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  1. you had 160 in game to zenith 50-60, why did u run every time to singles and take off capes and log? you know zenith members are psychotic, we're ready for 10hrs, 24hrs, 36hrs+ but you know ur shitty glory hunters wont last keep logging out mid fight and claiming fake wins and keep that same energy when you start pulling 20-30 again like you did the last 9 years pussies
  2. 160 and still running away...

  3. fi juiced for 300m dumbass ranks bend the knee... and to think.u spent 5 hours writing that topic LOOOLLLLL

  4. fi garbage basement clan keep doing sign ups u need them btw how does it feel typing up an essay just to get flamed LOLLL keep bending the knee
  5. when u get cleared in wildy over and over u start begging for clan wars lol bend the knee fi 

  6. why the fuck would i prove anything ur the one coming out with these random lies LOOLLL fi garbage propaganda basement clan
  7. lets see this "proof" LOOLLLLL sit the fuck down idiot back to the basement
  8. "zenith dropped 25 on ts" "cd bsed zenith" what lie and propaganda are u gonna come up with next? im waiting...
  9. wtf are u even saying stop spitting on ur monitor idiot LOOLLL
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