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Found 9 results

  1. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, May 9th, 2021; Fatality massed up peaking at around 60 members for our weekly P2P PK Trip on Fatality's Birthday. Fatality vs Legacy Ft. Fo Fatality set up a fight vs Legacy at boneyard. After a clean 5 minutes of fighting, Fatality received intel that Fo was rushing from the east. Fatality pulled northwest to regroup, and pushed on Fo. Fatality started slaughtering them, and they rushed to 26 hills. Fatality then surged on top of Fo at 26 Hills clearing them from West to East. As they returned, Fatality then pushed back west, and fully cleared Fo. Thanks to Legacy for the clean action and Fo for the free loot. Fatality vs Legacy Ft. Fo Again, Fatality set up a fight against Legacy this time at FOG. After a quick 1v1, Fo again crashed. Fatality quickly turned on Fo as they rushed from the West. After shoving them hard west, they started dragging east trying to relive the glory days of Varrock Ditch pking. It didn't work well for them. They then dragged east, trying to get closer to all of their returners from Lumberyard (they were dying so fast). Fatality then pushed all them way east, and they teled out. Fatality vs Cluster Fatality had a fight set up at FOG, but had intel Supremacy and Hydra were just north of us in another world. Fatality logged south of them and started hitting north just east of Graveyard. Fatality rushed East to 18 ports/Pond where Legacy was waiting. After a quick hit, Fo again showed up from the west. Fatality turned on them quickly, and they teled out. Fatality pushed south to Chaos Altar, and got on top of Rage/Legacy. As mains crashed the fight, we pushed south and regrouped. Fatality vs Hydra Ft. Venom Fatality logged in on Hydra and fought them at Chaos Altar. This was a very short fight as they teled out quickly. Once there was basically no Hydra left, Venom logged in East of us. Fatality killed as many as we could before they teled out. Fatality vs Fo Ft. Main Clan Zenith & Blunt Purez Fatality got intel that Fo was in multi so we rushed them as fast as possible. Fatality got an easy GWAS at Pond/Ghost Hut on Fo. Zenith + mains showed up and Blunt Purez showed up from the south. After getting what we came for, which was K2P, Proccy, Jordai and MPC Kill pics; Fatality decided to regroup as the mains were starting to overpower the fights. Fatality vs Legacy/Cluster Fatality went to defend at FOG but were rushed quickly by Fo and Blunt Purez. Fatality had to regroup quickly, as main clans were north of us. We repositioned to get on top of Fo. Fatality teled into Lumberyard as they were fighting OG at Ditch. Fatality fucked them up quickly and they teled. We teled right after as mains were rushing from the north. Fatality vs Cluster Fatality received word Fo were at CA, we logged in on them east of them at CA and preceded to GWAS the shit out of them. They teled shortly after where we mopped up the remaining. It wasn't long before Blunt Purez logged in east, followed by Legacy west and Zenith north. Fatality reduced Blunt Purez to single figures and left as mains were just left. @Sonic @Stella @Tiko Justin:
  2. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net On Day # 100 of this year, Supremacy is still going strong as ever, managing to peak at 44 sexy ass alpha tigers throughout our eventful Saturday F2P Pk Trip. Today was pretty much the same as always, with us rushing fights or creating them and holding number leads that end up snowballing into convincing wins. As action kicked off right after massing, we managed to get several good clusters vs Apex & Foe, near wizzy tower and 26 hills and later sperm. We also ended up gwassing rage in F2P as they logged in under us 1 by 1, suiciding their braindead members into the sea of gold. We also fought Terror who gave us the most free win we could ever get today at se graves b4 dog rev clan crashed. Accepting their crash, we pulled to CA and started killing possibly the shittiest addy tanks out there b4 Zenith crashed and cleared them. Also had a fight vs Fi where they logged in under us, got sniped out from singles/multi line and losing 10-15+ before zenith crashed and cleared them as well. Ended our trip with a clean pkri vs Apex where we controlled 95% of the fight. Safe and accurate to say, Supremacy wins again. Ham Jimmy Poo Noel
  3. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, April 4th, 2021; Fatality massed up peaking at around 55 members for our weekly P2P PK Trip. ~ Fatality vs Blunt Purez ~ For the first fight of the day, Fatality set up with Blunt Purez who defended east boneyard. Fatality attacked and wrapped around reducing Blunt Purez to single digits and said GF and teled out. ~ Fatality vs Supremacy, Zenith, Rage ~ Fatality got word that Supremacy were east boneyard, Fatality charged and started wiping through Supremacy, it wasn’t long before Zenith hit Fatality's flank with Rage behind them hitting theirs, we pushed through to the opposite side of Supremacy and fought them at ghost hut while Zenith and Rage fought at Boneyard. When mains started to show up we dipped. ~ Fatality vs Legacy, Blunt Purez, Rage ~ Fatality organised a fight with Legacy at Boneyard, with Legacy defending. Fatality rushed Legacy and started pushing through them, Rage & Blunt Purez appeared from the west. Fatality carried on pushing through to the east towards 26 hill and wrapping north while Legacy pushed straight up north towards Dwarfs. Both clans met south east Dwarfs duking it out until mains arrived with Fatality deciding to leave. ~ Fatality vs Final Ownage, Apex ~ Fatality got word that Final Ownage and Apex were fighting north boneyard. Fatality charged from the east, dropping them fast and reducing both clans to single digits to Fatality 40+.Fatality bid our fair well while the two clans wondered what happened. ~ Fatality vs Supremacy, Apex ~ Fatality intel received intel that Supremacy and Apex were fighting at sperm. Fatality logged in south at ghost hut and smashed through both clans within seconds. ~ Fatality vs Legacy ~ For Fatality‘a final fight of the day, we advanced on Legacy from the south from ghost hut to Legacy‘s position around sperm. Fatality fought them for a good few minutes before the main fight happening north encroached south where we Fatality moved down to the south slayer cave entrance, where we called it a successful day with the main fight moving down to CA. @Sonic @Tiko Stella : https://streamable.com/vdzy4k
