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  1. Goodfight UD, had some awesome action labour day Monday!
  2. Hydra's Sunday Had some great action this Sunday, found some clusters, set up some 1v1s. All around lots of fun. GF. Look forward to the next war
  3. Glad to be apart of the team!
  4. I am excited for this, I would love for our ntpc clan to be more engaged with the SB community, but it's hard because you need to have thick skin to really get involved. The way I look at it is, we're all adults, we can banter a bit but do we really need to put people down or make other peoples enjoyment of the game horrible? Let's just all chill and have a good time man. Good luck with everything!
  5. The clan history is too long, thread couldn't support it. (Hydra x10) Welcome Deku so nice to finally meet you!
  6. Gotta love the Kpop Awesome vid.
  7. Work and all that fun stuff got in the way
  8. Had tons of fun! Gf to everyone who showed up to the clusters!
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