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Found 35 results

  1. MOST ACTIVE - BEST COMMUNITY - #1 PKING PURE CLAN FORUMS | TEAMSPEAK | DISCORD On this Tuesday night, we massed up 20 Shooters after setting up a P2P PKRI against Apex. We fought twice for about 30 minutes~ each round at CA & Bandit Camp which was full of nonstop action. GF & Ty For Event Apex. Legashit Remains Banned From Multi.
  2. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord On this Wednesday night we contacted Terror for a last minute F2P PKRI event and they accepted. We quickly massed up & peaked at 20 Zenith Men and fought Terror by 13 Ports/Hut for 30 minutes. We dominated majority of the fight and near the end we laughed at [Pure Clan] Revenant right as they tried to crash (30 minutes late btw step it up l0000l). GF & Ty for event.
  3. " May god have mercy upon our enemies, because we won't " About 20 or so SPARTANS massed up quickly to face off against VENOM. An hour of clean pure vs pure action had everyone in high spirits and positive sportsmanship. VENOM fought valiantly while down opts as we gained a handful near the end. Overall, A job well done by everyone involved. Look forward to future events! GF & Ty 4 Action
  4. Venom massed up 20 Pinkmen for our P2P Pkri vs Legacy The fight lasted around 45mins with both clans maintaining similar opts through out until legacy gained a bit more towards the end. Ntl was great action and look forward for more Gf Ly Dovah
  5. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord 20 Spartans massed up to clear the entire wilderness of any other PKers. Shoutout to all the shooters who showed up to PK for 3 hours! Legacy remains the most active pure clan associated with OSRS.
  6. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord On this Thursday evening, Fatality organized a 1 hour PKRI against Terror at GDZ. Fatality massed up 20 Pure Elites for the 20 v 20 at Greater Demons. Fatality was quick to start ripping through the Terror members circling and flanking them. After 1 hour of constant clean action, which was a good fight circling the Greater Demon ruins, the fight came to a close, Fatality said Good Fight and walked down to gap. Good fight Terror! @Stella:
  7. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We were approached by Apex for a friendly PKRI and we quickly massed up 26 Zenith Members and went to new gate. We spread and waited for Apex to log in, They came from the west and we quickly started focusing their north side and wrapped west of them. Both clans transitioned through GDZ and surrounding area's as the fight raged on for more than 35 minutes before both clans banked. Both clans decided to fight again at bandits and we rushed apex from the east, We wrapped north and started transitioning south. We focused on the lava and started banging out everyone going towards the teleport spot, After around 15 minutes into the fight we went to the bank and thanked Apex for the action. @Paige @Yaz It's been almost a week now and legashit still hasn't gone out to pk after getting clowned on for 15,000+ viewers on Top OSRS Moments.
  8. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Today, Fatality massed 20 shooters to slap everything in the wilderness, and crash a PKRI happening between 2 dogshit clans. Cleared out multiple PvMers in the cave and 26 hill, running into a few fo/sup dogs and resulting in planking Elvey twice and smiting him for his fire book, ez money leaving Zenshit clueless as always. https://i.gyazo.com/d087f31e54bc01d8bd0a589e8f60eb58.mp4 LOOOOOOOOOOOOL
  9. Venom massed up 19 glorious men for our P2P PKRI, later peaking at 25. We had some clean return fights vs terror for very long time going back and fourth until it got crashed by ly and apex who decided it will be okay to bring meds/mains to ruin it. Appreciate the action terror, look forward for more. Dovah Lenti
  10. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net On this Fantastic Friday Supremacy massed up 20 Golden Tigers to fight Venom in a wildy P2P PKRI. Shortly After setting up in bone yard they mistakenly logged inside of us and were quickly punished for it. After a few Venom Tele'd down and the rests loot lay on the wildy floor, we grabbed a fall in and teled out. We Asked them to reorganize the fight and headed to CWA for a FT50. Gf Venom and thanks for the clean action! After our CWA fight vs Venom, our terr-ible leak told us they were pking with 8 kids and we decided to end their dumb ass dogshit trip by hitting them at 26 hills and chasing them to 3 different worlds. These fags thought they could pk in our wilderness LMFAO Round 1: WON(wildy) Round 2: WON(ft50) Supremacy: 50 Kills Venom: 24 Kills Pov: @Ur Glory Plz Pov: @JimmyWoo Pov: @Spray
