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  1. Tell your ranks to accept pussy. Lmao, clueless foe minion.
  2. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Wednesday February 24th; Fatality massed up ready to take on Rage in our first prep of the week. After narrowly losing round one, we shaped up and got the win in round 2, then having an intense pkri coming out with a win following some clutch tanks from our members. Always a pleasure having such close P2P fights. GGs Rage. ~ Defending ~ Lost ~ Attacking ~ Fatality Starting: 26 Fatality Ending: 11 Rage Starting: 26 Rage Ending: 0 ~ PKRI ~ Fatality Starting: 24 Fatality Ending: 5 Rage Starting: 24 Rage Ending: 0
  3. Foe exposed by their former hc lmao. Foe Hq scrambling to discredit him by calling him a leak.
  4. Fatality is currently #1/#2 in all aspects of pure clanning. Keep being delusional. Currently Fatality & Legacy are the two highest pure pulling clans. Stay mad btw.
  5. Jw who are you claiming he leaked too?
  6. Yo @orgasmsI see Danny told you to stop commenting on our aftermath. You dumb bot. Keep believing your ranks propaganda.
  7. Hey @Proccy! How’s being apart of the main clan fom working out for you? Keep spinning fake propaganda you delusional Danny minion. Stay mad btw.
  8. Pretty shitty intel you have. Your members such as Brian prefer playing other games than turning up and vidding foe foe anymore. stay mad btw.
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