clean fresh inventory 1v1s you had Vs sup which you lost (both)
  6. Hi hmu on discord or find me at sup ts love p50s Salso#0681
  7. Good luck gentlemen. If you need anything clan supremacy supports your opening so hit up Salso#0681 for events/advice w.e you need
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