  11. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We massed up 20 Zenith Shooters for our PK Trip, We smoked Divine Kings for bank loot, Got Fatality for a staff and fully cleared them. We killed Supremacy X3 and quickly moved their trip and killed em for bank. We pked every spot numerous times and cleared everyone. Edited just now by Elve
  12. After getting cleared TWICE by LEGACY, ZENITH had enough and ended. Unfortunately for their members, they were harassed for leaking. Since the day their clan slumped, its been utter chaos. Your members don't know how to turn their private chats off LOL & they're teleing back up in the same world you got GWAS'D in. Rookie mistakes for a clan that claimed #1 mere months ago. With ZENITH nowhere to be found in the wilderness our SPARTANS charged back into the scene only to find and put APEX in their place. We hope you enjoy the freshly potted flowers we left at Edge Cemetery for ya
  13. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Paige Still thinks Legacy doesn't have a problem, For the past week I have abused her PK Trips every single day. Today was no exception, I patiently waited for LY to gather more than 10 Members for a PK Trip. We massed up 20 Zenith Members to go end them Once they were out i logged into their world and TBed my target, From there we smited him for his Staff of The Dead and waited for them to regroup. We hit them 3 more times after we waited over 30 minutes for them to regroup at edge and come back out. We cleared up Vetion and Lavas in that time and made absolutely bank loot killing skulled revs. While we were waiting for Legashit to regroup we setup a fight against Apex at GDZ. We contacted them for a 20v20 and they quickly accepted. They defended GDZ and we logged into their world and the fight began. We started west of GDZ and with amazing tanking and calling, We began to push Apex east and started to transition through them. We had plenty of magers so Apex was frozen constantly, We used this to our advantage transitioning from one to another to another. After the cap was over we pulled east and thanked Apex for the clean action. Legashit For Staff of the Dead.
  14. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord 30+ SPARTANS fearlessly marched into the depths of the wilderness to meet FOE head on. Business needed to be handled first so we took a moment to log in on Zenith and end their trip within 30 seconds. RIP Rats ..back to the war.. Steel clashed on steel as blood and bodies dropped in every direction. One thing was clear amidst the chaos, FOE was losing. Swift as foxes, LY tore through their feeble attempts to regroup and mass hit our stragglers. It didn't take long for FOE to run with their tails tucked between their legs. Out of breath and with sweat dripping down our brows, we wiped the blood off our blades using the scraps of the tattered FOE capes scattered across 26 Hill.
  15. On Wednesday Blunt Purez massed 20 vikings for a 20v20 pkri at CA/CORP Vs Jumpstreet After clearing jumpstreet 4-5 times Jumpstreet decided to take the loss Another Win for BP TY 4 ACTION JUMPSTREET
  16. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Massed up 15 Zenith Members and made bank loot. We found Venom , Onslaught and cleared up Legacy in a 1V1. Eventually peaked at 20 and ended LY after clearing them x3. Thanks for the loot. Edited 23 hours ago by Elve
  17. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord We were contacted by Apex for a 30 min cap PKRI. We quickly accepted and massed up 20 Zenith Members. The fight went back and forth for the entire 30 minutes. We were hoping anti-zenith would crash but fortunately for them, they decided to sit and watch on their scouts while we had clean pure on pure action. Crazy how crash wars work these days. Hopefully 2021 will instill some courage in these low stamina clans. @ref @legashit. Gf and thanks for the clean fight Apex.
  18. Most Active - Best Community We heard clans were massing for a PKRI and we decided we wanted to crash, We forced them to go to clan wars and we decided to contact Apex and ask them for a PKRI. They accepted and we massed up 20 Zenith Members and went to CA. We rushed Apex and the fight started, Both clans did amazing identical to last night. This was extremely clean fun Pure on Pure action. Thanks for the fight Apex. !Loc Legashit & Ref?
