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  1. Those were kill pics from your ragger squad, you barely did damage on your 1 defence accounts. You can't keep lying to the public l0l.
  2. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Sunday 21st of November; Legacy massed up and peaked at 35+ Spartans for our mandatory Sunday PK Trip. We started off by fighting Hydra multiple times smoking them with ease. We also hit Terror and Zenith rats at CA multiple times, pushing those rats all over the minimap, aswell as fighting FOE and Blunt Pures. Yet again another easy weekend for Legacy. Destins POV Mannings POV
  3. didnt Zenith lose a scheduled 13v13 p2p prep vs terror? ahhh

  4. Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Wednesday 17th of November; Legacy massed up 15+ Spartans for our daily late night pk trip. We set out at High Altar, clapping every team that logged in for over an hour. We then moved to Lavas Dragons which was cleared. We then moved over to Vet'ion where we killed a few whales and then ran into a large team which we feasted on for upwards of 45 minutes, easy day for Legacy.
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