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  1. Completely annihilated Zenith/RoT/Apex. Try harder.



  2. ahhh yes we just keep winning, and Zenith keeps getting piped down by big main clans l0l
  3. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Saturday 16th of October, Legacy massed up 30 Spartans, later peaking at 35+ Spartans for our Mandatory Saturday. Getting clean fights vs Terror, Rage, Fatality, Supremacy, Fearless and Final Ownage Elite, while Zenith spent the entire duration of their trip avoiding Legacy fighting with and against Reign of Terror, Revenant, Apex and Clumpa. Yet again a very easy AND glorious Saturday trip for Legacy. Nicks POV Johns POV Perks POV (Uploading)
  4. If were going to be exact, fi really started this in 2016 but im saying IR made it clean af when they did theirs.
  5. best of luck, IR was genius for coming up with this idea, even tho this is just glorified inners.
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