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  1. On 11/22/2020 Swarm massed up to 43 Scarabs and swarmed the scene. Started off with a fight against SF, which was crashed by Zenith and they were promptly crashed by mains. We then ran into Venom at Bandit camp which turned into a cluster and had some great action. Continued to fight SF at Bandit Camp & successfully swarmed SF catching massive 7-10 man clumps. Swarm then prepared to fight SF at GDZ, Venom showed up and very quickly died one by one as we made our way to SF through Venoms corpses. This was cut short before we could clear SF after being crashed by LY/Mains. Reached out to Apex for a clean 40V40 which then was crashed by LY with 90+ opts.. tsk tsk fight some clans in your own bracket boys We brought the fight to a new location in Al-Kharid & it quickly turned into a cluster of SF, OG & Swarm, we quickly banked after clearing SF and returned to the fight the cluster in Al-Kharid Castle. We then fought SF one last time at Bandit Camp, completely clearing them, ending our trip with 30 champions. Respect to all clans we fought, looking forward to MANY more Sundays!
  2. Welcome to Swarm. Clan Information 1-25 Defence Pure Clan. Clan Chat: Swarm-RS | Uniform: Team 19 Cape & Turquoise Hat Discord | Forums Clan Leadership LEADER Kami | Haro HIGH COUNCIL Capone WARLORD - COUNCIL VoT | SW AT CAPTAIN S Haron Join the Swarm today.
  3. That Eagle cursor was fucking with me man
  4. I like how both clips end and Hydra's still fighting LOOO, pretty easy to come in to a fight 5 minutes late into the start and "clear" lmao
  5. Didn't ask you to reply lol
  6. Bet 1,819 Sharkpoints on Rage for COTM and won 148 Points XD.
  7. Lmfao, yeah I know, had to crop it LOL
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