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  1. We‘ll pull way over that but thanks, think you are confusing us with people in the dogshit alliance.
  2. Forums | Teamspeak | Discord Sunday, May 16, 2021; Fatality massed up peaking at around 130 members for our 15th Anniversary P2P Sunday trip. Fatality vs Fo Vs Blunt Purez Fatality initially kicked off our Anni by scouting Fo Vs Blunt Purez at Fog. We logged in on top of them and wiped them out. Fatality vs Supremacy Fatality's next victim was Supremacy who was in multi fighting Onslaught, Onslaught made it out in time however Supremacy wasn't as lucky and got the smoke. Fatality vs Fo & Apex Fatality intel next received word that Fo & Apex were trying to have a cute 30 v 30 on the east side of bandits, we logged in on top of them and caught them in massive clumps killing them fast. Fatality vs Zenith As Fatality hopped to another world, Zenith felt brave after scouting us trying to hit us in multi on the east side of Bandits, Zenith was quickly dispatched and send to lumby. Fatality vs Onslaught Vs Terror Vs Rage Vs Zenith Fatality next hit Onslaught Vs Terror on the east side of bandits removing them from the wilderness by Gwassing them before Rage decided to log in north and also got deleted, Zenith followed shortly after meeting the same demise. Fatality vs Fo Vs Blunt Purez Fatality got word that Fo was trying to have a fight with Blunt Purez around CA / Ghost hut, we logged in on top of them and quickly wiped them out, we hard pushed south onto the Blunt Purez causing them to drop fast. Fatality vs Rage Vs Venom Rage & Venom was having a fight also at CA in another world, we logged in on the west and charged them down. Cleaning them up in seconds. Fatality vs Rage Vs Fo Vs Blunt Purez Fatality was straight onto the front foot yet again getting word that Rage and Fo were fighting at Boneyard, we logged in on top of the fight. They did not stand a chance, we carried on pushing south on the runners where we met Blunt Purez and got some quick kills. Fatality vs Legacy Vs Rage Vs Zenith Fatality logged in south of Legacy & Rage, catching them in massive clumps getting some easy kills before Zenith decided to run into the box and also get murdered. Fatality vs Jumpstreet Vs Terror Fatality decided to pay Jumpstreet and Terror a visit by logging in on them at Ghost Hut, catching them with ease and forcing them to exit the wilderness via death or teleport. Fatality vs Terror Vs Legacy Fatality scouts soon found Terror fighting Legacy at fog, Fatality charged from the west catching massive clumps and vaporizing them all. Fatality vs Rage Vs Onslaught Straight from the last hit, Fatality logged over to hit Rage Vs Onslaught at Sperm, Fatality feasted on the pures speccing them out. Fatality vs Hydra Vs Venom Fatality intel got word that Hydra and Venom were fighting north of rev cave entrance. Fatality rushed from the east demolishing them all including smiting one of them for an ACB. Fatality vs Jumpstreet Vs Apex Soon after coming down from lvl 45 wilderness we hit the bank and went straight up after getting word, Jumpstreet and Apex were fighting at CA, we charged from pond scattering them all. Fatality vs Legacy Vs Blunt Purez Our last fight of this super action packed day was to find Legacy and Blunt Purez fighting at CA, we logged in south west and ran through them all, respect to Blunt Purez who fought back a little bit but sheer numbers was too much for them. @Alex @Ali @Tanqe @Stella @Stonecoldpkr
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