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  1. HYDRA SUNDAY - 28th JUNE 2020 We massed up to around 40 Hydras to War in the Wild that day. Our first fight started at Bandit camp & continued throughout different locations & Pvp worlds. The wild was filled and it was crazy good action between all clans. GF to all! Video Below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urby2XZgg3Y https://youtu.be/urby2XZgg3Y
  2. HYDRA SUNDAY l DOMINATION - 31st MAY 2020 We started off the Sunday massing up to 38 men before heading out to the Wild OUR GDZ FIGHT was a 1v1 between HYDRA and RESISTANCE with an agreed team on crash in the area. It was crashed mid-fight and we took a smart regroup to take back to control NEWGATE and clear it fully to take the win for both clans. We attempted to fight somewhere else after. However the fight ended becoming a cluster of 3-4/5 clans & we ended up dominating most of the fights before it gets full cleared by bigger teams. Thanks to all clans for the action! (We ended up maintaning an average of 35 pull throughout the entire war) VIDEO BELOW:
  3. Due to exam finals this week & next we attempted to enter the GMT caves really early. We managed to pull a 10 man unit with the attempt to make some money killing rev pvmers. We saw some red capes hitting a world that we were about to hit so we attempted to give it a clean 1v1. We havn't ran into these guys before but it was definitely a team mixed of pures and meds. A good clean non-toxic fight!
  4. HYDRA & the boys went out randomly on a Monday to see what was up in the caves. We massed up 10 men to behind with slowly growing to 14-15. We ended up clearing it for 2 hours before calling it a day off. Good Money was Made!
  5. HYDRA vs OG [2-0] P2P MINIWARS - 25th April 2020 both clans were bored and wanted to scrimmage a little miniwar latenight. Result below! Good action between both clans gg. 1st set: 2-0 2nd set: 2-1
  6. HYDRA TUESDAY CLUSTER Started out at gdz, got crashed by mains & both of us got cleared We went to Rematch at CA and got crashed by OG before the fight even started so we held our ground & dominated. We rematched at Falador & the fight became a cluster between 4 clans with Hydra, Resistance, Onslaught & Zenith all in 1 world. We didn't expect to get crashed but it turned out to become good action. We ended the night with a clean 1v1 vs Resistance. No timer Cap & both clans decided to end after we kept returning for 2 hours straight. GF to all!
  7. Was sick action this weekend!! GJ to all
  8. TEAM NAME: PURPLE IS SEXY TEAM LEADER: HYDRA TYLER CONTACT INFO (Discord, IRC, etc): Hydra Discord TIMEZONE PREFERENCE: 7pm est - 10pm est -- possibly ok (weekend more possibly flexible) What Category of 6v6 Tournaments will you be participating in? Pures(Knockout 1-7 Def) - Standard Variant Option 2- Write down the names of your players: (Max of 10 players): LEADING(HYDRA TYLER), So Purefect, not amoosed, Clickss, Desk Agent, Cmon tasteit, L0ngdrives, Nawtzi, Overguard, K E M P E R
  9. HYDRA's Sunday OUT Date: 24/2/2019 A bit late on the post, but here it is! Gf all! was crazy VIDEO:
  10. Hey, welcome! We've currently got a few aussies in our clan a small oceania unit at work. Feel free to check us out hydra-rs.com
  11. We'll make the vids weed themed on the 420th Sunday hahah
  12. HYDRA's 4th P2P Sunday out. GF to everyone it was lot's of fun!! Date: 27/1/2019 Fight's were crazy in the wild & in p2p worlds, gf all! VIDEO 1: VIDEO 2:
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