  4. Another Sunday = Another day that blunt purez avoids their rivals at all cost. We set out today with 44 later peaking at 50 helmet wearing, wheelchair riding retards ready to dominate the wilderness. Long story short OG on top watch the vids etc. ty ~Pixel POV ~Quode POV ~Brain POV To kick start the trip we set up a fight with Supremacy, things remained mostly even until we caught them in a clump up north, Vaporized it and then pushed south and forced them to teleport out with us doing the same as Ly crashed. GF. Set up another battle against the tiger clan, again relatively even from both sides. This one ended with Ly crashing a bit sooner than the first fight. Gf. Went to crash something, Supremacy happened to be there at the same time, killed what was possible with both of us in single and then left. Rolled up on this fight, initially BP pulled away so their leader could do his "tactics", we killed what Fi & Ly were close to 18 ports until the dutch morons decided they wanted to get beaten to death with their clogs. Like every fight with these idiots, it ended in them vaporized. Our final hit of the trip, before everyone started to end, we found BP trying to fight Ly at Boneyard & within seconds, we were there dropping BP down to 15 ingame to our 40. I would say this has to be the most humiliating loss for BP, with Vitality trying to smite +1's in single boosting their runelite cape counter they had no idea they were losing and losing badly. The further south we pulled, the more they stupidly chased us, assuming their main clan would follow and within moments, they went from "56" to 10. We killed their leader Monkey & BP teleported out in shame.
  5. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Today, Fatality headed out with 52 green men on this fine Sunday looking for Pure vs Pure action. Fatality vs Cluster Fatality started off the day in Al-Kharid where Legacy/BP/OG were fighting near the bank. Fatality logged into singles and caught massive clumps, GWASing everything in sight. The fight cleared up very quickly as the clans tele'd out. Fatality vs Cluster Fatality rushed BP from the north at boneyard waiting for other clans to show themselves, Fatality took the east side of the fight and caught both BP & Legacy in clumps in the center of boneyard. Fatality vs Cluster Fatality found a fight ongoing at corp hill/18s. Fatality took the south side and pushed clans off of corp hill. Most Clans were moving south east so Fatality held 18s watching clans suicide into us. Fatality moved south to the Eastern side of CA to fight Legacy. Fatality vs Legacy Fatality rushed west to find Legacy at boneyard. Despite being down 15+ opts Fatality held their own while catching clumps and speccing baby mages. The fight went on for several minutes without crashes. Gf Legacy @Stella
  6. Discord: Y2YPC8 | 'Wolves Den' Cc After an action-packed week full of W's in CLW Preps, Pkri's, Minis, and a dominant Saturday trip, Terror peaked at 44 WOLVERINE PURES ready to finish off the week strong on this P2P Sunday. We were slightly disappointed to hear that soup only pulled 26 pures (LOL) but as they regrouped with their alliance of BU/PH meds/mains, we hoped they had enough total accounts to have the courage to fight us. Turns out that still wasn't enough as they couldn't muster over 32 accounts on cape counter with the alliance plus their own mains logged in, SAD! The entire trip consisted of Terror getting constant clean action, with soup clan tele'ing out instantly every time we log into their fights. We were able to catch a clean hit on them to start when we logged on top of BU mains at east bandit, which prompted soup clan no choice but to rush us and help save their allies. Bad idea! The alliance got in massive clumps as they dropped one by one until we were up 20 on the cape counter. This lead to them calling a tele-out, and we dipped without losing a SINGLE person. OG crashed shortly after so we followed soup to bank and flamed them as they logged out into random worlds. Pure Perfection. After a few more hits on soup at bandits consisting of them panicking and logging out, we baited sup up to GDZ, a place where they can't teleport away from. This entire fight was on 1 inventory, and it started with us fighting OG and Hydra, with soup calling their alliance to hit us first before they decide to tele up - and just as expected we were focused by Apex, and a no cape clan- possibly Zenith? That's when they finally decided to tele up after sitting at Draynor for 15 minutes while clean action was across the board. Being down opts to start due to us being on the same inventory after tussling with 4 clans, they felt confident for just a few minutes before we brought the fight back and out-returned them south of gap- eventually overwhelming and forcing these rats to call a log out as we chased them all the way down to the 30 line. Openly teaming with Apex and hitting us 15 minutes into a fight is not gonna work! We got back up to the cluster at GDZ/New Gate to get more action. After another 10 minutes regrouping at Draynor soup decided to suicide into us just south of New gate to end their trip, not realizing we already cleared their allies just minutes before! We laughed as we sent our doggies to bed, and pk'd for another 45 minutes after they ended. Rest of the trip consisted of clean action against LY, BP, OG, Hydra making this another exciting and action-packed trip for Terror. 2021 doesn't seem to be your year soup, maybe next year!
