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  1. Also worth noting is that 750 total worlds exist for F2P and there's only 80 on each of them atm. Weekend activity would improve and random midweek pkri's would be more common. Probably more xlpc masser clans too. Would be great to have a P2P too, but mains in F2P mainly ruin fights.
  2. killing multiple clans consecutively in one bank feels like nbd every weekend
  3. IDK seems like zerker clans would just get ragged by main clans? @@slushpuppy why haven't zerker clans worked in the past? Would Sharkbrew be a pure/zerker community then?
  4. Ohhh I get it. FS is trying to "police" the community with mains. It all makes sense. 10/10 idea thanks for your service FS
  5. Finally the community making the right decisions. Thanks for being part of the solution (assuming you go through with this).
  6. Who would want to spend their time doing that? To cure cancer you have to fight with more cancer??? WTF do you think you're doing, you sound delusional.
  7. 1-4 or 1-20 1-73 for barrows pures (with room for error)
  8. not an end all solution especially for HPC, but a step in the right direction
  9. It sucks but if you don't want to deal with it play in a lower bracket. This is history repeating itself. I remember 30 def in pre eoc which is why I went LPC and still LPC. Why do clans with high def accounts care about being the #1 pure clan? It's clearly not the same thing might as well call it something else.. You're 6 defence levels from being a zerker clan anyway.
  10. Isn't this how clan awards usually go though? The clans that have more of a presence on the forums are going to get the awards
  11. What is your real life name? Kenny What are your hobbies? Music, beer, weed, event planning, sitting on my ass What is your RuneScape history? Started playing 2005-2006 and got into some pure clans at around 14-15 years old. The First clan I can remember being in was Ascent in middle school. Haven't dabbled in HPC clanning especially now with 30+ def. Enjoying playing with dudes from Misfits. What are your goals for your RuneScape account? Probably maxed 60 attack 1 def rn. Current short term goals are: 50/60 att 63/81 str 94/94 range 90/94 mage What clan are you in? Misfits Anything else: I've kinda lurked around these forums for a while. Wanting to get more involved in discussions as it kind of looks that there are more intelligent conversations on this board nowadays.
  12. First off, I'm from OP. I agree with you. That higher level player probably didn't make a difference. In all honesty I think we were outplayed by doom that day. I accept that and to be honest I really did want to win. I do think that this has been blown out of proportion and there is a good reason that Doom didn't take that win. If we start creating these grey lines around rules people are going to push and push at those lines. If there is proof of rules being broken, it shouldn't be looked at as if it doesn't really matter. Even if it was a mistake it happened. It's clear that the decision made from the Shark Brew staff isn't going to change. It's time to move on..
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