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  1. Salso

    flaming NTPC clans

    Sure have your butterflies and rainbow sjw communities but in reality another split isn’t healthy for the scene. It seems like a glorified kop out excuses for weaker clans to play together furthermore you’re playing the wrong game if you don’t want your feelings hurt, look outside of the Pvp and kids are toxic everywhere on Rs or generally any game. If you want a toxic free community I’d recommend Club Penguin. They offer a new 3D game! Other recommendations are Nintendogs
  2. What even is this topic. Turns out a6 held sup back look at my clan now LOL
  3. Speaking from an honest perspective both IR and SUP are most improved from start of the year to now. Both for different reasons too.
  4. Foe and sup reviving the scene. Out here doing God’s work
  5. Looks like Fake win to me
  6. Salso

    Foe Vs Supremacy P2P Miniwar 2-1 | 20v20

    Your clan won’t even fight foc scared of a loss
  7. Salso

    the contrary x2

    Wtf ir gonna do if Tannie is cleansing the scene. ir started it btw it’s down to them to set the example out of good faith
  8. Salso

    Will there ever be a more dominant era?

    No one will take this serious because you refuse to prep sup or foe
  9. Salso


    I haven’t tried to hide the fact I wil use mains in retaliation to IR meanwhile murd on that post was taking the morale high ground which like I stated now is very ironic and shows everything that comes out of his mouth is twisted and bias ;considering these leaks
  10. Salso


    Mfw @murd tried being a nice guy full of honour on sharkbrew only to be exposed by this
  11. Hahahahahahha ty for publicity btw. My closure of px was a long term strategy you can only see what’s in front of you😏
  12. This has only just started? They started it also so we will finish it. Balls in their court if they can set the example and bring 0 mains as a token of goodwill; we will follow. However like I stated they started it I’m finishing it