  7. supremacy rs cc / www.supremacy-rs.com / supremacy.verygames.net Not only did Terror get absolutely fucked today, they managed to kick 4 innocent members and STILL miss 3 of our leaks out of their 30 man pull LOOL! Today Supremacy Peaked 42 tigers and had a trip full of action and fights. We managed to clear Terror not only once but TWICE while listening to their demoralizing audio. whenever Terror was bankstanding and regrouping their mains we had great action with Apex and BP. Starting of our saturday we setup a fight vs Apex at the Wizards tower. Stood our ground while being a few down, after like 10 minutes it got crashed by Pink capes and we made sure to farm some rune sets before banking for our next fight. Gf apex Later we setup another fight versus APEX west of bandits and we ruled the trip the entire time for like 20 minutes straight. Never dropped below 35 with our 40 strong tigers. After 20 minutes BP crashed with around 25 pures and made sure to move east of apex and create a sandwich effect on apex. We dropped some apex and bp kids and took their loot when they pushed west in singles. East of bandits we found dog shit Terror clan, Since their vennies were still buying supplies at GE we rushed them and dropped their 30 Broken wolves to 20 in a matter of seconds. Their mains arrived but we stood our ground and never dropped below 35 pures in game. Later got crashed by legacy and when terror was wiped of the minimap we moved it to single and banked up. After the slaughter we had before, we wanted more wolf blood and made sure we got it. We spotted Terror once again east of bandits and made sure to remind them why they will always be below us, Due to our Piling and binding even the mains dropped in 0,5 sec, and dropped the terror pure counter below 15 in a matter of seconds. Terror ran to singles and we made sure to follow them to the bank and the trip with a nice spam. After 10 seconds the Terror dogs went silent and we could hear their demoralished audio about why the mains were so slow with returning.... @JimmyWoo @Wessel https://gyazo.com/5123bb6bc0faccf77176f3468523c9f8
  8. Today Onslaught set out with 40 gorillas later peaking at 42. To say Onslaught didn't have the best, cleanest, main free action would be an understatement. We had wonderful action against Terror, Supremacy and Special Forces. Thank you for the action guys see you next week! ~Flower POV Set up a fight vs Supremacy at Bandits. We had a strong south side and instantly took control of the fight. Eventually Terror came to the fight and we all tussled for a bit. We pushed Supremacy to singles and Terror teleported out. Rather than playing the single to multi game we just teleported out as Supremacy only had 20 in singles to our 40. Ty for toxic staff btw As we were waiting for SF, SUP or Terror to respond a little birdie told me that all 3 clans were going at it. We logged in just north of pond and fucking railed Special Forces. Eventually we pushed it south to CA and cleared up both SUP and Terror. Ty for action. Got word that Blunt Purez and Legacy were fighting at CA. We rushed in from the east and BP teleported out. Got into a little tussle vs Legacy. Eventually Fatality crashed and we teleported out. Thank you for some action! We tried to set up vs Supremacy but they ended early. We tried setting up vs SF and Terror. Both of them didn't respond however we already knew what they were doing. We rushed in at CA and cleared both of them up. Our last hit was vs Terror. We defended at east bandits and they rushed in. We had a strong south side and instantly caught the opt advantage. We cleared them up at tele spot. and then they decided to teleport back in? Caught them in a big gwas and that was the end of it. After that we teleported out and called it there. Thank you for the action Terror!
  9. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Saturday, October 3rd: Final Ownage Elite massed up 42 Elites for our scheduled F2P trip. Knowing that 3 other clans had similar opts we were eager to setup fights. Our first fights started at Corp vs Supremacy and Apex. After a few minutes of clean, (main free) action it was suddenly hit by all clans and turned into a cluster. We quickly regrouped and set for Bandits to set up another 1v1 vs Apex which lasted for a solid 20 minutes untouched. Although down opts, our almighty Eagles stood their ground the entire fight. It was not long before we were up opts and gained control of the fight. The fight concluded with a crash from Supremacy and Terror. Unlike other clans, FOE ended their trip having nonstop action from start to finish. Shoutout to Apex for the main free action! ~Swip ~K2P
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