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  1. Zenith just going to avoid in the end. still waiting on cookies to accept or decline our full out request.
  2. htown really living in a mansion rent free in k2ps empty head l0l
  3. cant believe we humiliated fo into going to lvl 7 wild to take a fake ending spam. lmfao is this is the enrgy you're bringing, this is going to be easy
  4. Let it sink in that fo is relying on all its members + elders/retireds while FI fighting with just its active member base. Wait till we sound the horns
  5. Can’t believe they begged retireds to come back just to get smoked
  6. fo got absolutely farmed yesterday lmaoooooo easiest fucking fight of my life
  7. Only thing k2p is good at is spamming. He sucks at leading clans. Hence why y’all got merked yesterday xD
  8. cant believe we made fo go to lvl 7 to make a fake ending lmfa00000000000 Loc was CA not fog retards
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