  19. Most Active - Best Community Apex contacted us for a PKRI and we accepted, We capped it at 20V20 and 30 Minute Cap. We defended and waited for Apex to rush. The entire fight was clean as fuck with both clans taking turns with the lead. Great tanking and calling from both clans. After the 30 Minutes ended, both clans ended with clean action yet again. Thanks for the fight Apex - POV UPLOADING -
  20. clan-rage.com | Discord: kKdeJhY | Rage.ts3chat.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc The Rage lads were pking with around 20 men at lavas when we were quickly made aware that Apex were at 26 hill with similar opts, we immediately moved over to 26 hill and hit them on login - fully clearing them in under a minute. They sat at the bank for five minutes, got a world hop and teled back up - in this time we had gained to nearly 40 with one mass poke. We logged in on them as soon as they teled up once again clearing them in record time. They ended immediately after this, you boys should stick to pvming (see pic below) Thanks for the free smoke losers
  21. HYDRA vs BLOOD UNIT - PKRI Friday Night 11th December 2020 We set out to have a planned fight Hydra vs Blood Unit at CA. Big respect to them fighting us with less opts. It was a clean fight without being crashed, much appreciation to the clans not crashing the fight when it was scouted out on radar.
  22. Today we massed up 30 Shooters for our scheduled Pkri against Apex. Minutes after the beginning Fatality and Rage crashed the fight. At the end Foe came to rag aswell. Thanks everyone! 2 weeks ago @ONSLAUGHT PUBLIC RELATIONS crashed our pkri with 15.. 1 week ago they only had 8 raggers.. Today they only had 8 ppl in cc during our fight and were nowhere to be seen l00000000000000l.
  23. Most Active - Best Community - #1 Pure Clan We massed up 10 good men and went out in the wilderness, We found Supremacy and cleared them up at the wildy slayer cave and eventually south at 26 hill. We peaked at 20 Zenith Mountain men and went to lavas. We bombed through Supremacy again and smoked them. We than found Legacy at GDZ and cleared them in a 1v1 after they massed for us. BLNT Shitters. Edited 2 minutes ago by Elve
  24. clan-rage.com | Discord: kKdeJhY | Rage.ts3chat.com | ''Clan Rage'' cc The Rage lads were pking with around 20 men when we ran into BP, we cleared them initially at 26 hill then they teled back up and waited for us at ca. We moved to Ca and pretty much cleared them up before moving to corp to wait for them to return, they held ca as we held corp; us trying to drag them north so we could hit their 80s and them trying to hold south so we couldn't.. After a while we got bored and just went south and cleared them off the map Thanks for the fight BP  
  25. CC: BP Pub Today we heard that Terror and Venom had a pkri setup and a few other clans such as Rage and Zenith were going to crash. so we decided to run an est trip with our growing est squad we peaked at 22 having a 2 hour trip whilst Onslaught sat at inners missing the clusters. We started off hitting a cluster Where we would pull north of dwarves and fight venom until Terror came with a big opt advantage so both us and Venom had to dip. We then set Up a Clean main free pkri with Venom as we had the same opts, where we managed to get the full clear on them. nice to see clean pkris can still happen without any mains. ty for fight Venom. After our Pkri we heard there was a cluster at CA Between Terror, Rage, Zenith so we hit it from the east getting multiple kills the fight then dragged to ghost hut where a load of mains would join the fight as seen in vid so we decided to tele out. After 2 hours of inners missing all the action trying to train the untrainable At Clan wars Onslaught ranks decided they would try to join the action. Very poor leadership got Onslaught in a 10 man clump trying to rush their Rivals in singles from multi l0l. we took them down to 15 in game from one clump once the remainder got into singles and they brought mains to singles we dipped losing nobody to onslaught yet again. We Then set up a fight with Venom at ca where it would only last a small time before Terror crashed once venom pulled north of the fight we were left with terror and a big opt advantage so we decided to call it there. Again no sign of Onslaught in multi. Onslaught You're gonna have to do a lot more than 3 pictures in singles and no vid for your midweek topic to show you're "winning" this "rivalry" that was another very poor attempt of propaganda by Onslaught Ranks. Povs: @sickko
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