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  1. Supposed to doesn't mean it happens. "Bias mods" are a sharkbrew stereotype for a reason. OT: sounds like this dude is a bias mod tbh imo rn atm
  2. Trajan

    announcement Caroline

    Mfw sharkbrew thinks they matter in 2k18 lol OT: A 7 day ban sounds like slushes way of saying "nobody fucking cares stfu and move on" which is the appropriate response to the situation
  3. Trajan

    FOE vs APEX - Prep/Fullout

    Foe knows they'd lose if it happened again
  4. Seems to me like you should spend more time in school and less time trying to talk shit on a website for clans on a 2001 java based wizard simulator
  5. Trajan

    update Small changes

    Wow bro amazing sick whoa
  6. Trajan

    3 bet events, how much did u win?

    ^Don't care about sharkpoints
  7. Trajan

    cwa Siege vs Final Ownage Elite | P2P Prep | 2-1

    If anyone wants to stop us from getting carried away all they gotta do is prep us and win
  8. Trajan

    cwa Siege vs Final Ownage Elite | P2P Prep | 2-1

    lol killed fo light work
  9. Nobody appreciates my sense of humor smfh
  10. Trajan

    weekend [S]iege dominates

    thats a cool story bro lmfao hopefully your football team did better than your clan
  11. Trajan

    weekend [S]iege dominates

    Not even fatality caped runite warrior could defeat my glorious mithril t
  12. Trajan

    weekend [S]iege dominates

    I killed all the ppl and did not die feels siege man