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  1. The 40 year old virgin @iTz Zoo (happy b-day again btw) decided to mass the squad up to go PK. We started off at altar and gained throughout the trip as we collected some easy loot and +1s there. Not long into the trip we garnered a free AGS off some kids. Shortly after that we struck the goldmine and took another whale for max. To put the icing on the cake, we ran into Veng at GDZ and quickly went to boss these retards around. This time they tried to fight back and there were no mains - no excuses to be had really. We cleared them in mere minutes despite being down opts the first time. We mass poked and they teled back up alongside us and a second fight broke out. So at this point the opts were even yet they were getting absolutely decimated. After about 5-10 minutes they all were dead or ran south. Another easy win for Resurgence, I guess this is why you run around the wild hiding every sunday?
  2. Idk what's more embarrassing, the fact that you just got caught in your lie, or your dogshit clan? There's no shame in being bad, but I guess I'd prob lie if I were you too; Your leaders do it to you anways!
  3. In singles doe... They feel safe there but somehow still get smoked lmfao
  4. You can't really spin this in a good way veng. Just stop trying lol
  5. Congrats on your win vs bottom tier vengeance clan. It does not surprise me at all the broke the agreed upon rules also. Better luck next time vengafags!
  6. You guys complain about us "calling mains" while you merged with a main clan in your cc? The simple solution would be fighting in CWA and proving which clan is better. But Vengeance won't do it because their ranks don't believe in their members and their whole clan top to bottom knows the outcome. Stay shit retard fucks
  7. maybe if you didn't run to singles every time you'd see us?
  8. thanks for spying the first time lmfao
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