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  1.  Clan Chat: OG Pub || Discord: https://discord.gg/jJE5R5 || Teamspeak3: onslaught.ts3clans.com Massed up 18 big teal gorillas for a random F2P event vs IO. Both clans barely have any f2p experience but we were professional gorillas and took a comfortable win today. Won 5-1 in the end!
  2. Clan Chat: OG Pub || Discord: https://discord.gg/jJE5R5 || Teamspeak3: onslaught.ts3clans.com SORRY THE TOPIC IS A DAY LATE WE BEEN HAVING ISSUES WITH UPLOADING THE VIDEO! Early in the day we we're approached by Resistance for a PKRI this evening. We gladly accepted and let the gorillas know in discord that after work they needed to race home to farm +1's for Lord Power Flower and King Jonny. We massed up 30~ strong gorillas on teamspeak and tele'd up to GDZ. We got a spread on white plat and told Resistance to rush us. Immediately 20 meds logged in north of us and we knew that this fight was going to be absolutely fucking aids. We wrapped their southern and completely demolished it. We then headed east towards GDZ to get away from the mains. Within 30 seconds of the fight starting both zenith and fatality rushed in and from there on out it was a huge 4 way cluster. The initial fight ended with Onslaught chasing zenith down to boneyard where they tele'd out. After the initial cluster we went back up to white plat and got another north to south spread waiting to get hit by someone. Resistance rushed in and were quickly swept up by our big dick gorillas, moments after fatality rushed, and following them was zenith. After only 5 minutes of fighting everyone started moving west towards spider hill as we chased them down from the east. Eventually everything moved to rev cave entrance so we cleared up the left overs of Resistance in single and got out of their. Thank you everyone for the fun fight. Much respect to all clans.
  3. This glorious afternoon Onslaught was awaken by a battle cry from sir lord power flower himself calling out to all of our shooters to camp the hydra+dc alliance for the full duration of our Sunday trip. We couldn't let our glorious leader down so we pulled out the heavy artillery in expectation of feeding our 40~ gorillas off px tyler's +1's. Throughout the entire trip we were fighting hydra down 20-25 and completely demolished them in every corner of the wilderness. It was truly a sight to see and as flowers breathing got heavier after numerous +1's smited we knew that we had made our leader proud. Noticeable mentions were quick scuffles with blunt pures, supremacy, apex, and LY stragglers.
  4. Clan Chat: OG Pub || Forums: https://onslaught-rs.com/ || Teamspeak3: onslaught.ts3clans.com Onslaught massed up 24 gorillas for our scheduled pkri vs supremacy was a good fight clean action from both sides. GF SUP 40 minutes late the crashers were, good intel guys! We thought it was rev warriors who crashed the fight but turned out it was zenith only cos of the amount black d hides that tried rushing - Anti crash was on and we cleared zenith between ourselves quite easily. Foe then crashed when zenith decided to hit from the wrong side of bandits and onslaught through bandits and cleared up the rest of zenith and fighting with foe for a bit.      
  5. Today Onslaught massed up 38 big dick swinging gorillas for its official P2P Sunday event, eventually peaking at 40! Special Forces once again got raped! Clean fights with Hydra! Clans did attempt to 2 v 1 us but it didnt work out for them LOL First things first we got a spread south of boneyard thanks to a tip of harambe hq and hit a cluster to the north, Resistance came from the south west so we transitioned ourselves to the east more holding our ground before regrouping at CA and pushing north east before reaching apex where we tussled for about 5minutes gf Apex! Set up a 1 v 1 with hydra was a clean fight at CA went double there opts thanks to strong south side and brilliant wrap to the north before UB crashed! Find hydra and Special retards fighting at fog in a normal world was pretty weird to say the least all the kids in 84 combat in hydra were stood around as they couldnt hit special retards lvl 60s and low 70s lol so we came and swept it up in 0.5 seconds! Found DC and HYDRA fighting at GDZ so we rushed from annarkal getting a clean sweep through DC before eventually clearing HYDRA, 1 v 2 is no problem for OG We had to come of our maxed accounts and log into our lvl80s for this one as special forces made it above lvl10 wilderness for the first time we decided to pay them retards a visit logging in on top of them we decimated them doubling there opts numerous times before theyre 5 meds tried to save them.
  6. Massed up 17 peaking at 20 for a quick rev trip found some small team with a few rage kids in there idk if it was rage or not. But then found Zenith out with about 23 we stayed in 1 world waiting for them to hit us and so they did, Got a full clear on them down 4 opts GF ZENITH!
  7. Massed up 23 Gorillas later peaking at 27 for our scheduled event vs SUPREMACY was a good fight both clans fought well! Event was at Bandits, Mains and meds got wind of the event and decided to hit it so we called it there after a 30 minute return fight. GF SUP
  8. Massed up 40 gorillas eventually peaking at 45 for our first sunday trip back! As it was a first sunday back to the business some of the lads were a bit rusty still so took some time for the rust to ware off but eventually we got there in the end! Rushed topic btw just busy atm sorry #OG2020
  9. ONSLAUGHT met LY in the caves and they asked for a PKRI at ca so we gladly accepted started even then eventually LY gained more opts and we were fighting down majority of the fight but we still held our own GF legacy!
  10. Went to caves with 23 gorillas and fought bp and ly and cleared some vennies and DC X2
  11. Massed up 36 GORILLAS for our scheduled pkri vs DAMAGE CONTROL at GDZ and by the end of the fight they were definately damaged! Our piles,tanking and movement was on point and they couldnt handle the teal wave incoming.
  12. On this sunday our final one of 2019, We massed up 45 big dick teal gorillas today and eventuall peaked at 51 fucking Harambe faithfuls SPECIAL FUCKING RETARDS who again avoided ONSLAUGHT like the plague could only a get a nice 30 man pull and 4 of them were leaks RIP, They even crashed our drop party and ultimately gave up there leak for a master wand which thankfully helped control pker put food on his table this Christmas as he cancelled Christmas so he could drop 50mil for the retards in special forces but half of it was picked up by our leak l000000l.  Got a clean 1 v 1 with apex before UB crashed GF apex ty for fight Thanks to intel at ONSLAUGHT we anticipated a move from fatality and caught the entire clan at the CA tele spot in a hude 40man clump! Next up we decided to go to our territory of GDZ and fight APEX was a clean fight then UB crashed so we returned in numbers and sandwiched both the clans with with us from the west and FOE from the east then foe hit us and well we were outnumbered massively. RIP Found UB and RS fighting at CA decided to clear it up before foe did SF tried to hit it but got wiped of the map instantly fucking retards l000000l Had a clean 1v1 with RS and special retards tried to crash it and wouldn't come past level 18 wild as there lvl60s as our combat levels would be able to hit them, didnt know bandit camp had wheel chair access he was calling them north but they wouldnt go Fought BP at bandits was a clean 1v1 and IO came and spiced it up aswell clean 3 way action gf all There was some kind of Rag single fight at west bandits between 4 clans so we decided to hit it up gf all
  13. Massed up 20 gorillas for a p2p big mini vs supremacy took a good 2-1 win over supremacy. gf sup
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