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Found 10 results

  1. Ancient Fury tried and failed, Revenant tried and failed, today was Playdead's chance to try (and fail) to challenge Apex. The initial fight erupted at New Gate, the slaughter only lasted a few minutes before Playdead bent the knee and ran to singles and logged. After one hour of massing and begging their 20 clan alliance to help them Playdead finally teled up to GDZ. We immediately hopped to their world and the most one sided fight in Runescape history commenced with Playdead members endlessly suiciding and donating +1's for an entire hour. The half dozen Ancient Fury and Revenant members at the fight were relegated to one item as they watched their allies get farmed in an open clan chat.. Out of ideas and allies Playdead were forced to call LC (rev protection cc) as a last ditch to team on a pure clan. These venezuelans made zero impact and were quickly dealt with. Only minutes later Playdead would run to single and Apex would once again be victorious. Playdead ranks would then have the genius idea of trying to rush us as were walking south of dwarves to tele out. Needless to say this backfired as they were once again wiped off the map. When we say any scene we mean it \
  2. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net Went out with 20 Tigers ready to fight anyone in our ways, ran into Final Ownage Elite & Mains. After 30 minutes of non stop controlling the fight (Check POV), it got crashed by a bunch one itemers, Supremacy teleported out with their pockets full of loot. Gf Mains + Final Ownage Elite . The Year Of The Tiger Pov: @Ham @`JD POV
  3. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Wednesday 12th October, Final Ownage Elite massed ~15 Elites for a stroll around the wilderness. First we ran into Hydra, clearing them several times, and took them for a staff. About an hour into our PK trip, we ran into Supremacy around sperm hill. Being down opts, ~15 FOE vs 20+ Supremacy, we knew we were in for a good fight. We dragged Supremacy to CA and waited a few minutes for more eagles to fly in. Around the 30 minute mark, we were very clearly out returning and out numbering Supremacy. Knowing we were never going to stop fighting, and we were still gaining, they called off returning. Thanks to Sup for the fight!
  4. Starting of with 16 hungry vikings beating clans in the revenant cave! Meanwhile we were hopping around and finding clans to hit we setted up an PKRI versus Terror! Meanwhile peaking at 20 strong vikings, our float stranded at Choas altar with a strong North to the south spread the wolves entered the battlefield! We were holding it strong against the wolves and gave them a good fight! As soon both clans were in a return fight, mains and zenith raggers entered the fight and we were holding it strong! unstoppable with the quick returns! Ty for the fight terror! Chris Pov Come chill in our Public clan chat :BP PUB:
  5. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Wilderness Pure Clan. On this Tuesday Night, We massed up 20 Zenith Members to absolutely slay the wilderness. We ran into Terror twice and ended Legacy's 15 man shitty trip with Fatality nowhere to be found. We caught some spams and looted a bunch of pure corpses. Thanks to everyone who showed up. GF clans. @Elve POV
  6. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Friday, October 16th, 2020; Fatality massed up peaking at around 20 members for a Friday night rev caves session. We would hop from world to world clearing everything in sight. Later into the trip Apex+Zenith would log into us using on meds/mains. We were not having this so we sent out a simple highlight in discord and in no time would have 35 members ready to head on the Anti-Fatality alliance, later peaking at 50. Fatality vs Apex, Zenith & Main Clans The fight would begin northwest of Revenant caves, we quickly cleared out the Apex & Zenith mains including the few assortment of pures they had in-game. They would make a return, logging fully onto mains and with members of Sv & Ez at their aid. Being the pure clan we are we decided to bait them all the way to Chaos Altar forcing them to finally log on to pure accounts. Imagine that? From here on out is was a 1.5 hour long farm session of the Anti-Fatality alliance. Fatality would continuously gain throughout the fight and annihilate the dog shit members of Apex & Zenith the entire time. The fight would eventually move to level 5 wilderness north of Edge ditch making it Pure v Pure action. Unsurprisingly this would end up being the Achilles heel for Apex & Zenith. We would farm them for an hour straight with overwelhming numbers and quality, smiting multiple +1's along the way. At the end, Fatality would up fully clearing Apex & Zenith off the map with 0 pures in games, only useless med accounts standing around looking useless as ever. With Anti-Fi giving up and not returning to fight for a full minute, we got a fall-in, took our win and logged out. Naturally Anti-Fatality would then get a regroup to claim a fake ending as they always do, evening joining our CC to spam. As a final act of alpha dominance we would log back in, spam them out of CC for the full clear and carry onto their 4 way joined CC with yet again another full clear. You are our victims. Uploading
  7. Clan Rage was out dominating deep wilderness with 20 gamers when we spotted easy pking at high altar. We echoed their teamspeak as they fought a group of 5 venezuelan gold farmers bolt ragging them with addy crossbows, and to our surprise they decided to get a fall in for spams. In under 30 seconds the Bears were in a DD ready to gwas and full clear easy. Never taken a lad for 3 ornament kits, but there's a first time for everything (stinky!) epic gamer moment wrong! also had multi fights later triple kill pog
  8. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Today, Fatality headed out with 10 shooters earlier than planned which quickly increased to 20+ as we scouted a med/main team risking a decent amount at Lavas. We pked from Runerocks, to Lava Dragons, to GDz, Callisto and new gate over a few hours. Smited lots of +1's off of mostly meds & mains including an AGS. A good day for the lads making a decent amount between us all with a lot of fun involved on a Monday night. #Kryptonite
  9. │ │ On a late Saturday night, Apex went for a casual stroll in the rev caves. Very quickly we bumped into our old pals at LY. From start to finish, we dominated the fight. After about 10 minutes, LY ran to singles and scatted away into the wind. Thanks for the battle!
  10. On Wednesday August 12th, 25~ Honorable members of Clan Rage embarked on an expedition in search of rats who have made the Revenant Cave their nest. Known for our hatred of villainy and rule-breaking - Clan Rage eliminates any who would dare defile our sacred cave and besmirch the honor of our lord Jagex. With intelligence provided by an inside informant, we quickly located our prime target - the criminal organization known as "Fasan". Money laundering, Venny extortion, and the use snakeskin ragbarrage are just a few examples of heinious acts performed by "Fasan" and his goons. Crimes that will not be tolerated in our territory. Unbeknowst to Fasan, he had incurred our wrath - and would soon experience the terrifying power of Clan Rage. As we descended upon their hideout, panic started to set in. The Venezulan Clients cried out for aid, but help was nowhere to be found. The protection they had paid for was a lie - as the protectors who saw Clan Rage's might trembled like leaves and fled in fear. They tried to flee for their lives, but our hatred for cowards and criminals meant they would not escape so easily. One by one, we meticulously cleansed each world. Slaughtering every man, woman, and venny associating themselves with the criminal organization Fasan. Again and again their hive would repopulate, only to be exterminated moments later. The Villians had been delivered a decisive pummeling and PvM had been closed, so Clan Rage went home after receiving satisfactory payment for our services. Gracias & Adios amigos.
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