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  1. Zenith is so weak. How much are you paying mains to defend your clan now ....cape counter now and days ?
  2. Zenith quit being a bunch of big finger losers behind a computer and accept the full out. You guys are breaking just like you do every year. Go back to edge and run your bot 10m an app and mass back up. Low quality, immature clan at it is finest.
  3. We have been wanting this for weeks but your leaders will not accept it L0L
  4. AGREED. Zenith is a masser clan period. They rely on others to help. And claim the number 1 spot. Might as well place them in a completely different group of clanning. When you have to use main clans in your team cape to fight, you are not a pure clan.
  5. HA! You could not pay me anything to join your scumbag clan, go back to edge bank and pay everyone 10m to app up. DESPERATE
  6. We won both times. With your 1-99 def cap as well plus your other clans that you had join. Pictures are on page 1 for your reference. Accept the full out. Everyone knows you cannot fight us 1 v 1 . Otherwise you would have accepted last time, and this time we give you an advantage. You are god awful and a disgrace to the pure community.
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