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  1. Gz on win swarm @Brief Casego write another essay you fucking loser l0l
  2. As an unbiased opinion It looks like you absolutely mopped the floor when BP crashed. Gz Venom!
  3. It doesn’t matter where you go what you do what you say I am always watching =]
  4. We decided to go out and have a nice little pk trip. Ended up killing a lot of small teams and pvmers. Ran into zenith a few times and each of us took a few wins from eachother ty for the action dudes. Terror asked us for a little pkri. We gladly accepted and both massed up. We massed up 22 gorillas later peaking at 25 when the fight got crashed. The fight was super fun and shoutout to terror for fighting down a few opts! ~Pixel POV ~Andrew POV We defended on white plat and Terror rushed from the west. The fight went on for over 30 MINUTES crash free. Eventually I saw ly founder Nick scouting the fight so I knew what was coming. Eventually Apex, Zenith and mains decided to hit it and Legacy flew in right after. To make sure the mains had a boring time we brought the fight south to CA and just owned many gamers on the way. Thank you for the action gamers!
  5. This the same dude that got booted out of BP for being a 13 year old squeaker that nobody wanted l0000l
  6. BP got murdered yet again! 18 little joints couldn’t handle the heat @K0edcry me a river dog l00l
  7. Not a pretty sight for BP today. Got ran through today when they attempted to crash with 18 lil joints. Maybe next time @Blunt Purez

    1. K0ed


      L00L ogs intel is becoming very weak, 30 vikings btw 

  8. To all you fucks who eat beans on toast as a snack good fucking luck
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