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  1. Congrats to me on retirement, in the end Jagex broke me
  2. In my opinion, singles teams have been getting a bit out of hand, the wilderness is pretty much impossible to be in without having a team behind you. I think singles plus will encourage more 1v1s, and not getting spec swapped by 15 people when you’re just trying to solo pk. As for clanning and waiting in singles, you typically will wait in random worlds, ragging shouldn’t be a huge issue - or just log out at the hop spot, I don’t think it will be that huge of a difference IMO. We will see how it works, and if these changes encourage more people to venture in the wildy, which is ultimately the goal, right?
  3. Wouldn't being on two teams cause issues? As in, you could technically VS yourself at one point? Might want to remove that rule, and stick to one team per person.
  4. JS will never step into CWA, they know they're terrible lol.
  5. I think it makes the most sense for this topic to be in the Main category IMO - it was Rage's weekend off, and just an unofficial mass.
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