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  1. cape counter lumped into the same category as multi lines and freeze timers in terms of unfair advantage, hmmm yes indeed very reasonable
  2. Jagex discussed reducing the number of worlds due to decreased demand after the mobile release and the problems it was causing with finding targets to fight in the wilderness. Defense capped wilderness could help artificially limit the number of worlds to search for most people in while also giving pures who just want to fight other pures (especially clans) a place to go without getting fucked by mains. Solves multiple problems for minimal investment by Jagex.
  3. seems like you're just playing for fun and I can respec that, gl and have fun homies
  4. Rip A Friend lmao

  5. wow a clan pulled lower the weekend after their opening trips that has never happened before in the history of runescape clanning
  6. Supposed to doesn't mean it happens. "Bias mods" are a sharkbrew stereotype for a reason. OT: sounds like this dude is a bias mod tbh imo rn atm
  7. Mfw sharkbrew thinks they matter in 2k18 lol OT: A 7 day ban sounds like slushes way of saying "nobody fucking cares stfu and move on" which is the appropriate response to the situation
  8. Foe knows they'd lose if it happened again
  9. Seems to me like you should spend more time in school and less time trying to talk shit on a website for clans on a 2001 java based wizard simulator
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