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  1. After doing two quick rounds of inners with a decent pull, we hit caves to see what was out. We scouted around and found some decent small man teams and cleared them along with some venny worlds. We then hit a pure team and cleared them all, macing the last member for elder. After this we continued to PK caves making absolute bank and taking +1s without even having to mace. Towards the end of the trip we maced another +1 and ended the night after clearing PE in caves. Thanks for the fight, you did much better than Veng + Res! (Enjoy those low level wild 10 man PK trips lmfao)
  2. can one of the clans in our bracket please set up and challenge us?
  3. Another day, another dollar. We had multiple spontaneous trips throughout the day then ended the night with a nice little mace trip. Needless to say, the money clan keeps making money. Mace Trip Loot: Other Loot:
  4. Since neither Vengeance nor Resurgence has decided to fight us while we sit comfortable on top the throne, we decided to get a little macing going. We did two separate trips and made absolute bank in total while we got the hang of it. On the first trip we found a Resurgence member who kindly donated his staff. On the second trip we got intel and logged in to hit Resurgence's 10 man PK trip but didn't get the smite sadly. We made quick work of these pussies and then maced anti-rot/jaja for an AGS. Overall made bank and had a great time.
  5. glad it took you 5 days to reply lmfao. that tells me all I need to know you dumb rat. squeak for me lmfao
  6. who the fuck are you talking to. I dont remember signing your permission slip. I think I might have to report you to your mommy zewy and daddy sideburns!
  7. At 3:00 EST we massed up 30 ninjas to go out in the hopes our rivals would come out and compete. We went deep and filled our pockets at a cluster before hitting caves. We swept caves running into some random teams here and there. We then tele'd up GDZ and in only a few minutes a handful of Vengeance hopped into our world. Not a single one of them got away and we killed each of them before going back to caves. After sweeping for a while we got word our two rivals clans decided to stop pking and went to do their CWA inners. We stopped by to go say hi before going back out on our trip. Towards the end RoT approached us for a matched ops multi spells wildy fight. The fight was squeaky clean with both clans performing extremely well. Interesting that no mains, ragger or crashers showed up. Maybe our competition should learn from us the definition of clean action! Stay shit anti-EZ, you can't hide in CWA forever lmfao.
  8. all that talk yesterday to get smoked like this lol?
  9. Welp it's safe to say the rats took the bait. While we sat back all day watching irrelevant clans talking big on their forums, discord and twitter - we stayed patient. The false sense of security we lulled the anti EZ alliance into took nearly zero effort, and this evening we struck back without even hitting a mass poke. We finished up our inners and immediately started hunting. Resurgence was cleared twice, the first time in caves and second time deep, without even fighting back. After this we hit the lispy dutch morons and baited them on their entrance trip. This is after we found them in caves earlier in the day, so we knew they would be entrance pking after the previous embarrassment in multi. After this we PKed 4 max sets for well over 150m. Stay fucking shit you retards, this is only the beginning. #revenge baby lmfao
  10. We started pking around 3:00 est with a small man trip and ran into Resurgence at altar and took them for a ZGS. We also pked all around deep wilderness making absolute bank. Although fights in are scene are coming a little bit more the norm, they are still a bit few and far between. Luckily for us though, we were able to fight Resurgence tonight matched ops. Despite getting off to a slightly awkward start on our end, through some sick maging and tanking we started dominated the fight. Midway through Rylan picked up the primary calling and Resurgence didn't last long after that. We smoked them back to back dropping them instantly. They tried a semi-regroup north east in corridor, but realized it was hopeless. Our superior member quality shined tonight - mad shoutout to everyone who came short notice and great performance. #Ez for Ez baby
  11. http://elitezerks.com/ https://discord.gg/yXqMMK
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